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  1. Like others have said, those names are connected to particular curriculum and don't represent the full scope of what exists as classical education. I have really appreciated SWB as well as our Tapestry of Grace curriculum, which was made solely for homeschoolers. I actually still like the people you listed and what they produce, but I have found some of it to be more for a classroom like you've said.
  2. I looked into MFW several years back, and now I can't remember the details of it. We ended up settling on Tapestry of Grace. I think the two programs are similar in ways. TOG is a classical approach and it's been so wonderful i our home. Just throwing that our there as an option.
  3. I don't know about Killgallon, but we took the recommendation of WTM and also others on this forum and got Writing & Rhetoric from Classical Academic Press. I am very happy so far and we are 4 weeks in. It has been a smooth transition from the narration and dictation of WWE, but it also inludes more introduction to creative writing. We are loving it!
  4. We got it as a gift, and we now have several of the additional games for it. The kids like it, but I don't particularly find it to be that educational. For me, I have told them they can play as a reward for finishing school, but then we realized the mirror attachment (which is needed for many of the games) doesn't fit when we have the protective cover on. And it's too difficult to remove the cover each time. So we haven't used it for along time now. Maybe I should sell it...
  5. If it's just the "repeat after me" that's bothering him, is it because he already has it memorized? Or another idea is to get the FLL CD and let him listen to it, instead of repeating you. Just some thoughts.
  6. Sure. My goal is for all of us to be able to speak with those around us. We live in Houston, and there are SO many Latin Americans here. My kids are young, and the two that I am focusing on with Spanish are age 8 and 6. At the moment I am not worries about any AP or IB tests. We (the kids and I) serve occasionally at a place where speaking the language would be very helpful! I have a native speaking friend who is willing to help tutor us once a week, but I'm just not sure what to request of her.
  7. My main question is this: How can I use a tutor for my children and then also for myself? What should the structure look like? How often a how long is best? Details... Hello! My kids and I are working on learning Spanish. Mostly it's my older two learning, and they are 8 and 6. I have been doing a lot more studying than them, because I want to learn at a faster pace. So my kids and I are not at the same level. Last year we did Song School Spanish, and now we are using TalkBoxMom, and my DS8 is starting Duolingo. For myself, I am also using Memrise and listening to a good beginner pod
  8. I just got back from the Fort Worth Great Homeschool Convention and I kept thinking how much I would have loved to see her there!
  9. I went and met Ellie too ☺️. I am very much enjoying my first convention!
  10. I saw the booth too but didn't have time to stop. Hopefully I'll stop by today. It would be a special treat if I happened to see both of you.
  11. Thanks I'm about to take a look at the schedule and start planning. I also might try to stop by and meet Ellie, if I can!
  12. I am going and I'm very excited! This will be my first homeschool convention. I have no idea what to do or who to see. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. Oh thank you so much for the link from SWB! We are in FLL3 right now, and I get frustrated that he sometimes doesn't remember the dictation after reading it to him three times. Gosh, I need to lighten up on him! I was wondering about this, but her comments in FLL3 made me think he should absolutely be able to repeat everything after hearing it 3 times. Now I feel like he's even doing much better than I thought, and I already felt like he was doing very well with the program. Anyway, thanks for that! And also the tips on Latin, etc. Very helpful.
  14. I think you can start out trying FLL3, and if you get stuck, just spend a few days covering whatever he's stuck on. But FLL3 goes over concepts from FLL1-2 as a review. So you won't miss anything.
  15. I have been wondering about latin, too. This is good to hear, especially since we are trying to focus on Spanish right now, and I'm not overly eager to start Latin. I do want to cover Latin at some point though.
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