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  1. I am in Mexico right now and may be able to find some. They give them out for free. What grade levels do you need?
  2. Mexican Public school texts are available to view online and (I believe) down load as a PDF. I don't have the link on me, but know it has been shared on this bored in the past.
  3. I did this when I took in my husbands siblings. If you search my old posts, you should find plenty. If not, feel free to pm me. I took in 5 of his siblings for various periods of time. The 3 that lived with me for the longest have become fully functional in English. We lived in a Non English speaking country when I was teaching them.
  4. Hi, how are you? I would also try audio books, both for yourself and your children. For you I would try to.listen to a book while also following the text. I deus that when I was trying to improve my Spanish. I also watched one novel a, beginning to end. Each time I would puck one from different countries (Colombia, Mexico, Peru) to help understand the accents. I did have some back ground, as my mother is Mexican, but my Spanish was limited. I am now fluent and can read and write Spanish as well. Good luck to you. Have fun.
  5. If your goals is just having conversational Spanish, I would have the tutor do focus teaching of words and practice using them in conversation, eventually having each of you start using what you learn out in public (ordering food in Spanish, grocery shopping in Spanish, etc). I highly suggest you watch TV in Spanish as well. If you can pick a series a d put Spanish subtitles on, it will be of the most benefit. Ypur ears need to become accustomed to hearing the language and various accents. If you put Spanish subtitles, it will help you to recognize the word being said and you will slowly pick up conjugation and reading. If you leave the subtitles in English, your brain will slowly correct and ignore the Spanish in the background. If you plan on learning Spanish at a more academic level (reading, writing, speaking, etc), add in a curriculum of your choice. It can only help to solidify things and give your tutor a road map. Good luck.
  6. Time Left: 14 days and 2 hours

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  11. Can I get some background? What are your goal, current level, etc. I would usually suggest that a tutor be used for speaking. I would also recommend you keep in mind that your children will likely pass you by fairly quickly. If you can, try to get a native speaker or someone who has spent time both studying the language and being immersed abroad, that is best. Don’t assume that a heritage speaker will always have a strong grasp on the language. I myself have lived off and on in Mexico for a total of 16 years spent in the country (not including childhood summers), and still conjugate my verbs incorrectly. I was able to help prepare my son for AP and IB Spanish as well as the tests, but it took some studying on my part as well.
  12. Time Left: 10 days and 4 hours

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    San Ysidro, California - US

  13. There are often marriage retreats or counseling hosted by the local Catholic Parish. If she is open to that, they should ask at her DH's church. They are often geared towards couples getting married, but I remember there were sone for married couples and cohabiting, seeking to marry couples. They also had a mentor/counseling type program at out church, which introduced couples to an older married couple who would counsel younger couples. I am sure there are many other options available, as well. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. Probably more than I would like to admit. I am usually very thrifty, but I can't do low quality shoes....maybe flip flops, but that is it. My kids usually just go for some Vans, so we go to the buy one get on 1/2 off sale at least twice a year. That means $75 for two pair of shoes. (We have four boys, though). In addition, three play competitive soccer, and I have learned not yo go with the cheap shoes sold in the soccer bundles when your child plays serious soccer. For my $15 year old that means about $70 for a pair of cleats that will last about five months, if he doesn't grow out of them. His indoor shoes can be found for about $50. I always buy during some type of BOGO sale (usually the same as Vans store). The younger's shoes run $39-70 for my 6y/o (entire season) and $50-70 for my 11y/o (entire season), so $100-130 for two cleats. Add to that the fact that I jog about 20-25 miles a week and need shoes about every 500 miles and hubby needs work boots, which run about $100-150. [emoji33] honestly, I don't even want to keep going. Yikes. (Hiking boots, wrestling shoes) Looking at it, it sounds so expensive, but after discussing I t with some of the other soccer moms, I realized I spend way less than most because I have learned the sale rotations and use coupons on top of sales when allowed. The above is likely why I rarely ever go out and buy myself a pair of cute shoes just because I liked them. My everday flip flops were $2 at Old Navy. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Oh boy, I was just reading the story you are likely referring to. I agree with the poster who said you can be trained to act impartial. With that said we are human and our experiences and background do in fact affect how we view and interpret things. Since ethnicity was mentioned...I am half white/half Mexican. I have had discussions about certain (recent) current events and, if I analyze honestly, this comes into play. I have had these discussions with my white friends and family, and there are things they just cant fathom or comprehend and I am unsure how to explain. The same happens in the conversations I have had with Mexican can and Mexican-American friends and family. Some things are just culturally engrained, and we don't always realize it. I do not think a judge should recuse themselves based on race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, etc. judges use their legal training and precedent to make decisions. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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