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  1. Thanks for clarifying the CC. Now I am confused. This is regards to my high school NONwriter boy. He is in freshman this year and going through WWS1. It is like pulling teeth with him. He loathes writing. I really wish all four levels of WWS is done lol!! For a boy who is very weak at writing, what would be the logical step after WWS1? I do want to do WWS2 but need to add another program to this but do not want to do double of the same thing, kwim? I have looked at LTOW and now looking at CC? I have read this thread several times trying to sort out differences of opinion in this thre
  2. Wow! I am just going crosseyed over this thread. I cut and pasted so I can tak e this to work with me tonight. For now what is CC-fables and so on?? I can't figure this out. Holly
  3. Is it HST? If so it will be fine. Just a bit of discomfort. If not HST then I do not know what I am talking about.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving!


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