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  1. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  2. Have a migraine Have managed to bumble my way through the day
  3. We just yesterday had a public health announcement that the use of NSAIDs for period pain etc is known to be linked to miscarriages. I am guessing that some people take it not knowing they are pregnant as some people have a period or two after falling pregnant???
  4. We have had success pressing them in a flower press
  5. Toilet stops every 30 minutes Get up at night every 2 hours Drink lots of water so you don't get too light headed I have a glass of water every tampon change Have iron tablet all the time in a battle to keep levels to a life sustaining level For me I only have super heavy for half a day ( like change every 15 minutes minimum) then it is heavy for 2 days and is different in that I have huge blood clots then a rapid flow ( flooding) then nothing then another huge blood clot so total of 3 days then only occasional spotting for 3 more days. I have a theory that after the 3 days I have no more blood to loose
  6. What about reading eggs using a iPad. you can sign up for a 14 day free trial
  7. REMEMBER it is a marathon, not a race - best advice ever that I read on these boards many many moons ago
  8. Congratulations I always found DH was more excited about surprises than me
  9. Thanks for starting this thread. It has reminded me that I have been meaning to look up libirvox for a long long time.
  10. I have a flower garden. It right in front of the house. It is fenced. Younger members of the family are only allowed in with permission. It is peaceful. Even on the days I cannot get time to walk through it, I can see it as I walk along the verandah and still get the feeling of calmness
  11. I hear you. We belonged to a small congregation of only 30. (Small country town). Dhgot chemical poisoning at work and developed multiple chemical sensitivity. He was so ill that for 4 years he had to sleep outside on the veranda he still is on a disability pension, unable to work. Instead of the the congregation helping us by not wearing perfume and changing their cleaners they told DH and I that it is the right of members of the congregation to wear whatever and if DH only had more faith he wouldn't be affected by it. We were really shocked by this attitude as we had up until that point really believed in the doctrine of that religion. We no longer follow any
  12. We have a house cow and have fresh creamy milk every day. The cow is A2 as an added bonus. I personally don't drink much as it inhibits iron absorption. Currently my hemogloben is only 86. The rest of the family drink lots. But not enough to keep up with the amount produced
  13. worked today. have a terrable cold that is starting to get chesty, I managed to not loose my voice. That is the problem with relief teaching infrequently - you take what you can get even if you don't feel up to it.
  14. No microwave or toaster over. We reheat stovetop. Mostly in the cast iron frying pan.
  15. effective for most but not all people. I have got pregnant twice while taking the pill correctly and twice after being sterilised. the first time after sterilisation I miscarried at 12 weeks - a week after finding out I was pregnant as I thought I was just having early menopause. then I had dye put through and confirmed that the chance of getting pregnant was next to impossible only to get pregnant 2 months later with my ds12. as I said up-thread, we have thought we were finished many times. only to find out we are destined to have a large family ( and we don't believe in predestination at all)
  16. We have tank water so no fluoride. Theses particular 2 have been using tooth mousse for a couple of years. ( well they are meant to.......I think I will ask them if they are still using it)
  17. DH took 2 children to the dentist today. 5 fillings for one and 2 for the other. DH has given me a life ban from making choc chip obviously I will have to be self sacrificing and eat the 6 bags of chock chips that I just bought. Poor me. Ha ha
  18. We have been finished so many times. We had 2 planned pregnancies. Sometimes life has different ideas than what we think and plan.
  19. Very important family depiction made today. We have given it much thought, it was very hard to come to a yes or no....... We may be adding a child. Stay posted for updates
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