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  1. DH does. He is a coffee addict. He makes his a special nobody else can make it right ritual . So I leave him to it :-)
  2. I work as a teacher in public schools (CRT) It is incredible how disturbed and upset children become when their parent picks up a boyfriend ....... Here he legal age to leave a child unattended at home is 13 Quite frankly I think your daughter's behaviour is a call out for help - but instead of help she is getting punished
  3. I had a pot luck wedding. My parents provided a pig on a spit and some roasted chicken. All local guests brought a plate. Some were asked to bring a salad and some to bring a desert. The few guests who traveled a long way were not asked to bring anything. There was no alcohol. There was 75 people Of all the weddings I have attended the majority have been some form of potluck.
  4. :party: Share my proud mummy moment DS 22 has just done his final presentation for his final year project. He just rang me to tell me it went really really well, and was the best presentation of the whole day. After 5 years of study he has finished his Aerospace Engineering Degree. :party: :party: :party: This is the boy who we removed in grade 5 who could not read or write, who has dyslexia and the principal/ class teacher told us "he would not be the worst student when he got to high school" This was the boy who would go on strike for days at a time when I homeschooled him. This is the boy who was so focused on his studies that he year after year got higher marks than all other Aerospace Students, and was one of only 2 Engineering students to get on the Dean's List This was the boy who got his first Lego set aged 18 months ( little Lego ) and his first technical Lego set at 4.
  5. A rinse with cool running water, pat dry and a bandaid. Electrical tape works fine as well
  6. vacuum whole house one load of laundry - washed- hung out - brought in - folded and put away drove 100 km each way for twins swimming lesson did some food shopping cooked chicken and veggie stir fry for tea twins processed and in bed just remembered there is another lad of laundry in the machine. I had better go and hang it out
  7. work dd was meant to cook tonight but told me she was too tired after studying all day :huh: :glare: :glare: . I told her that I was feeling particularly tired after being at work all day and she replied "good than I would finally know how she felt after studying all day" . I felt like falling to the floor in hysterical laughter. :lol: wait until she has to get a whole household organised, then go out to work then come home and sort out the mess of the house that has had a day with many kids home. She will get a whole new definition on feeling tired.
  8. Hugs hugs and more hugs I have a screamer, it is hard Our speech pathologists custom made a social story about a boy puppet who screamed. She then acted out the book with her puppets. The result was miraculous. Screaming for 6 hours a day has dropped to a few minutes multiple times a day and some days no screaming. Of course every child is different and the root of twin 2 screaming is trauma related, primitive brain response as default setting.
  9. Sometimes adults have to find things out for themselves. they get upset if someone points out obvious things to them. On a side note, my grandmother age 88 watches TV in the dark and always has. She only has glasses for reading. She claims it is better for the eyes to watch TV in the dark. It hasn't negatively affected here.
  10. speech pathology with twins and speech pathologist 2 kids to dentist modified school for ds13 medicals for DH and myself. We both passed with flying colours. One step closer
  11. no idea about toaster ovens. but I would check after 45 minutes
  12. Was your DH planning on repainting the front of the house? if he wasn't and he is currently doing it now then I don't think there is much that you can do without causing a big problem in your relationship. sometimes men can be so pigheaded. if he was planning on repainting the front anyway then please ignore my comment
  13. why continue to invite her to you house? why have someone there who makes you physically ill? DH has Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, his are so bad that he is on a disability pension. People who wear lots of scent are not welcome at our house. most visitors are entertained out on our big veranda where there is lots of fresh air
  14. we so modified school work when sick. example if a child has a supper bad headache they have to read for an extra hour and get to skip math - I cannot do math with a headache so why should I force them to?
  15. Our twins are permanent care through fostering. Equivalent of foster to adopt that you guys have over there. Just about all children adopted through fostering have a background of trauma - Trauma affects brain development. Many of children adopted through fostering have had parents who have substance abuse problems and children will most probably have been exposed to this in utero. It is getting better all the time. but boy was the first year HARD We have 5 bio kids. All teens or older.
  16. the usual three loads of laundry washed, hung out to dry, brought in tidy house clean kitchen clean bathroom again - strict instruction given to twins on aiming ds13 schoolwork - why does he have to make it such a painful process - wasted hour after hour baking for preschool fate it would be cheaper and easier if everyone just donated $100 then this big baking for the cake store then having to buy things back. :cursing: 5 chocolate cakes, 30 gingerbread men double batch of choc chip cookies. clean kitchen cook tea - just bacon , eggs, cabbage, broccoli and potatoes - a throw together meal because I had had enough of cooking clean kitchen do budget plan application for twins special needs funding
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