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  1. other. My mother was widowed at 20 with 3 kids. A few years later she married my stepdad who had been divorced. They are still happily married
  2. I got married at 18 to someone who was 32. We have been married for over 23 years :001_tt1: :001_tt1:
  3. no drinking at all. Here in Victoria Aus, drivers are still probationary drivers at 21 and there is a zero blood alcohol level restriction on them.
  4. I don't use a sponge, but a cotton dishcloth that I put through the washing machine every day.
  5. :laugh: I never said a 6 year old is a tart but rather dress like a tart. yes there is a difference between what I wrote and what you are implying I wrote. and I don't care if you are judging me at all.
  6. people do stare. people are very judgmental . if people see a kid dressed as a tart the kid will get looks and people will wonder why the mother lets the child out of the house looking like that .
  7. cheese here is expensive as well. Tasty cheese is around $10 for 1 kg block. That is the cheapest and it goes way up after that. Parmesan ( block or grated) is around $29kg. Hard cheeses like Parmesan etc have to be kept in cool conditions for 12 months or longer to age. Making cheese is not a cheep process and storage for months is an added expense. Specialty cheeses have a very involved process to make- hence the expensive price and really they are meant to be a special treat- that is why they are called specialty cheese.
  8. to make 1 kg of tasty cheese it takes approx. 10 litres of milk. plus cheese has to be stored to age. In reality it is pretty cheep
  9. Excited to hear your news We found the twins the biggest change for us. And yes we had just reached the stage where DH and I could go out for a walk together ALONE. We had just bought a CAR instead of having big vans....etc.......
  10. If we had money saved up we would pay as needed. However we don't. We live in a country that views investing in education as a priority, so university is subsidized and there are interest free government student loans. The repayment of the loans is garnished out of your wages after you earn over a specific amount of $$$.
  11. I was referring only to the game RISK and how we discovered some places in the world are hotspots.
  12. We as a family enjoy playing the board game RISK. the thing we noticed very quickly was that the location of some countries notably (the Middle East and France) were the spots where all the conflict arose- In the game it is just by location . no Island country was ever an area of conflict.
  13. if money was no object I would have a private tutor for ds12
  14. Yes to the bolded. I got quite a jolt when I saw the heading. Here ICE = crystal meth, something that is destroying lots of small rural communities in my area
  15. don't have time to read any replies atm. I have hip length hair. I shed A LOT. so much so that I comb my hair and braid it outside. I makes clean up way easier.
  16. I absolutely hate smoke form cigarettes. it makes me feel that I have trouble breathing and my skin starts itching everywhere. I am starting to think that there should be step-in-fume-cupboards on street corners with big exhaust fans etc ( just like in a science lab but big enough for a person to fit into) that smokers have to go into to smoke. That way the rest of us would not have to be contaminated by their choice of a slow death. I also really really think that a birth parent who smokes through an access visit should have the access visit terminated when they light up. I mean every single person knows just because the 5 year old is not at your head height that they are still getting covered in your smoke. I don't get at all the parent saying that they are turning their head away to exhale so they are not smoking over the child. :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: pointing out to case manager that it is actually illegal to smoke at a public children playground and it is a fineable offence doesn't do anything.
  17. I haven't read any of the replies. we live very frugal. We live debt free on a very low income. We have never bought an new car. DH does all car repairs and a new car is harder to self fix as they need special computer machines to reset things after fixing them. because DH does all car repairs then it is way way better to keep and fix instead of buy new.
  18. the laundry thing would be a ig deal here. We have tank water collected of our roof when it rains. It is stored and has to last ALL YEAR. wasting water on a single item in the washing machine is a CRIME here. Having long showers is a CRIME. Most people in Australia are aware of tank water and water restrictions though so it is easy to explain to people. we always tell guests we have limited water. I never buy soda (soft drinks ) at all. if a guest was to ask for a drink they would have the choice of tea, coffee or water. Just the same as what we drink. They of course are free to get their own.
  19. :svengo: :svengo: :svengo: :svengo: that is very expensive. nuts here start at $21 per kg. We don't eat nuts as a snack. we sometimes buy nuts as a special present ( for DH). otherwise nuts are only for cooking and then only for cooking special things.
  20. :grouphug: sorry for your loss. I had something similar when I miscarried at 13 weeks. Turned out I had retained some of the pregnancy. It stopped when I managed to pass it about a month later.
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