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  1. I cannot stay logged on with my ipad again today
  2. my Canadian DH calls them undershirts- maybe that is what they are called in USA as well? I have an English friend who calls them under vests.
  3. Got house ready for cleaner Sent twins of to 4 year old preschool ( dh took them) 5 loads of laundry washed and hung out. Only 3 loads were dryish enough to Bring in and hang on the clothes aired. Played game of hangman with ds12 instead of spelling Ds completed all schoolwork today Put a venison one pot in oven for tea
  4. I have a full blown head cold. feel miserable but thankful I didn't get it last week as my stitches have healed enough to handle sneezes this week.
  5. I do laundry every day. Each child ( 12 and under)has 4 complete changes of clothes for winter and 4 complete changes for summer, a jacket, a rain coat, swimmers, 2 sets of pajamas, gumboots ( we live rural) and a pair of runners.
  6. I could not log on at all yesterday
  7. I wrote a really long reply last night but for some strange reason I couldn't log in and it all vanished :confused1: I have given this considerable thought. IF I was you what I would do is divide the time up into thirds one third physical activity - including things like nature walks, obstical course activities( spelling?), dancing, riding bikes ( or learning how to ride without training wheels), going to a park etc. one third doing sharing/ taking turns games like board games, memory games etc. that will help develop social skills one third doing craft type activities that will develop fine motor skills - things that involve cutting, pasting painting, building etc also some calm down activities like having a story read to them. I base these ideas on what the Occupational Therapist and Speach Therapist plus myself are doing with my foster twins to aid in behaviour modification and self regulation. I would mix up the activities so the children are not sitting still for an hour, and I am imagining that the children might be rotating from being with the helper and being with you. I don't think it will have a backlash when the helper is finished. I would present the whole thing to the kids as an exciting temporary helper that is a special thing because the new baby is coming - -- or something along those lines
  8. Ds12 does most of his morning schoolwork the evening before. This is because he needs complete quiet to focus plus we have to so much therapy with twins in mornings
  9. I don't have s suggestion just yet( will need to think) but just wanted to say good on you. I have followed some of your other posts and think a mothers helper is a fabulous idea.
  10. Just thought your son might be interested on how lots of Australians in rural areas get water. We have huge water tanks that collect rainwater. This is the only water we have. It is stored in the tanks. In summer when there is no rain the level of the tanks is carefully watched. In a wet winter when the tanks are overflowing ( like right now) we celebrate by having a bath. Because we know the amount of water we have we are careful of water use most of the year. You never know just how dry the summer is going to be. The longest we have gone without any rain at all was over 4 months. By the end of that time the water did have a slight brackish taste. There is some formula to work out how much water can be collected per square metre of roof .... something like 1 cm per Squ/ metre equal one litre. Because way back most places collected rainwater, houses were built to increase catchment area. So mostly single story.
  11. Vacuumed whole house. 2 loads laundry washed hung out, dry and brought in. Made a batch choc chip cookies. That was it , all energy used up for the day :-(
  12. In summer we put a tub under the shower and bucket it out for the toilet. Also putting a container in the sink to catch rinse water and vegetable washing water immediately aware of how much water is used. I use the rinse water to keep a select few plants alive.
  13. I did this years ago. I also tried washing with soap instead of detergent. The dishes slowly developed a sort of sticky coating. The reason I tried it is dh developed multiple chemical sensitivities and it took me multiple months to find a product that he wasn't sensitive to.
  14. The iron does have vit c and I do not drink coffee or tea. Yes I am loosing blood internally and just had surgery last week to fix one area of blood loss. I also am premenopausal with some small fribroids so have blood loss there as well.
  15. My older boys are the fishermen in this family. They bring the fish to me already filleted. I dip in egg then seasoned bread crumbs and shallow fry
  16. So if you have had a low hemogloben how long did it take for you to get it to rise? 2 years ago mine was101. I took iron tablets up unlit just over a month ago. Per operation last week it measured 95. After operation it now measures 86. I am pretty lightheaded and feel completely exhausted after the slightest task. I have started taking iron again and have a regular diet that includes both red meat and green leafy vegatables
  17. 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Pretend read books, Duplo Pirate ships I suspect lots of jumping on the bed Listening to audio Trying out sneaking out of room tricks
  18. Twins up at 5 am. Sent back to bed by me. 2 loads of laundry washed, hung up, dried brought in and folded. Beds made Kitchen bench tops cleaned of clutter Ds12 math,explode the code, grammar and reader done ( not much I know but more than yesterday) Twins 2 pages preschool rod and staff, reading eggs, and cut and paste activity Kitchen floor swept twice Not much of a list I know, but way more than the last few days. Feeling much better than I have for the last few days post operation. Surgen told me i should be close to normal in 2 more weeks
  19. Tried really hard to do some of the light housework and ds12 schoolwork. I am completely exhausted it was too much too soon after surgery. Ds didn't cooperate and only got math done. Twins are both taking advantage of my feeling so awful and are mucking up. Dh is exhausted from trying to be 2 parents at once - I feel so bad for him.
  20. Met and married at 18. Dh was 32. I think it was a lot harder for Dh than me. He was use to doing his own thing and thinking just for himself. He was actively seeking someone to start a family with when he met me. We had our first child within a year. We have been married over 23 years
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