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  1. So my oldest son has somehow hurt his back. He has had an X-ray and has a crushed vertebrae. He is in considerable pain, can hardly walk or sit and cannot sleep in bed but is sleeping on the floor. He says he no longer has any feeling in one leg. It is interfering with his Uni studies as he cannot sit still for the lectures. He has had a course of anti-inflammatorys before the x-ray. they didn't do anything.The Dr wants to give him steroid injections. He is going to see a Physiotherapist as soon as he can. Has anyone experienced this before? does anyone have any suggestions I could pass on to him. thanks in advance.
  2. My FIL was born in the depression in Germany- a country that had it way worse than most during the depression. He saw with his own eyes many people starve to death. He has a camphor chest in his basement with enough rolled oats to last a year ( not joking at all). He also has small valuable items that could be used for bartering for food hidden in different locations in his house.
  3. I always thought that if you lived in a remote area and there was two big families with boys and girls all around the same age than it would be perfectly natural for lots of them marry into the other family.
  4. it will now be perfect to beat it until it turns into butter. Cream turns into butter faster if it has been aged at room temperature for a few hours.
  5. This week we are not doing formal schoolwork but rather getting ready for the local agricultural show. DS12 &DD16 are madly baking and sewing. Even twins are getting in the spirit. DD plans on having 102 entries.
  6. This totally changed my attitude to my oldest son with unbelievable results :hurray:
  7. :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: so glad for the great day plus the following great days
  8. We are watching this unfold with parents in laws. they are in their 90s. It is unbelievable. one daughter feels as she has been living way beyond her means for years and is way in debt should get more than everyone else as she needs it more?? She has bullied her parents to not move into a nursing home as that would use up some of the assets. She even does unbelievable things like cook a meal for her own parents, bring it around, then tell them they owe her $30 for the ingredients. :huh:
  9. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  10. When I worked in Aged care their team building involved every few months going up the coast for a getting drunk as you can weekend ( they had a different name for it - bonding weekend or something along those lines). I never went. I was the only one that didn't go.
  11. :party: congratulations I have 2 years to go before I reach 25
  12. :iagree: So true. My SIL is at us every opportunity she gets going on and on about how easy we have everything and how she struggles so much. She has an income 4x our combined income, lives in a magazine perfect house, changes her entire house furniture every 3 years and goes on fabulous holidays overseas every single year.
  13. :lol: We have all that plus Dh is from another country. Even though his former country is an English speaking nation we apparently do not really have the same language and use the same words but they have completely different meanings.
  14. Orchard has got Queensland fruit fly. Nearly ever single pear has fruit fly- we have 4 pear trees- over 1/2 of all the apples have it - we have 8 apple trees. ARGH! bottled some (Very small ) amount of fruit from many baskets most if the fruit had to be chucked out. Assisted ds12 to make some fruit cakes for the local agricultural show. 3 loads of washing washed and hung out, but it was too humid for it to get dry. Don't really know what else I did, but I know I was flat out all day long
  15. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: So sorry. I have not had an ectopic but a ruptured fallopian tube. I had a tubal ligating and 3 years afterwards the clip ripped through my tube and got imbedded in my ovary. The most painful experience of my life by far. (Natural childbirth became a 1 in pain level after that.) I thought I was going to die. I remember waking DH up and telling him that if l I looked like I was asleep then I would really be dead. scans could find nothing wrong. I then saw a Gynecologist who did some exploratory surgery and had to remove half my ovary. He also did a dye flush through my other tube. ( I guess to see the clip was working there ) strangely enough I fell pregnant 2 months after with DS12
  16. Assisted by doctor -yes. for terminally ill patients. Plus I think that unassisted suicide should be decimalized
  17. :hurray: great news that your DH is doing so well
  18. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: still thinking of you and your family
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