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  1. Not really a fall/winter dish, but the other day I was craving Cheeseburger Salad with Animal Sauce Dressing. For the dressing, I chop up spicy pickles instead of using relish.
  2. I have to be out of the house the next couple days, so I might run back in and grab some more. I stocked two rows of it on the upright freezer door after the sales last year, and it didn't last nearly as long as I had hoped for.
  3. I think I blacked out at the register today, too. Aldi wasn't that bad - $95.54. That included six pounds of ground sausage (the "special buy" kind without additive junk), six pounds of butter, and a bone-in ham because someone mentioned "ham and bean soup" a couple weeks ago and I got excited. Then, I went to the "other store". I rarely go there anymore because it's expensive; they've quit advertising loss leaders. But they have good clearance markdowns and an extensive gluten-free section, so I went in today for gluten free pie crusts for Thanksgiving. They were out of pie crusts, but I found puff pastry! I've never seen GF puff pastry and got so excited that I started dreaming of cheese danish and didn't realize until I got home that those suckers cost $8.50! I also found some markdowns and sale items, restocked the taco sauce, taquitos and GF bread, grabbed a box of tea for someone's Christmas gift, and bought a large bottle of bourbon for DH because they were out of the little flasks. $102.63, yikes. Monthly total is now $404.55.
  4. I went to a couple stores today to stock up on items with coupons/sales/Ibotta deals - $39.94. The monthly total is now $206.38. Aldi is up tomorrow morning, along with another store to buy pie crusts for Thanksgiving. I had to throw a couple more meals into my menu this past week - Homemade Mac and Cheese on Thursday (forgot about a dentist appointment, saving the salmon for tomorrow) and a batch of Loaded Baked Potato Soup for lunch today (served with leftover cornbread and the rest of the week's salad - ran out of other leftovers). Still making pork chops tonight, but serving those with mashed potatoes (still have ~15lbs) and brussels sprouts (2 bags to use up). That is, if I get up off this couch... Next Week's Menu: Sunday - Salmon, Risotto, Butternut Squash (going to roast w/pears and walnuts, see how that turns out), Peas Monday - Lentil Chili, Rice, Salad (maybe some plain chicken for the chili non-eaters) Tuesday - Taco Tuesday Wednesday - Pasta Carbonara, Pao de Queijo, Salad Thursday - Red Beans and Rice, Zucchini Friday - Junk Food Night Saturday - Ham and Bean Soup, Rolls (lunch); Pancakes, Sausage, Eggs, Potatoes/Onions/Peppers (dinner)
  5. Beef ideas: Breakfast casserole (potatoes, eggs, veggies, thin slices of steak, cheese) Baked Potatoes as the main course, with steak/brisket as toppings Taco Rice Casserole (half the beef, double the beans) Taco Salad (only needs a couple Tbsp of taco meat per salad for flavor, plus black beans) Steak Fried Rice, adding eggs for extra protein/bulk My kids and DH will eat anything in "Costco sample portions", so I might put little squares of brisket out with toothpicks, along with cheese and crackers, fruit, veggies, and various dips to make a "snack meal". Some people would have family revolting over "hors d'oeuvres for dinner" though.
  6. DH once had a bottle of ear wax removal drops sitting on his nightstand next to the contact lens rewetting drops. They are the same bottle shape, just different labels. He woke up one morning and grabbed the wrong bottle for his eyes. Apparently, that burns.
  7. The snow held off long enough to make it to the sale at the closest store - 20lb of potatoes, 2 packages of bacon, and a 2lb bag of popcorn kernels for a total of $7.20. That brings me to $166.44 for the month. I had leftover beef stew over cheese grits for breakfast this morning. Perfect morning meal for the 40 degree temperature drop. Also, my fridge is overflowing with leftovers for some reason, might have to make some menu changes. Or package things up for the freezer.
