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  1. Of course there is the opposite happening as well- like some very distant relatives of mine who skimped, pinched and saved their whole lives and put money away for their older years - got into the habit and continued to skimp and save right into their 90's Health is now failing and they really need to go into a nursing home - but daughter is making a huge stink because she lived way beyond her means all her life and is jut about retirement age - and was counting on a large inheritance to pay off her bills. If her parents go into a nursing home then there will not (according to her) be enough to pay off her bills. So elderly parents are bullied into struggling on at home
  2. I love them, but as I have always already finished the day it is not often I participate - sometimes because the day has been such an effort that I do not want to relive it by writing about it and other days it was so great that I don't want to seem like I am boasting
  3. Ah! I see. What I would call a cupboard missing knobs. I am very lacking in fancy vocab
  4. I don't know what pulls are. :confused1: I am not completely sure what a buffet is either. is it a kitchen dresser?
  5. I don't have facial hair :coolgleamA: hair from my head. if it blows on my face I get the shivers
  6. I cannot stand hair on my face. So I have to keep my hair firmly braided at all times.
  7. I don't really get what the problem is. I have 6 boys and only one girl. My dd would love a sister but there isn't one. What about families that have just one of each. they don't have a sibling of the same sex and survive.
  8. I felt like this for years. I didn't even complete high school. I homeschooled in panic for quite a few years, madly clutching TWTM and thinking if I keep following it closely then I might get through it. When my oldest got into University I could not believe it.
  9. both Dh and I do to an extent. but we have lived for 15 years on a below poverty amount of money. So we would both discuss things very carefully - it worked really really well for both of us as we are well matched in the money area. atm we are not so tight with money and we only discuss more major things - but we both find ourselves sort of justifying spending to each other - I guess we are in the habit.
  10. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :crying: :crying:
  11. you are doing fantastic. My library never had any books from the reading lest either. I bought lots and lots. When mine were younger, we combined art and history. I would get them to do the colouring activity while I read and would use different mediums. sometimes pastels, pencils, crayons, paint ( gold coloured paint was a real hit when we were doing Egypt). younger kids had a tub full of things that was "their schoolwork" it had scraps of paper, scissors, glue, stencils, wooden puzzles, and drawing things, scrapbook etc. I always remind myself - homeschooling is a marathon, not a race.
  12. :grouphug: Sounds to me he wants to develop a relationship with your mum. I have actually met someone that talked like that. Maybe he is right into classic lit ??
  13. I heard a few years back of a charity that took second hand medical equipment and sent it to Afghanistan. I think they were mostly after prosthetic limbs. Maybe a Google search would find if the charity still exists?
  14. :iagree: congratulations on a job well done :hurray: :hurray: :hurray:
  15. derogatory - Unless, of course the person identifies themselves as one.
  16. All of them would bother me. AU I have 6 boys of my own I have taught a class of 8 year old boys. I know how some 8 year olds carry on - they are not little tiny innocent boys anymore at 8 With this whole discussion I wonder what people would think if it was an 8 year old girl going with her father into the men's change room - same age. think it might change some people's view.
  17. I hear you. My brother has put aside many thousands. In fact he put away how much he thought he would be giving in child support. For the child's entre childhood.
  18. :grouphug: Just a side thing. My brother has a child who he lost contact with when the child was an infant. he has been putting money aside for that child for 18 years now. I can imagine that my brother would do something similar to your father and send the money off as soon as he was contacted by the adult child - not because he is trying to rush a relationship but because he has always wanted so much to be part of that child's life
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