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  1. Great news!!!! :party: Ds#1 made it through his first semester of college. This is the boy who barely made it through homeschooling 9th and 10th grades and then failed 11th grade twice. Dropped out mid year and took his GED a few weeks after he turned 18. He took 5 classes: DC Electricity, Electronics Drafting, College Algebra, Speech, and First Year Experience. Don't know his end grades yet but, he thinks he got all A's. Speech was an 89% or so going into his final speech. He thinks he did well on the speech. There were a few times his autism issues were a bit challenging but
  2. From all these posts... my Dd was very lucky!!!! She didn't get in to the USNA, but she got accepted to NAPS (Naval Academy Prep School) and will go on to Naval Academy next year. She barely got her USNA application in by the deadline and only got the Presidential Nomination (I think she submitted application in December of 2012). She didn't know much about what she was going to do, and at first thought she couldn't be considered due to being a homeschooler. She was actually looking into joining the enlisted Marines and they told her to apply for USMC Platoon Leadership Officer program
  3. We have a 7th grader and a 9th grader in public school. We homeschooled our twins for high school (well one completed our home school, the other did two years of home school, failed two years of cyber-school, then took his GED. My concern now is the younger two. I wish we could home school them, but that isn't an option. They are in public school and I feel that they are not being challenged or prepared for college. They are bored and lazy in their schooling. They are doing well as far as their scores are in school but I know there are gaps as well as they are not really truly learnin
  4. He's handling it well. His professors and the student services is helping. He just needs to be told or shown what and how to do things and then he is fine. With the applications, registering for classes, seeing the campus for the first time, etc., it was all new and he needed to be shown once and then he is good to go. After he is shown, then he has a sort of template to follow. Makes sense? It is mainly to do with his autism. But now he is already an old pro at college-LOL.
  5. This sucks!!!! Just kick on the military. The politicians just don't care!
  6. From what I hear they are short with the civilians gone too. But Dd says that their Gunnery Sergeants and Chiefs in charge of their battalion are keeping the candidates busy (and the Gunnerys/Chiefs are having a blast) -LOL. She says they are working hard but there is some stress relief fun too.
  7. My Dd is at the Naval Academy Prep School and unfortunately all their instructors are civilians. No upper classmen to go to for assistance in the academics. They still go to class, just no instructors.
  8. For my Dd, I had to do very little. She was very motivated and independent. I only helped when she asked for it. She did the applications, scheduled interviews and physical, request the Presidential nomination/Senator nominations for the Naval Academy. She handled it all. For my Ds1, I had to basically do all of it. He just couldn't handle it. It was too overwhelming to him. Some of the time I had to fill out the forms, etc while he sat with me. Some of the time I was able to have him fill out the forms with me supervising/guiding. I went with him to registration and made sure wha
  9. LOL, sounds like something my Dd would pull. She is planning to go skydiving once she gets medical clearance. Glad the military covers her medical expenses now :gnorsi: .
  10. Wow, great to hear how everyone is doing!! I have been absent from the boards but hope to get back here more often. Ds#1 is doing well in his first semester. He started at a CC that is about 30 minutes from home (nearest one). Unfortunately he still doesn't have a drivers license... but finally got his permit!!! He is taking Speech, College Algebra, DC Electricity, Electronics Drafting, and First Year Experience. I have the honor of driving him to school and back. According to him, he is acing all but speech (still doing well, just not acing). He has his accommodations for his
  11. My Dd does not have foreign language and she has been accepted to Penn State.
  12. Also, another option for Marines... is the PLC program. Platoon Leadership Class. My Dd was going to do this until she got her NAPS appointment. The basics: Once accepted into program a contract is done... even to be a pilot is guaranteed if qualified. Attend college freshman year, attend 6 week OCS over summer, attend college sophmore/junior year, attend 6 week OCS over summer, attend college senior year, graduate college. Go into Marines as an officer and on to basic school and then career training field. While attending college, no other obligations required (no ROTC classes,
  13. My daughter has been accepted to Naval Academy Prep School (and then on to Naval Academy the next year). She homeschooled and didn't do any sports other than Kung Fu. She would have gotten into the NA this year except her SAT scores were only "average" (1750). She is in the Civil Air Patrol (that really helps!!!!!!) and she competed nationally in martial arts. She studied music (plays classical guitar, electric guitar, drums, piano, and clarinet) mostly for fun. She loves music and loves to perform but that is not her career goal anymore (she did have dreams of being a professional hea
  14. I have some great news!! My DD has been accepted to attend the Naval Academy Prep School for 2013/2014 school year and then on to the Naval Academy!!!!!! She is so excited. She will major in aeronautical engineering at Naval Academy. She plans to be a pilot and a Marital Arts instructor in the Marines. It wasn't an easy application process but it wasn't horrible either. Since we didn't qualify for grants for her... this is a blessing. She starts July 24th. Right now in community college, she is getting 4 A's and 1 B. One question: She is currently taking English 101, College
  15. Hi again... it has been another long time. Just extremely busy around here. DS#1 has officially dropped out of school. He is going to take his GED in the next few months. He has been re-evaluated by psych and he does have a learning disability of sorts. His processing speed is slow compared to his brain speed. So now we are focussing on trying to help him speed up his processing speed. Funny that to do this it is actually a good thing to play video games-LOL. He is also doing a typing program that is supposed to help the processing speed and output improve. In Civil Air Patro
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