  8. Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie from Budget Bytes (for some reason it's in my recipe binder as "lentil shepherd's pie"). The only differences are that I use beef broth instead of vegetable (we're omnivores, and I usually only keep beef and chicken base on hand), a squirt of ketchup instead of tomato paste, and no mushrooms because the rest of my family doesn't recognize their greatness. Don't skimp on the smoked paprika. I ordered it at a vegan restaurant once and it came out in a beautiful, perfectly plated square. Mine does NOT look like that, haha. Definitely comfort food. Oops on the "spending accident"! That happens to me at Aldi sometime. I'll go down that "special buy" aisle and things just... fall into the cart. Edited for sleepy grammatical errors. Ugh, sinuses.
  9. This weekend's grocery spending: $89.95 (Sam's, Aldi, and a bag of shredded carrots from a local chain) November total grocery spending: $159.24 Dinner menu for the week: Sunday - Lentil Shepherd's Pie (or spaghetti, I have a tiny container of sauce to use up) Monday - Chicken and Rice Soup, Salad, Cornbread Tuesday - Taco Tuesday Wednesday - Bacon Chicken Ranch Spaghetti Squash, Brussels Sprouts, Cornbread Thursday - Salmon, Risotto, Green Beans Friday - Junk Food Night Saturday - Pork Chops, Butternut Squash, Whatever Vegetables are Left (probably more Brussels Sprouts) If I can get over to the store down the road tomorrow (it's 70 degrees here and expecting snow tomorrow), there's a one-day sale on bacon and potatoes. ETA: @happysmileylady, banana bread or muffins sound really good, and I have way more bananas than we'll need this week. I might make some over the next few days while it's really darn cold outside.
  10. Well yeah, it’s still a movie, I meant more the way the kids interacted with and treated each other. (ETA: And the lack of parents/parenting going on.) Very, very much not Disney Channel. And I’m thinking back on the 5th to 7th grade years. But there were certainly younger kids around, siblings and such.
  11. Oh, I could write a book on the "why". And still have enough material for a sequel. If you've seen the (quite disturbing) movie "Kids", it's the closest I've ever seen to what kind of atmosphere I'm talking about. Just take out the HIV plot and change the setting from NYC to a Midwest lower middle class subdivision. And my mom still doesn't know about any of this stuff. Even after she got home and was sitting right there in the living room, stuff just went on without her ever knowing. It took a special combination of anxiety, television, and naivety for that to happen.
  12. Y’all were some tame latchkey kids. I was bullied and didn’t want to spend any more time at school than necessary, but then we went home and sampled the liquor cabinet, got vulgar words spewed at us by neighbor kids, got held down and groped by a boy next door (who was younger than me), egged a house (okay, it was my own house, but it had been foreclosed on), burned a couch on the lawn and triggered the cops (that was my brother), and put baby powder in rolling papers and pretended we were “smoking crack” (that was totally me). Plus all the other inappropriate behavior and, um, experimentation that went on. I did watch enough Weather Channel to want to be a meteorologist for a while.
  13. I have a 21.6 cubic foot French door fridge (small space, bought one made for “Canadian kitchens”... whatever that means), and although I like it, we also have a second, “apartment sized” fridge downstairs and an upright freezer. It would be doable, but not as easy with just the one fridge. I think I like the two smaller fridges more than one bigger fridge - more room for organizing, having an entire shelf for trays, more space for leftovers to cool rapidly.
  14. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on auto maintenance this month, but them’s the brakes! I’ll show myself out now... Yay for employee’s family discounts at the repair shop, though.
  15. I have discovered that a full pantry/fridge/freezer leads to a lot of swapping and switching when it comes to the menu. I decided I didn't want salmon and veggies on Sunday; I wanted a juicy hamburger and tater tots instead. I switched all the veggie side dishes around this week. I made a whole batch of Budget Bytes' Creamy Mushroom Ramen (with the GF ramen you can get at Costco) JUST FOR ME to eat for lunch this week. And instead of a shepherd's pie tonight, I'm making a "pizza lasagna". Fortunately, none of this has led to any quick trips to the grocery store. Total is still $69.29 for November. I think my children are drinking condiments out of the fridge. I know we go through a lot of it (looking at you, DS10, Mr. Eats Taco Sauce Like Gravy), but holy cow I feel like I'm filling the recycling bin with so many empty bottles of ranch this and BBQ that. Might have found one of the main expenses in my grocery bill.
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