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  1. :party: :party: :party: :party: :party: Hoe exciting. I am green GREEN with envy :D :D :D :D
  2. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Hugs I would not know what I would do We don't do birthdays at all, and my kids do not smoke - or vape or whatever. So I have never had to deal with anything like this. Smoking here might mean being tossed out of the house. All my kids are watching the neighbour die a slow painful smoking death. and think that smoking is absolutely a ridiculous thing to do.
  3. No, neither does DH. instead we have investment properties.
  4. other- my ds has boiled alive a rock lobster ( what we call crayfish, different to what you would call a crayfish) and some poor crabs. I do not eat or cook crustacean ( allergic) but we live right by the sea and my older boys go diving and get them.
  5. Just got back form trip to Melbourne. Good news is that the one specialist said I didn't need to see the other and the AFO technician wasn't aware of the appointment reschedule and understood about distance I had come and saw us. so I do not need to do 2 extra trips to Melbourne :hurray: :hurray:
  6. So I have medical appointments for twin 1 at the Children's hospital on Friday. I arranged access visits to happen tomorrow (Thursday) to reduce travel to Melbourne. I have the train tickets and the motel booked and paid for. It is only about 7 hours until we will get the 4 am bus to meet the train and do the 7 hour trip down. I just collected the mail and found that the main medical appointment has been rescheduled till the 17th. ARGH!!!!!!!!! :cursing: :cursing: It is too late to change the access visit and other medical appointments. which means I will be traveling to Melbourne ( 7 hour trip each way by public transport) 3 weeks in a row. :eek: ( attending a Dan Hughes seminar on attachment disorders next week). If twin 1 needs new AFO's then I will have to go down 4 weeks in a row. I just feel like crying
  7. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: I think that sometimes old people become so stubborn and think they are coping better than they really are. Sometimes you need to force their hand. we have something along these lines with MIL at the moment. She wants DH to shift to Canada to look after her- not happening. She keeps canceling her in home help. She had a major stroke earlier this year is 94, totally blind and FIL died last month. FIL was more able then her. ATM she is just getting by with relatives dropping in twice a day, but when winter comes she will not be able to stay at home any longer. She just refuses to accept it.
  8. I like zoos. I don't like parents who let their little precious climb into animal enclosures
  9. do you have respite services in Scotland? I worked in in-home-aged-care. I would occasionally do respite for aged relatives. This may include checking on them daily while relatives have a holiday, taking the aged relative out for a few hours ( supposedly shopping) taking aged person to medical appointments. In our area we also have day activities ( I thin once a week) where the aged person would be picked up form home and taken out for the day. they might go on a scenic trip, or to a performance, or a cards day, or even just afternoon tea. All things that assist the aged person to have something to look forward to and help reduce depression as well as give the caregivers a break.
  10. My oldest got measles form visiting relatives when he was 6 months old. It wasn't fun, especially as he came out in the rash while we were flying back form Canada.
  11. We save a huge amount of money with our garden - but- it is very large ( tennis court size). we eat form it year round. Dh saves his own seeds for most crops. We grow our own seedlings form seed ( huge saving) . we are given a water tank full of water from the neighbour ever year ( Seeing as they illegally built a shed on our fence line they give us all the water off the shed roof). We live in a climate where there is something that can be grown at each time of the year. We eat according to the season. It took DH and I about 10 years to get the hang of gardening so we didn't end up with a glut and then a famine of food. It is a big job, typically DH spends 2 hours a day gardening. We make our own compost and have animals that produce manure (cows). Also Vegetables are very very expensive where we are.
  12. hmm. Here until 2 weeks ago when I got guardianship of twins and was only fostering them I could not sign a single piece of paper, even in an emergency. DHS or birth parents would have to sign it, and if it was an emergency then a GP could sign it, but not me. so was in the situation where the preschool might want to go for a nature walk - I would need 2 months notice so DHS could try and track down birth parent to get a signature. Silly but really happened.
  13. I have Dyslexia. Half the time I don't even see the spelling errors.
  14. no, no and no, But I live in a country that has a great government interest free student loan system, and all my children are eligible for living away form home student allowance. I would not know what we would do if we lived in a country like USA where there was no assistance for rural country students like we have here.
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