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  1. I refuse to even deal with attendance. My kids live with me, and their idea of a fun summer day is being curled up indoors on the couch, reading. No day passes without reading. They read at the breakfast table. They read over lunch. They sometimes read over dinner. Yes, I realize that's a parenting issue, but I'm usually reading too. I had an actual, "highly qualified" state-certified teacher once tell me "Kids hate to read", so I guess that reading must be considered educational, if public school kids hate it so much. I made a pdf with 180 boxes. I put a check mark in each box. I used that weird little function that allows you to put your initials on a pdf file and put my initials in each of the 180 boxes. Each year, before our evaluation, I print out one of those sheets for each child. I've been doing this for three years now.
  2. Not that it matters, but that is the school that kicked me out of their parent's group on the grounds that I was a 'danger' to the other parents. I applied to get into the group after our enrollment was approved and our paperwork completed, was accepted into the group by the admin, and posted about how nervous I was to be leaving traditional homeschooling to enroll in a cyber school. I got a few supportive replies, then I was booted. I asked why, and the admin of the group jumped all over me about how I should not have been in the group until after our orientation, which was supposed to happen the following week. Um, YOU approved me, lady. I didn't hack my way in, LOL! She told me I represented a "danger to all the other parents" and made me feel that I should apologize or something. I felt that the climate of 'blame the parent, even when we clearly screwed up', was not conducive to a happy school experience IMHO. So, I canceled the orientation and told them to go screw themselves. "Danger", indeed! I can't recommend any cyber charter school in PA, unfortunately. It would definitely be a last resort.
  3. We downsized into a used single wide mobile home a few years ago. The neighborhood in our park is nicer than the middle class 'family' neighborhood we used to live in plus the mobile home park is actually pleasantly situated on a small private lake. Another plus is that our mobile home will be paid off this year and our monthly lot rent is less than the property taxes we would have had to pay assuming we ever managed to pay off our house. I guess you could say we are 'laughing all the way to the bank'. And I get to buy MORE curriculum now than I would have been able to afford if we had kept the
  4. I've used boxed when it was a time in my life that I needed to. Now that I don't 'need' that kind of thing I don't regret moving on to a different approach. My kids did the box work, but they are more enthusiastic and seem to learn more from a more individualized program. I agree with the previous posters that said that things get a lot easier once a child can read, so in your shoes I would really just focus on that right now, along with some read alouds and a little math. You can read aloud some science and history stories if you want to add in that kind of thing but with the ages of your children I wouldn't get worried about that for a few years yet.

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    The old school Saxon Physics with solutions manual. Goes on Amazon for $95 when it's available. I'd like to get $50 plus shipping or make an offer. Or I'd trade for the workbook from IEW, or some Intellego Science unit studies, snap circuits, . If you have anything else to trade I'm open to curriculum for first and fourth grade level.


  6. I'm not sure what kind of glasses they are, DH found them somewhere. I think they came with some kind of a joke kit, you know the kind with the fake teeth and a whoopie cushion kind of thing. I have a picture of DH in them also but that is too scary to use as an avatar :D We are in Crawford County.
  7. I keep hearing rumors of a large homeschooling group in Crawford County, but they hide really well because I have never run into them. I know there are eighty homeschoolers listed in our local school district so they must be out there.......We aren't connected with any of the local Christian churches or groups so that is probably the problem.
  8. Hi! We are in Northwestern Pa, outside of Meadville. Supposedly our school district has some eighty kids homeschooling but I have yet to find any of them. <sigh>. Maybe, just maybe, someday I'll meet local homeschoolers.......before my kids are all grown, I mean.
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