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  1. In the country I live in it is enforced. Even in rural areas. Especially in rural areas. Bushfires are a very real threat. Vic Australia ( where I live) is the most bushfire prone place in the world.
  2. Rain rain and more rain. Some places nearby had over 100mm today. Lots of rivers going to flood tonight.
  3. Fireworks are illegal here. They cause too many bushfires
  4. Sounds like he needs Occupational Therapy. As he is a foster child you should Be able to get funding for the therapy
  5. No, but they know how to use a shovel I the I am thinking it would be ok.
  6. got house clean enough for cleaner to come.😎 Got ready for the big rain and flood predicted for wednesday. We don't get flooded at our house, but we do get cut off form civalisation. Ds12 shifted a whole wood pile onto pavers so we will be able to keep the house warm with dry wood. Ds21 has come home for a visit.
  7. You go on believing in your superior intelligence and big vocabulary and I will go on believing that people who cannot speak without profanity for every second work have a limited vocabulary. Maybe people who swear all the time have limited self control? Or something like that? No idea what it has to do with intelligence. Dh and ds22 both have an IQ of 140 and they don't swear. No one else in the family has has their IQ officially checked.
  8. Unfortunately I live in a country where it seems most of the population has a very limited vocabulary. Especially in rural areas. This results in them using a swear word for every second word they say. We don't swear. People notice and make an effort to reduce their colourful language around us without us saying anything.
  9. I think the fine is around $70 You can also get out of voting by writing a bible verse out on the fine paper. They then think you are a religious nut and leave you alone. I did that for close to 20 years.
  10. I think it ridiculous that voting is compulsory. Then you get heaps of people putting random numbers next to nonsense( yes ds20 I am talking about you) and we get stuck with silliness.
  11. Went and. I visited my mum and did all her housework. She hit a deer last night on her way home from work and totalled her car. She is very shook up.
  12. Hugs Feedback. I found it really hard to read your post as I have dyslexia and there wen't paragraph breaks
  13. I have never sent a thank you note or received one ever. I never knew about thank you notes until reading this thread. Maybe they are not a thing over here?
  14. I have never sent a thank you note or received one ever. I never knew about thank you notes until reading this thread. Maybe they are not a thing over here?
  15. we make black current cordial. non alcoholic what I do is chuck them into a big pot, cover them with water and add about 2 cups of sugar. heat up until just boiling then remove form heat and let sit. then I strain them through some muslin, pout it into soft drink bottles and freeze it. to drink it you pour a little bit into a glass and add water. you might have to experiment with exactly how much to add into the glass as different people like different strengths.. I use this recipe for mulberries, plums and black currents. I got the recipe form a 100 year old recipe book. The freezing part I added.
  16. Here if you cannot provide a bedroom for the child you cannot foster. The twins share, which is fine as they are biologically related similar in age siblings. But when their brother was visiting for a few days last week he needed his own bedroom. He is almost 8.
  17. Surprised you are allowed to have a foster child share your bedroom. They are meant to have their own room or share with their same sex biologically related sibling. Having a fosterchild in your room may lead to all sorts of unpleasant accusations. It is really to protect your family that the no share rooms regulations are Inforced with foster children.
  18. No, my expressive language is jumping lizards. And that was made up by me to give the twins an alternative expression. Dh says crap when he talks about dog poo.
  19. Hugs. Sounds very tiring. Surprised that you are alowed to have a foster child sharing a room with non biological relative.
  20. The twin's one doesn't. I think that is his way of supporting kids in care. However the psycologest that they were seeing wanted to charge $170 per page for anything...and he wouldn't combine the twins paperwork
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