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    Chemistry lab supplies. Everything is in fantastic condition. The combined cost new is over $200.00. The box weighs a little over 15lbs, so the price I am asking includes a significant shipping cost. $80.00 2 wickless alcohol burners with 2 wire mesh stands Ring Stand (4x6 base, 18" rod) Ring Support (pictured attached to the stand) Wire gauze w/ ceramic 2" clay triangle Crucible and Beaker tongs Test tube tongs 1 large and 1 small burette clamp AWS100 Digital scale, .01g - 100g 100g calibration weight 1g certified calibration weight (in box with scale) Ceramic evaporating dish, 100 ml Ceramic crucible, 15ml Beakers: 2 150ml Pyrex 1 250ml borosilicate glass (tiny chip on pouring lid) 1 400ml borosilicate glass 1 600ml borosilicate glass 1 1000ml borosilicate glass Graduated cylinders: 2 100ml glass 1 500ml glass 2 small plastic funnels 250ml Erlenmeyer flask, borosilicate glass 500ml Florence flask, borosilicate glass 15 large glass test tubes 6-hole plastic test tube stand 7 black rubber stoppers for test tubes, no holes Test tube brush 3 glass stirring rods 2 glass tubes 3 glass droppers 2 watch glasses Corrosion resistant clear table protector (2x3) 3 pairs splash goggles (2 adult, 1 child) 11cm filter paper Ph test paper 8 sterile swabs 60cm magnesium ribbon Small, metal backed thermometer Assorted black rubber stoppers (1,2, and no holes) 2 of the large plastic funnels and the plastic beaker in the picture will not be included in the box. I've decided they are not in good enough shape to ship. Shipping included. I will ship within 48 hours. PayPal accepted



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    Large set of lab supplies. I used them for labs in the Hewitt Conceptual Physics lab manual. I have a digital pdf file (free from the internet, legal) that I can send by email if wanted. When new, the combined value is over $200.00. The box weight is about 15lbs, so shipping is a significant part of the price I am asking. $80.00 Everything is in fantastic condition: Bi-Metallic compound bar Set of hooked weights (missing 10g weight) 2 Halls carts 2 Ring Stands Pendulum clamp (for use with ring stand) Demonstration balance with knife edge clamps (ruler not included) 2 Table clamp pulleys 2 2-hook hanging pulleys 4 Spring Balances: 50g, 100g, 500g, 2000g (also marked in N) Friction block 3 ball bearings Spectroscope (black tube with plastic ends) Galvanometer ( -500 to 500+ uA) 3 pair alligator clips 4 D-cell battery connectors 3 small bulb holders with an extra bulb 1 5m blue LED, 3.7 volt Small horseshoe magnet/ 2 small bar magnets 5 16mm compasses 2 tubes of iron filings Small tuning fork Small, plastic magnifying glass Chalk Shipping is included. I will ship within 48 hours. PayPal Accepted



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    Sequential Spelling for Adults, 1 and 2, 1998, McCabe, like new This was perfect for my dyslexic teen in high school $10.00 Media Mail shipping included. I will ship within 48 hours. PayPal Accepted



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    3 sets for sale: Chemistry 2nd Edition, 2004: 6 disc set with Course Book, very good condition: $40.00 Museum Masterpieces: The Louvre, 2006: Discs, Guidebook, and Lecture Transcript, good condition: $20.00 How to Become a Superstar Student, 1997: discs and Guidebook, excellent condition: $20.00 Prices include shipping by media mail. I will ship within 48 hours. PayPal Accepted



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    $30.00 Trisms Rise of Nations Spiral bound Course Book and Answer Keys Good Condition, but with highlighter marks, erased pencil, and some crossed out assignments (these are all legible, or have been rewritten). Nothing affects usability. You will still need to purchase the Student Pack of handouts from the Trisms website ($20 for a downloaded set or $30 for a printed set). Shipping included, media mail. I will ship within 48 hours. Paypal accepted



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    SOLD Trisms Age of Revolution, Semesters 1 and 2, $80.00 Semester 1: Answer Keys and Student Assignment Book: Erased pencil marks, but otherwise excellent condition. You will need to purchase the Student Pack from the Trisms website ($20 for downloaded set, $30 for printed set). Semester 2: Answer Keys, Student Assignment Book, and Student Pack: Brand New! Son Is going to college instead :) The set costs $450 on the website (subtract $30 for the student pack) Shipping included, media mail. I will ship within 48 hours. Paypal accepted



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    The Dragonfly Books! Miller/Levine Prentice Hall Biology, 2004 Student Text: Very good condition (ISBN 0-12-036701-x) Teacher's Edition: Almost new condition (ISBN 0-13-115290-4) Sold as a set only $50.00 (these books are VERY heavy, so shipping is pretty high...about $10 or so) Shipping included, media mail. I will ship within 48 hours. PayPal Accepted


  8. If you have very hard water, you probably do want to filter it first. Also - some cats are just horrible about drinking enough for some reason. We had to get our kitty a drinking fountain. Really helped :) Here is the one we got: http://www.amazon.com/Drinkwell-Platinum-Pet-Fountain-168oz/dp/B000L3XYZ4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1444152534&sr=8-1&keywords=cat+drinking+fountain
  9. If you can, go get it checked. There are autoimmune causes for that as well as nerve issues. Hope it is something simple :)
  10. In my limited experience, the schools my sons looked at only required one or the other. The benefit of taking both is really that some kids are better at SAT or better at the ACT and only by taking the practice exams can you really know which they will do better at. The tests really are rather different.
  11. Also - keep in mind it is the lab processes, the scientific processes behind the labs, that are more important than the labs themselves. Well - to a point of course :) I would keep a lab component (of come kind - with or without dissections) in any high school science class if possible - not just for college admissions, but for the 'real' science behind them.
  12. LOL- reading the title of the thread, "time" popped into my head :) Reading books aloud - a lot of them, above their reading levels. Reading good literature. Giving them a solid foundation in math, history, and science.
  13. Starship Troopers was a horrible movie, but it's an excellent book :)
  14. Is your K'er 4? I am not advocating against anything anyone is saying here... but my recommendation is to take a break for a while. Some kids are simply not ready until they are closer to 6 or 7 - look into how Waldorf schools handle it. I'd just do a lot of reading aloud and playing - make it fun - with letters. Just - exposure without any pressure or goals. The big thing is to keep it fun. If she gets frustrated now it will only make it harder later. My dyslexic son could barely read until 3rd grade and now he is an avid reader and reads multiple books a week. He loves it. I know a
  15. My son liked Math-U-See up until pre-algebra - then we floundered around for a while. We did LoF for a while, supplemented with extra practice on the concept he would be working on. We then went on to Foerster Algebra 1 without an issue.
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