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  1. milk cow 1 hour walk with pram 1 hour therapy with twins many hours coaxing ds12 to complete his schoolwork take neighbour boy and ds12 to basketball dd16 cooked tea :hurray: twins bathed and to bed me time for 20 minutes looking at this forum still to go ds 12 morning schoolwork for tomorrow that he does the evening before.
  2. My son too. has only had 4 hours sleep every night for the last week and a half as he is at the busy end of his units and has major assignments and tests just about every second day ( 4th year). He is stressed to the hilt.
  3. :bigear: I have never sent a thank you . Something big lacking in my upbringing??
  4. I am crook. I have a low fever and a completely confused head. I am muddly as I can possibly be - and cranky 6 days until twins court case for us to get guardianship ( hopefully) 8 days until DH comes home from Canada
  5. I worked as a part time nanny for about 2 years. I was interacting with child full time. I would be doing things like playing games, taking child for walks, reading stories, encouraging child to do puzzles etc. Only when the child was having a nap would I do light cleaning- mostly loading the dishwasher, wiping down kitchen and sweeping/ mopping kitchen floor.
  6. They would be ruined in a water fight. And being machine washed. A heavy thunderstorm would not be good but light rain ok.
  7. Yes cheating and not allowed. We have tank water that collects rain. It is a serious crime at this house to waste water. You never know when it will rain again especially in the warmer months.we could easily go for 2 months with no rain
  8. try buying shoes to fit over AFO's just about impossible. Poor twin 1 has to wear shoos 4 sizes too big just to get them over the plastic. and gumboots are just about impossible they are so large that I am surprised he can walk at all. He has practically no ankle movement so cannot tip foot down to slide them in .
  9. We had rain :hurray: beautiful rain! :hurray: :hurray: It rained all day :hurray: :hurray:
  10. Ds21rents a room right next to the university. He pays 160 per week. He has a bar fridge in his room.shares bathroom and kitchen with the other 5 students also renting rooms there. Internet and electricity are included in rent. The house has no living area as all rooms have been converted into bedrooms.
  11. I have straight fine long hair. I keep my hair braided as any other hairstyle like ponytails fall out within an hour
  12. attachment- I struggle with this all the time. I don't make friends on purpose ( easier to remain friendless than lose a friend). I really struggle when DH is away in Canada - I have had mental breakdowns over this.
  13. no. I live right at the estuary of a large ( to Australia) river system, it floods regularly. We see what comes down in that water and we see the destruction that water causes. It is not just muddy water like as puddle at all. Enough people have died that Australia is atm having a big advertising program warning people to never go into floodwaters.
  14. We have to watch out for deer as well. same son had to break suddenly just 2 weeks ago to avoid a deer and had to get all new tyers afterwards. He is working in a very remote area of the state in very heavy bush ( forest ) . the heaviest bush in the state in fact.
  15. never rains but pours, DS18 hit a huge Kangaroo and totaled his car. Even the chassis is cracked. He is shaken but unharmed.
  16. solar hot water service. has saved us thousands over the years solar electricity panels. - so nice to receive a check in the mail every quarter instead of a bill
  17. DH and I are perfectly matched in many many areas. the ones that we are not perfectly matched in are the not so important areas
  18. Made it through the day. It is now Monday here and I feel so mentally fatigued that I am not sure how I will go. It is only 8 am and I have already broken into the hidden stash of dark chocolate.
  19. Ah, I see. It is a North American word. I have never heard of the word and have no idea how it would be pronounced
  20. not sure if I have ever heard the word before so I will have to look it up to see what it is before I can vote
  21. DH's father died suddenly on Tuesday, He was 93. DH has madly been traveling to Canada ever since he heard the news, absolutely devastated. He got there today and found out that his brother and sisters started fighting over the estate even before the deceased father was removed from the bedroom ( mother is still alive but in shock and completely confused even denying that she was ever married). My poor poor DH. He cannot believe what is going on. He is absolutely distraught . So wish I could be with him in his time of complete distress
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