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  1. Mayo Clinic has done the same in MN and AZ with plans to have FL available soon.
  2. Thank you, I've been skipping workbooks and just working on making letters correctly. I get a lot more resistance from things made by Mom. Somehow a workbook gets a different response. I have no desire to work on cursive. IMO cursive won't exist in another generation. I'd rather switch to typing.
  3. I have a 4th grader. He had very nice handwriting in K-1. Then he went off to PS for 2nd, home for 3rd, back to PS for 4th. His handwriting is horrible. Letters shaped wrong, sized wrong, not staying on the line, no punctuation, starting sentences in random places on the page, and random capitals. OK, not all of that is handwriting. His writing and spelling skills also need some remediation. I'm looking for a manuscript handwriting that doesn't look like it's written for Pre-K and K. No cutesy animals. Words sized correctly for 4th graders. Not cursive. Does it exist?
  4. Leadership is required for silver and gold. They just also require a project to address a community issue and that the project be sustainable. Silver can be done as a group of 2-3 girls or individually. Gold is an individual project. This is the paperwork for the silver award. Then it goes to council approval. The project is completed and then a whole packet of paperwork goes back to the council for approval.
  5. The differences between Eagle, silver and gold awards seem to be very regional. One of the recent eagle awards just built a bench. One of the silver awards built a green house, arraigned for on going maintenance, set up a partnership between the school and the green house, and arraigned for a local gardening group to provide on going classes and support for the school. I don't see anything on that level for Eagle projects in our region. I can't wait to see what that young lady does for a gold award.
  6. My DD (13) loves girl scouts and has no desire to join boy scouts. Sea scouts she would be all over if we had any in a 200 mile radius. But, she already sails with GS so not a huge loss. My DS (8, bear) wants to know if he can sell girl scout cookies now. He's wanted to participate in girl scouts since he was 3-4. Sadly as much as our society struggles with girls in a boys activities we have 10x the issues with a boy who would like girl activities. And he loves his cub scout pack. My DS (5. lion) wants to know if he can join the girl den and the boy den so he can have twice as much scouts. I don't see it as a big deal from a cub scout perspective.
  7. A better comparison would be if the local home school groups accepted every religion except RCC. And then declared that Catholics can't be good people.
  8. Is the RCC an organization that accepts every single religion except those that are atheists?
  9. Well they claimed credit for one of the hurricanes so apparently yes, they can claim just about anything.
  10. How does using your right to protest disrespect veterans\active duty military. They are serving to guarantee you those rights. Why would using that right be disrespectful?
  11. IMHO, wanting to see someone DIE for stealing shoes\TVs is immoral.
  12. I wish I could be there and we will miss (Name) very much. Unfortunately, we can only attend the visitation.
  13. Does this website do LaTex? It all depends on if you see the problem as \[\frac{6}{2}(1+2)\] or \[\frac{6}{2(1+2)} \] ETA: no it doesn't do Latex
  14. I would see this as 3x. I spend so much time with computers that I strictly see PEMDAS. I would bet anyone that programs computers would see 3x.
  15. We have a https://onpurple.com/mattress/science My oldest wants one but they don't make a twin size yet.
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