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  1. I refuse to even deal with attendance. My kids live with me, and their idea of a fun summer day is being curled up indoors on the couch, reading. No day passes without reading. They read at the breakfast table. They read over lunch. They sometimes read over dinner. Yes, I realize that's a parenting issue, but I'm usually reading too. I had an actual, "highly qualified" state-certified teacher once tell me "Kids hate to read", so I guess that reading must be considered educational, if public school kids hate it so much. I made a pdf with 180 boxes. I put a check mark in each box. I use

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    The old school Saxon Physics with solutions manual. Goes on Amazon for $95 when it's available. I'd like to get $50 plus shipping or make an offer. Or I'd trade for the workbook from IEW, or some Intellego Science unit studies, snap circuits, . If you have anything else to trade I'm open to curriculum for first and fourth grade level.


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