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  1. So my son has some expressive language delays therefore is having a HARD time with learning how to write expressively. Currently we are using Winning With Writting but I want something more....just not certain where to look! Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. My son struggles with math but the important thing is that the child knows the *concept* as what will memorizing math facts do if they can not do math in the "real world"? If they understand the concept, they can reach the correct answer. May take the child a bit longer but they can reach the answer IF the concept is learned and achieved.
  3. And here I am 80 degrees and sunny. I am sure all of us here (Northern AL) would take your snow right now!
  4. I am about 3 hours north of T'town and only about an hour east of the Hunstville/Madison area where there is significant damage. Around here we have lots of trees down and many parts are without power, but we were lucky compared to most. My prayers are with everyone tonight. These storms were SCARY!
  5. Yes because J *hates* to read but reads above grade level. He is working towards a new computer game currently by reading the classic version of Peter Pan.
  6. J does Earobics twice/week at OT in addition to 40-60minutes of Therapeutic Listening 5 days a week. WOW the improvement! He will start The Listening Program as well. I suggest getting into a SLP whom is familiar with CAPD and getting an eval done. :grouphug:
  7. I can not remember how old J was when it came out but he is reading above grade level and was *addicted* to that show. I can say that he started sounding out words shortly after it came on. We LOVE it and I am bummed that at age 7.4yrs he is "too old for a baby show now Momma". It is SUCH a cute show!!!
  8. Josef spells on a 3rd grade or higher level, he came out of K at Catholic school spelling above grade level.
  9. Every sport or activity that J has ever been involved in, every knows about his health and what to do in case of an emergency. I can understand you and why you would never take your son's off. I think I would want J's permantly on him! We have a card on J's seats that tell about him and what to do and whom to contact. I started doing this a long time ago though, one of my worst fears is a car accident and I can't help J.
  10. Can I just ask why not take the bracelet off, if you are with your child during a physical sport? :o Maybe I am doing wrong, but I do not see the harm in it as I *never* leave Josef alone during sports. He needs a new one actually but there could be some things that come up in the next few months and he would need another new one. So for that reason alone, he has never been left without DH or I since October.
  11. :party:Off to see if I can finally find some swim trunks and a rash gaurd that fits my skinny little man that will hold up to the amount of swimming we do!
  12. We bought one for J instead of a DS or any other gaming system. It is VERY well loved!
  13. For *us* we have always let Josef take his off as we are always with him. If the staff is aware of the child's needs and what to do in case of an emergency, *I* would let the child take it off as it does become dangerous to keep it on in some sports. This is if I was not able to stay with my child. I would also have a coach keep it him/her until I returned.
  14. I LOVE them! And FWIW, I have taken acryclic nails off with pure acetone before. Takes a while, but it can be done.
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