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  1. I have a double oven slow combustion stove that I love but that is not a small appliances. What I do love are my red leather welding gloves that I use as oven mitts. Not only do they protect my hands but also protect my wrists from getting burned
  2. Ds12 is the latest one to get struck down with the cold. Most of math and reader done. He didn't get anything else done. Parent teacher interview for twins - we keep close contact so there was no surprise information. Her assessment are exactly the same as all other professionals. Functioning across the board as a three year old. This includes fine and gross motor,development and social skills. Made shepards pie with leftover veal roast.
  3. So I spoke to former case manager and she said that the rule is that traumatised children should never be touched by a therapist and NEVER be restrained... I also spoke to the person who recommended this psychologist. They work for intervention services ( for children at risk, family help before the child is removed). They had no idea what this psychologist was/ is doing and will not be referring any more children to her. They are pleased that I went there and found out this information as they would possibly not known and other children may / will have been traumatised.
  4. We have done and continue to do rocking since we got them. It was recommended by the placement agency. They are currently functioning at just over 3 years old in all areas of development
  5. We do once a month. We harvest our own meat, have a house cow for our own fresh milk, and grow nearly all our own fresh vegetables. The closest big shopping area is 100 km and takes 1 1/2 hours each way to drive there. When we go we have a very large shopping list and it takes all day.
  6. Thank you Sadie. The closest one is about 350 km away. Maybe there will be a closer one in a few years. When twins can sit still for longer
  7. I live a long way from a big city so any specialised treatment that needs to be done very regularly is tricky. Though the way technology is advancing who knows how specialist tratment might be able to be delivered in 10 years time. I wonder if EMDR is possible with a child with nystagmus
  8. 2 of my sons are hunters. They only hunt introduced pest species that are destroying the native environment. Dogs and deer. We mostly eat venison. Deer are a major problem in our area. Not only because of the damage to vegetation but also the number of accidents they cause. Feral cats and dogs are the number 1 cause of extinction of native wildlife. My boys are right into conservation environmental protection. That is what they have done their tertiary studies in and the employment they work in.
  9. They are 5 years old. We have lots of animals and twin1 in particular is actively involved in caring for some silky chooks ( always supervised ) we are working on the idea that instead of restricting contact with animals but rather interacting with them and taking care of them that he will develop an understanding of how to interact with animals appropriately. There is the down side that there are then animals around that can be hurt. Even with very close supervision there is always those few seconds where your attention is not on them. We are working just on what seems logical and commomon sense to us as we don't seem to be able to get professional guidance on this.
  10. They are the same twins. Yes they are mostly happy little guys now, though they are still closely supervised at all times.
  11. The play therapist is a complete wackadoodle who is right into spiritism and wacky alternate therapy. I was warned about not even trying her by the Occupational Therapist.
  12. Thank you so much everyone for all your advice and for agreeing with me. The twins do not have violent rages where they are a risk to others. What I was after was someone to work with the twins, specifically twin 1 on harming animals. Something he only does when he is feeling insecure.
  13. We were going to go to the psychologist most specifically for advice and treatment for harming animals. The one twin has only done this 5 times while in my care and only when he is extremely anxious / insecure because of a change in family structure. Like when Dh and some older kids went camping, or Dh went to Canada, or more recently when the twin's biological brother came for a holiday.
  14. Thank you so much Sadie. I couldn't think of what term to look up. Yes that sounds exactly what she is preposing to do
  15. So glad you are agreeing with my thoughts. I am not sure if that level of restraint is even legal.
  16. So as most of you know we have two darling little foster boys that are forever part of our family. They have experienced terrible trauma I their short lives and we have been told by DHS that they will need ongoing psychology support. Last year we tried one psychologist . he wasn't experienced in traumatised children. Yesterday we saw a different psychologist. I saw her by myself so I could give background information on the twins without the twins hearing it. During the interview she told me that she uses full body restraint on young children . She demonstrated it to me. Where she Would place the child on her lap. Cross her legs over the child's legs, cross the child's arms and hold them crossed with her arms crossed over child's chest, hunch her back and hook her head over the child's head. And let them scream and scream until the child's body relaxes. She told me that she has done this with Children for up to an hour - the duration of a session. Her theory behind it is that she takes control of the child's anger. She also insists that she sees the child with no guardian present. My personal thoughts at the moment is this sounds like trying to break the child's will, and for a traumatised child Especially one that has most probably suffered torture in the past the results would not be good. I am having trouble thinking of any situation where that kind of restraint would be necessary. In May I attended a training class on attachment therapy by the world experts In the field, Dan Hughs and Jon Baylin and they said NEVER let a child see a psychologist unaccompanied. My feeling is to not go through with this psychologist at all. But I would like to hear what others think.
  17. One twin sick with high fever today. He enjoyed having quiet time as his brother went to preschool today. he "joined" ds12 in doing schoolwork. sometimes he was laying over ds12's knees being his table (and loving it). sometimes he was sitting right by him playing with alphabet blocks "assisting" ds with spelling. 3 loads of laundry washed, hung out and one load brought in- it is winter here so I hang it all under the veranda roof. what doesn't get dry today will get dry tomorrow ds12 almost completed schoolwork- just has to write out his history :glare: Still only doing light activities/ work post operation as advised. DH is making sure I stick with this by doing most of my physical tasks. :001_wub: burritos for tea tonight.
  18. different situation completely when I was working in aged care I had a client that I would go and clean her house. She was a very old practically bedridden lady, who had her grandson living there. I was around 25 he was in his mid 30s. he would follow me around from room to room just a meter or so behind me. in the beginning it really freaked me out. But it turned out he had high functioning autism and he thought he was getting along great with me. It wasn't so creepy any more.
  19. someone with a mental illness- seeing as he was homless before the church took him on I would think he does have a mental illness of some sort.
  20. I think, though I may be wrong that Scarlet is meaning our friends as in the friends within the religious congregation - and they are not encouraged to have friends outside of their religion. So forming new friends at school would be discouraged and forming friends within the group of already friends is encouraged.......
  21. quite frankly I am completely shocked that there is even a discussion on bringing back DDT use. IS this something proposed in USA? DO people not learn form recent history at all????????
  22. I would think that saying he can only go swimming if he takes step brother IS pushing the issue. it makes step child feel uncomfortable and most importantly it makes your child feel like he is being forced, manipulated, unworthy and a range of many other emotions. :grouphug:
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