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    My name is Amanda. I have 3 beautiful children and enjoy learning naturally, for the time being:)
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  1. What does ALL stand for? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. We are just about done with fll4, and I have no idea what to use next. Any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm in the same boat. We finish grade 6 of mm next year. I have no idea what to use. I didn't know there's a mm7! That would mean I don't have to look for two more years!!
  4. Rod and staff English starts in grade 2. It's very thorough and gentle. You could definitely do both your 3rd and 2nd graders in book two. But it can't be done independently.
  5. I started fll 1 when DS was in second. He hated staying in nouns so long so we gave it up for the year and started R&s 2 when he was 3rd. I hated the religious parts of it, but I was able to skip those parts. Now he's in 5th, and r&s 4 and now the religious part of it can't be ignored. I'm thinking of switching back to fll. So I have a few questions. What is the difference between r&s and fll? If DS is in book 4 of r&s what level should I start him with in fll? Is fll all in one book like book 1?
  6. I would rework your kindergarten plan. For kindergarten all I worked on with mine were reading. We started math and spelling in 1st, grammar in 2nd, and writing in 3rd.
  7. My son is in fourth this year and I didn't find it a jump at all.
  8. What is a good program to use for seventh graders at a co-op?
  9. If you are doing mm4a, how many pages a day does your child do and how long does it take? Do you do every problem? If not, how do you decide which problems not to do? We were doing 3 pages a day, but suddenly it's dragging out. I didn't know if maybe it's too much or if it's his adhd and his meds need adjusting. So I cut back to two pages a day and it sometimes takes an hour.
  10. The complete writer had all four years, and you pick the passages and copy work. The wwe1 teacher text has all the passages and copy work. Wwe1 student workbook has lines for the student to do their copy work.
  11. The text that previous poster is talking about is the complete writer. What you want is to buy the text for each level. That's whete the stories for narration are, and dictations and copy work. All the student text is, is lines for the student to do their copy work, and dictations. I just use a notebook for that and forgo the student text.
  12. I would start with wwe1. The lessons Re in the teacher text. I don't use the student text.
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