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  1. Spaghetti is in that category for me. I just can’t do it.
  2. Another busy, “everyone eating at different times” night meal I like to do is fajitas or tacos. I take the oval 6qt (or bigger) crock pot and divide it into two parts with aluminum foil, adding a little water under the foil to keep things from drying out. Make fajitas or taco meat and put on one side, black or refried beans and fill the other. Warm tortillas, then wrap those in foil and place them on top of the foil “pans” before putting the lid on. Salad in the fridge, rice in the Instant Pot if needed. I actually bought one of those double mini crock pots at Aldi, but prefer the big-pot-and-foil method because the food stays moist and the beans don’t scorch in the foil. We used to do this a lot when DS10 was playing hockey, because it’s one of the few meals he’ll fill up on when he’s hungry. Otherwise he just wants fruit and popcorn, lol.
  3. Endoscopy. Treatment is usually antibiotics for the H. pylori if it’s the cause, and OTC heartburn/reflux meds to help it heal. I didn’t read the first post well, the pain from this is all above the navel for me, about halfway from diaphragm to belly button (and I have a pretty short torso). If the pain is lower, ulcer’s probably less likely the problem. Hope she feels better soon!
  4. I have/had a duodenal ulcer and that’s pretty close to the location that hurts when it’s bothering me.
  5. What about taco soup, with homemade taco seasoning? Or chicken tortilla soup? I like chicken and dumplings in the crockpot but the rest of my family doesn't care for it. They like to dump hot sauce on everything and that’s pretty gross on chicken and dumplings (it’s gross on most of what they use it for, but alas...). I always whip up a quick batch of homemade cream of chicken soup for it instead of a can, because gluten. If your crew likes cabbage and onions, I have a “chicken adobo” crockpot recipe that I make at least once a month during the “cheap cabbage” months.
  6. Oh boy, guess what was on our menu tonight... I’m guessing that’s not vegetarian anymore.
  7. We're (finally!) having a decent month so far. I'm afraid to post because I'll jinx it or something. I did a huge, 6-8 week stock up trip at Costco instead of running in every week or two. The total was massive and pushed me way over what my ideal grocery budget would be for the entire month, but it should last well into October. I also bought the snacks needed for my turn in the fall soccer rotation. I ran into Aldi on Sunday just for produce, milk, yogurt, and a couple canned goods, which kept the weekly total at $43. I need to start making my own yogurt again, but the Instant Pot is constantly in use lately. I may look into getting a smaller or larger IP during Black Friday sales so I can have one dedicated to yogurt. DS6 is advancing to the state level in a sports event next month, and the sponsoring organization is supposed to be paying for our hotel room for the night before. We're tacking it onto an already scheduled long-weekend vacation and adding some (free) sightseeing while we're there. It's in the opposite direction of where the rest of our mini-vacation was planned, but we decided to go ahead and get it all done in one weekend rather than traveling twice. I did spend $20 on an Amazon lightning deal earlier this month (gaming headset), but other than that we've only bought gas and groceries. I found some items I needed in the house for a co-op activity instead of running out to buy new ones. We've taken food and drinks with us everywhere and haven't had to buy snacks or concessions. Our menu is planned for the entire month, although I deviated from it last night because of a leftovers backup... and the fact that Fall Harvest Salad doesn't sound good when it's still 96 degrees outside! Upcoming birthday gifts are already purchased. Our upcoming activities have been either free or paid for by Ibotta rebates. Let's see if this low spending holds up until the end of the month.
