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  1. I refuse to even deal with attendance. My kids live with me, and their idea of a fun summer day is being curled up indoors on the couch, reading. No day passes without reading. They read at the breakfast table. They read over lunch. They sometimes read over dinner. Yes, I realize that's a parenting issue, but I'm usually reading too. I had an actual, "highly qualified" state-certified teacher once tell me "Kids hate to read", so I guess that reading must be considered educational, if public school kids hate it so much. I made a pdf with 180 boxes. I put a check mark in each box. I use
  2. Not that it matters, but that is the school that kicked me out of their parent's group on the grounds that I was a 'danger' to the other parents. I applied to get into the group after our enrollment was approved and our paperwork completed, was accepted into the group by the admin, and posted about how nervous I was to be leaving traditional homeschooling to enroll in a cyber school. I got a few supportive replies, then I was booted. I asked why, and the admin of the group jumped all over me about how I should not have been in the group until after our orientation, which was supposed t
  3. I simply must inform the dental association in my area that they are singlehandedly responsible for the epidemic of truancy in the schools because of their joint refusal to offer appointments after 4 pm or on weekends during the school year, and that they simply must stop closing their offices for Christmas break. And, oh yes, I almost forgot. It is also a necessity that they must somehow squeeze all children in for one dental check up and cleaning in the summer months. No more long vacations out of state at that time. I'm not sure when that second cleaning is supposed to take place...Perh
  4. Puree some white beans or garbanzo beans and add a little mayo and some dill relish for a sandwich spread. It's good on wedges of green pepper or celery sticks too. We also like to fry some onion, add in some cooked lentils and stir them around a bit with the onions, and serve over rice. There are different seasonings you can add to this but it's good plain. The kids like to eat this on homemade flat bread. Bean nuggets are good too. I use canned white beans and puree them into a paste, then add some leftover white rice and some garlic. Roll that in some panko bread crumbs and either b
  5. There are websites where people have collected lists of free curriculum that are available online. You can scroll through the pages and check out the links to any curriculum that interests you. http://trickycatsfreek12.weebly.com http://www.onlypassionatecuriosity.com/the-free-list-our-newest-free-homeschooling-finds/ http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/109114-free-curriculum-list/ http://thegoodgoatmomma.com/page/2/
  6. It's funny to see what some folks consider to be cheap meals, LOL! A little about us: We can't do gluten free because gluten is cheap but we do try not to eat a lot of it. We don't eat meat. We don't eat oatmeal because it causes DH to have a gout flare up. Soup is a meal for us, even if it doesn't have a lot of 'stuff' in it. DH rides a bicycle eight miles one way to work for about three quarters of the year, but we don't do heavy outdoor work. I make my own bread. Please don't cast stones, it's cheap and filling and I use the batter bread recipe from Red Star Yeast so there is no kn
  7. I've always been adopted by Catholics. They don't evangelize like the Baptists and those groups, and their version of 'social justice' doesn't seem to involve advocating for laws to force people to subsidize their charitable ventures like the UUs. Catholics just donate or raise money and do it. I've been scooped up and carried along by Catholic groups before and I have mostly been agnostic or atheist my whole life with occasional attempts to believe in something 'up there'. Most of the time in Catholic groups I've been absorbed into, actual religion never comes up.
  8. It can be done. We did it recently. It was not fun and I would not do it voluntarily. It helps that we are vegetarians who are not expecting meat and who are comfortable with beans, that we don't have food intolerances except to dairy, and that we live in an area where we could get some things in bulk. Mainly the menu was rice, rice and beans, and more rice. Yes, I know about how there is arsenic in rice. Rice is cheap in our area, so rice it was. Most days we managed a little vegetables. I grow sprouts. I baked bread, tortillas, cornbread and flatbread. No drinks, no cereal, no snacks exc
  9. We are on a really tight budget, but the one thing I do have is a subscription to the local newspaper. It isn't much of a paper, on most days it's about ten pages total if that but it does run daily. I find all kinds of free things to do that are of course particular to my area. For example, I found a local fish hatchery that has a free community education day (believe it or not there were other people with kids there), a nature center that offers free classes pretty much every week, and lots of stuff like that. I found out that there is a local arts council that had a showing for photos taken
  10. I'm in NW PA. My advice to your teens is to look outside of homeschooling groups for friends. There are plenty of perfectly nice people who don't homeschool who would make great friends! My now adult kids actually never met another homeschooler the entire time they were homeschooled through high school. It's only now with the youngest kids that we've actually made contact with other people who homeschool, LOL! And that group is about an hour's drive away from our home......maybe in a decade or so we'll have actual other homeschoolers in our own zip code!
  11. I'm thinking about moving on to Jeggings. Yoga pants are so yesterday. I apologize in advance for anyone who has the misfortune to view me from behind.......
  12. In the United States, this issue was addressed by the United States Supreme Court in 1972 in Wisconsin vs. Yoder. From Wikipedia " Wisconsin v. Yoder, 406 U.S. 205 (1972), is the case in which the United States Supreme Court found that Amish children could not be placed under compulsory education past 8th grade. The parents' fundamental right to freedom of religion outweighed the state's interest in educating its children." I feel sorry for those 'homeschool survivors' that are behind that Coalition, but nearly all of them are the children of religious extremists and as such their edu
  13. I loved Homeschool Planet, but I can do so much more with OneNote that there is really no comparison. OneNote is so versatile. I don't understand what a previous poster mentioned about having to 'switch back and forth' between children with OneNote. It is all in how you decide to set things up. I am currently homeschooling two with OneNote and I made a table for planning and recording that includes both of them. I just cut and paste it into a new page for a new day. I have a new tab for each month, and tabs for subjects and also tabs for stuff like our state required paperwork and that kind of
  14. Since I am not at all artsy I of course am tasked with raising and educating an artsy child. This particular artsy child is obsessed with clay and Sculpey and similar substances. I've been in denial for years but clearly this is not a child who is going to suddenly put down the clay and develop an obsession with something I am better equipped to facilitate. Aside from buying her a lot of that sort of thing and one of everything of related to clay in the local Joann's, I appeal to the Hive to share any wisdom or suggestions for furthering my child's education in the art of clay-stuff. Any great
  15. I vote for OneNote over Evernote. OneNote is a lot more flexible and easier to use than Evernote. I just spent a great deal of time over the last few days playing with Evernote to see if I could beat OneNote at organizing my entire life (family, homeschool, work, interests) and Evernote did not even come close. LOVE OneNote!
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