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  1. Half of our house is 20 years old, and the other half 12 years old. I consider the house new. We fix / do everything ourselves and built the house sturdy with the expectation that it will last longer than our lifetime.
  2. Most children here are trained before or around 2 . All my bio children were toilet trained at or before 18 months. The twins came to us still in nappies at 3 1/2 . It was viewed as neglect that they hadn't been trained before then.
  3. I remember when I was 13 and had a messy room my mother came in with a rake. She raked everything on the floor into a huge pile. And told me that whatever I didn't tidy up would be considered rubbish. It actually was a positive thing as I didn't know where to start in cleaning. I kept my room tidy forever after
  4. That is what I remember the recommendation to be. No drugs including coffee as they can all have a negative effect on the baby.
  5. We do it this way. No butter just bread, cheese and occasionally some ham
  6. I mean bubbles breaking and new ones forming. Existing bubbles from trapped air when shifting into the pot are ok
  7. Tomato sauce starts fermenting if going off. So if it has little bubbles while it is sitting there then it is going off. I would think it was perfectly fine, if you are heating it up as part of the canning process than I wouldn't even bother preheating it
  8. DH often takes our kids out for a couple of hours to the beach. I do either housework or flower gardening. I find it very relaxing and recharges my batteries
  9. I have the game squatter. It has a million little sheep pieces that are a pain to clean up
  10. I usually blanch then peel the tomatoes and pack them in the jars works really well for me
  11. It is a good idea to have it written in your will as lots of family fights can start right with what to do with the body
  12. Adoptive/foster agencies Professionals that deal with foster/adopted children like occupational therapist or speech therapists who can recommend the book for families Fostering websites
  13. Traveled to Melbourne for ceremony. I Am in a motel room all by myself. I cannot believe it. Just spoke to DH on the phone. Twins have been a real handful for him all day. They have been challenging because they do not handle change and I am not there. DH said it gives him insight into how challenging they were for me when he went to Canada twice this year. Raising these twins is a real combined is more than what one person can do by themself.
  14. We have received a letter in the mail telling us that we (DH and I ) have been nominated for a chairman's award for outstanding achievement in fostering. I am traveling down to Melbourne for the ceremony tomorrow. I didn't even know that there was such an award.
  15. It also seams ( here in Aus at least) that each institution has a slight variation of their own of APA. All the universities I have done units with had a free printable their preferred APA interpretation that is frustrating to loose a mark because you follow an APA guide that said a full stop and the university preferred a comma in the end of text reference list
  16. Day started out great But deteriorated I have a big attitude problem regarding neighbour. Good new is tomorrow is a new day
  17. I have a screamer. When he was placed with us ( foster child) he would scream for SIX hours every day. This went on for months. During that time I had to use public transport 11 times to go to Melbourne for either medical appointments or access visits. It takes just under 7 hours by public transport each way I have had a bus driver want to put me off with two small children on the side of the highway in the Middle of nowhere. I have had a entire train carriage empty. I have stood in between train carriages for hours holding a screaming child, while my 12 year old looks after the other one. It is awful. It is stressful, it is incredibly embarrassing. I have wished I had a big sign that I could hold up saying he is a foster child and we are working on it. I have had strangers abuse me. It is awful. We have had a whole team of professionals assisting this little boy with this issue. It has taken close to 2 years but now he only screams for a few minutes every day. And now he can be stopped by being reminded that we talk, I cannot help him if I don't know what the problem is.
  18. Maybe where you are. Here they are young adult. I was married with 2 children by 20. My oldest child had completed 3 years of university by 20. My current 20 year old has completed a tertiary deploma and has been working in a remote ares living by himself for two years. My current 18 year old has completed a tertiary deploma and been working full time for over a year, half of thattime located in a remote location, living by himself. Both have high levels of responsibility in their job.
  19. Hmm. I would view 18 as young adult. In 20's as adult.
  20. Completely wasted day. Twins were absolutely awful from the moment they woke up. By 10 am I finally got them settled a little bit and had one on either side of me doing reading eggs. Then the neighbour and her little girl came over for a play. She was here for just over an hour, the last half hour twins were deteriorating in behaviour. Ds12 took advantage of me entertaining neighbour and supervising play to wonder off to shed and work some more on his portable chook pen. Gave twins early lunch and put them down for a long nap. I seperate them one in their bedroom, one on mattress in hallway. I had to stand outside bedroom door for around 30 minutes. Tried to get ds to do some schoolwork. Other neighbour came over. Elderly man dying slowly from smoking. Twin nap time over behaviour not improved at all. Tried again to get ds to do some schoolwork. Twins wouldn't stop bugging him. Now it is chore time. For today ds has only half completed 1 math problem. I have at least half a head more grey hair I feel like kicking something. Twins have settled down watching play school. Argh! Ds has pretty severe dyslexia and cannot work with noise. He also has no intrinsic motivation. And is years behind in ability to read or write.
  21. What beautiful girls. Can I just say that when looking at your girls I cried. I so badly wanted lots of girls. Instead I have boys, boys and more boys and offers to take another boy.
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