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I guess I never posted our birth announcement here

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Lil Bit was born 12.12.10, 1:34 am.


Wow, um, how much to include here...


I'll go brief.


Three and a half hour labor that went every bit as awesomely as I had prayed. Birth story here: http://mybirthstories.wordpress.com/2010/12/18/lil-bits-birth-story/


And from that we go to: http://mybirthstories.wordpress.com/this-surreal-week/


Sorry for posting so many links to follow, but it's the easiest way to share it all.

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Aww! Thanks for sharing, Tara! When you replied to the "I hate decorating cookies" thread, I noticed you had another little one, but I didn't know how long ago. I still remember very well the birth of "Warrior" and think of you and Sue periodically. Congratulations! And as another person noted, I also love what you wrote in your 2nd post. You're absolutely right. You'd be on the same path, but on *this* path, you have been able to be with her the whole time. :grouphug:


Congratulations, again!

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Your baby is beautiful and an amazing gift from God! I feel the same as you in your post about the spina bifida. They told me that ds11 could have downs syndrome when I was pregnant. It didn't make any difference to me...it didn't change a thing. I wouldn't have the amniocentesis (sp) and I wouldn't have aborted my pregnancy. God gave us the baby he wanted us to have and I was going to accept that - come what may. God bless you and your sweet family!

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I only have phone pics right now which I can directly upload to FB, so, more links for pictures:







She is beautiful!


Your family is in the most capable of hands and I will be happy to lift you up in my prayers :grouphug: What a wonderful little one!

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Thank you everyone.


My second post was something that was coming anyway, as that's how I process, in writing. But it was pushed along to come out in this condensed version as I have already faced some opposition. Thankfully, I think, this person (or people) was not bold enough to say anything directly *to* me, however they said it in the presence of MANY of my friends who have jumped to my defense. Bless them for it. But I have to tell them to just back down. I appreciate the sentiment, but they, too, have to let it go. This person is ignorant and obviously hurt over something. There's no point in getting worked up and attempting to retaliate. Just...let...it...go. :)


I am sure this is just the first of many.


And I'm ok with that.


Now we just begin a new journey..or rather add a new aspect to our journey.

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