  8. I only have one adult sibling, who is 8 years younger than me, but we have both flaked out and failed each other at times. I'm just realizing at age 36 (and I think he's realizing, too) that the root cause of this is that we don't want to be as close as our parent wants us to be, or tries to make us be. We like each other and get along well, but we are not friend-siblings and are okay with that. We are not going to call or text each other out of the blue and chat. We aren't going to ask each other for favors except in real emergencies. He's my mechanic, but I take the cars in through the front desk at the shop and use a different tech if necessary. We aren't inviting each other to non-holiday barbecues, and we certainly don't vacation together. We just have very separate lives, and have evolved into this in a way that I would never have been able to see or articulate at age 22, because at that point we could have grown closer. That didn't happen though. This summer, DH sprained his ankle and couldn't mow the yard. My mom asked my brother if he would come over and mow it for us and he said, "Sure!" He never showed up. I knew that would happen (and actually had already mowed the yard myself), because a) *I* didn't ask, and b) we've been through this before where he agrees to something after being caught off guard by the request and feels like he can't say no. It hurts my mom's feelings that we don't help each other and bail each other out and plan to see each other often the way she does with her sibling. But that's not the where we are right now, and I refuse to let that stuff cause problems. I'm sure someday we'll come up clutch for the other when needed, but I don't want the pressure to be "close" to damage the cordial-with-distance sibling relationship we do have. Maybe we can meet up weekly at McDonald's for coffee and biscuits in our 80's. It doesn't excuse his behavior and flipping out on you, but it's possible this is the start of the process of him and his sisters growing apart for now, and he's having a hard time seeing it and putting words to it. I don't know how I'll feel about this watching my own sons grow up and hash out their relationships as adults, but I know it's really, really hard on my mom to see our lives not intersect the way she always hoped and expected they would. I think she worries that someday she'll be gone and my brother and I will text each other on Christmas and that will be it. Maybe? Who knows? Even now, I'm not sure I'd ever say to her what I just typed out above.
  9. I literally had two Zantac in my mouth when I read the post title. If the GERD doesn’t kill me, I guess it’ll be the assortment of medications I take for it.
  10. Our entire house is vinyl floors except the stairs (carpeted - DH has nerve damage and hard stairs are a hard no). I will never go back to carpet in bedrooms or living areas again. Too much art, science, bodily fluids, and apple juice in our house for carpet. I have a childhood friend whose mother will not part with their carpeted kitchen. I can’t even imagine.
  11. This is mine. I was SO attached to every character and did not want this series to end. I am a very private person when it comes to my favorite books, but I will loan this one out and prattle on and on about it to anyone who appears willing to read/listen.
  12. I have severe reflux and IBS with chronic nausea as my primary symptom, and all of that would trigger symptoms for me, not just the specific foods (specifically the sugar and chocolate) but the quantity. If I had one of those Carnation breakfast drinks (they were kind of a life saver when pregnant, lol), a bottle would take the place of 1-2 meals for the day, not be a snack or just a beverage. Ice cream is one of those flat-out never ever ever foods for me. I can eat a couple chocolate chips in something like a cookie or oatmeal, but any more chocolate than that and I'm dry heaving. I can generally only drink one sweetened beverage a day, although I feel better with none, and it has to be separate from a meal. Water only with food and after 2-3pm. Burger OR fries, but not both. I know small, frequent meals is the mantra for GERD, but even that is too much for my stomach to handle. I have to eat only when I'm sure I can eat, not just because the clock says meal/snack/dessert time or my taste buds want something, or I end up like your DD, with a heating pad and a bucket.
  13. I’m not a chicken sandwich fan, but one time, before food allergies kept me out of fast food restaurants, I bought and enjoyed a spicy chicken sandwich from CFA. However... they should have had a warning that if you have a, shall we say, “sensitive intestinal tract”, eating that sandwich is equivalent to swallowing a small angry dragon, who will then breathe fire as he is later released from his colonic prison, sending searing, burning pain throughout one’s digestive exit paths. It was mildly amusing, to experience the sandwich from Hell, purchased at the (un)official fast food restaurant of our local First Baptist Church. Even though it was delicious and made a funny story, I never ate one of those sandwiches again.
  14. I usually blend leftover smoothie with some ice or frozen fruit the next day to freshen it up a bit. I have no idea how it tastes, because I don't usually drink/eat them, but the kids are fine with it.
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