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  1. Twins will be going to Preschool x2 days a week. also doing large amount of fine motor therapy ( min 2 hours a day) Learning Alphabet and counting up to 20 very slowly doing OPGTR Reading eggs Rod and Staff early workbooks Spielgaben large amounts of small games and activities that help develop problem solving skills etc. like animal dominos, memory game, leapfrog, barrel of monkeys, snap, etc later in the year Bob Books Fitzroy readers
  2. Ok. the school year starts here in Vic Aus tomorrow. this is our year plan DD16 She will be doing year 12 this year - plan for next year will be doing Open Uni units and the following year starting her degree- atm she wants to study Occupational Therapy finishing off grammar book that she didn't quite complete last year (aBeka) Classical study of books using WEM, Grun and reading list - modern times WWS level 3 last half of Advanced Math - Saxon Japanese - correspondence school Year 12 biology - online- similar to a Community collage Art appreciation Spielvogel world history reading list great expectations the return of the native the life and times of Fredrik Douglass Huckleberry Finn The Great Gatsby Grapes of Wrath I can jump puddles I am David Night Ann Frank Berlin Lord of the rings A town like Alice the invisible man Goodnight mister Tom The great Escape DS12 - he has pretty bad Dyslexia so he is all over the place with levels and abilities Math Saxon 65 - almost complete followed by 76 LEM spelling last 2 books of Explode the Code Writing program - first half of year Wide Brown Land then Aus Unit IEW Diagraming workbook once a week Rod and Staff Grammar book 5 Dictation twice a week own sentences (min 6) an extra phonics program form Speech Pathologest ( which I haven't seen yet) Chemistry mix of resources History WTM style modern times Reading list all these books are abridged either Usborne reading series or stepping stones and are at or just above his reading level. Treasure Island The Hound of the Baskervilles Robinson Crusoe Tom Sawyer Pinocchio The First World War Hitler The Second World War The Holocaust 20 and 10 Swiss Family Robinson The Vietnam War
  3. here boys wear something called skins under sports shorts. I think they are compression pants? Mostly the boys wearing them are actively training/ participating in sports or on their way to sports.
  4. Ok, so I have printed out a book type timeline but still have not been able to find a source of timeline figures in my price range that are not US history based. we are doing modern times this year does anyone have any recommendations?
  5. just marking this thread so I can find it later when I have time to write.
  6. child is already seeing a psychologist. but I forgot to mention it this week when we saw psychologist.
  7. thank you everyone. I feel a little less concerned knowing that others had imaginary people in their lifes this imaginary person is not a friend, but rather a bad person who the 4 year old is constantly punishing for imaginary misdemeanors. This person has just appeared, but maybe I only just got wind of it. So hard to distinguish between the normal child stage things and trauma related things. :sad:
  8. no. just hoping it is normal and not a sign of instability
  9. I mean that the imaginary person is not necessarily used in play.
  10. Yes a made up lady and think it is really there. I cannot really go into details
  11. meeting with whole staff of Preschool in preparation for the twins going next week ( school year starts now in Aus). Meeting went very very well. each twin has successfully qualified for an aid ( for behaviour). managed to get half of the plum crop picked. now to process it all. :mellow: really really hard to do anything out of the house at the moment with Dh still in Canada and dd16 working most days. Twins have been mucking up with Dh gone and I cannot leave them for a second unsupervised ( one nearly killed some half grown chooks yesterday - deliberately)
  12. we have 2 chest ones. I cannot comment on size as we have large by Au standards but I think that is very small by US standards. the good thing about chest is that you do not loose all the cold air every time it is opened
  13. Does anyone have experience with a child ( young child) having an imaginary person? The person is not a imaginary play person. I cannot give details but would really like to hear others experience to try and work out normal / concerning thank you
  14. I am after a timeline. what I would like is one that is possibly a fold out book type with good quality images that we can print and stick on. The price range I am hoping for is under $50 Au. I do not want a timeline that focuses on USA history but rather the world. I have tried goggling but I come up with America focused timelines or complete timelines that you don't physically have to do anything to - more like a giant poster. I was thinking maybe someone on here has used something that they could recommend. over the years we have made our own timelines with brown paper and clip art/ photocopied pictures form history books ect. but they always looked terrible. thank you for your suggestions
  15. Pavlova is an Aussie /NZ thing not a British thing at all. :toetap05:
  16. When I was a child the only thing we did was swish salt water. We did this for any mouth abscess.
  17. I have had something like that a few times over my life. I think a couple of times it was an abscess, but those were painful ( when I was a child). A few years back I had something a bit like that but it wasn't so painful, more an annoyance pain. it turned out it was a little bit of popcorn shell that had slipped between my tooth and gum.
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