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  1. Twins received gifts from a charity because they are foster kids and the foster placement agency is the agency that hands out the gifts donated. Some of the gifts they received had been opened, used, parts lost, box taped up then given to the charity to give to foster kids.
  2. did laundry, 2 hours of therapy with twins some gardening - mostly pruning down to ground level all the plants that were killed in the heat wave a week ago hit by some sort of gastric complaint and spent the rest of the day dashing to the toilet dd15 cooked tea and supervised twins eating I got twins off to bed and went to bed myself at 7 pm. DH came home ( he had been out with a friend most of the day) and thought he cleaned up the kitchen :001_rolleyes: which meant he actually cleaned the things in the sink but left all the leftover food in the pots on the stove. :rolleyes: He was so proud to tell me this morning ( Mon) how he tidied up the kitchen. :001_rolleyes: Really really hope the gastric complaint does not travel through the family as I have to take twins 400 km on public transport on Wednesday...............
  3. tidied house drove 90 km to nearest Cinema to take ds12 &dd15 to see star wars. I haven't been to a cinema for about 10 years cooked tea haven't done much else at all
  4. well at the moment I have used Rosie's suggestion and taken the expanding file out of DS18's room and placed it all in that. I will need to find some other storage way and give back ds18's expanding file ( I had just bought ift for him and he hasn't started using it cause he is away for sum/aut. The only hole punch I have is a leatherwork one. it does only one hole at a time. and I am absolutely pathetic at punching a hole in the same spot on each piece of paper so I will not even start.
  5. If we only went by news reports to get information then we would form a very negative opinion of other things - like say - homeschooling. I know many fantastic foster families. I know some children who would have seriously been physically, emotionally and developmentally harmed by not being removed and placed in foster care. I personally only know one foster family that should not be fostering - and they were probably fine for the first 25 years of fostering, but in their late 60's are really past it and are actually causing trauma in children now.
  6. Hmm I sort of was thinking along those lines - but not really accessible to a child ( of say 12). I am imagining a really big mess of paper stuffed in and getting crunched and all out of order. I could get an expanding file locally though.
  7. I am not beautiful I am thinish I know DH really finds overweight people very unattractive and would not be happy at all if I was really overweight.
  8. I know this is really dumb question but I am coming up with a mental blank. I have just purchased a full set of Spiegaben and it came with 700+ worksheets. they are loose and are not hole punched or anything. How would you store them so that they can be used without getting scattered everywhere. They were VERY expensive and at the moment we cannot use them as it is just a stack of loose paper. the closest office supply shop is 100 km away and I am not planning on going there for a while. I cannot individually hole punch that many pages and have the finished product look tidy. I am thinking some sort of plastic container to store the m on their side or something - but I cannot work out exactly what. I don't know why I thought that they were coming in book format - must have been my imagination. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  9. I am so excited for you family :party: :party:
  10. I don't get permission to go in their rooms I go in older kids rooms to put laundry folded on their bed or vacuum. Ds 11 does his schoolwork in his room and prefers it if I am in there at the same time. I have to walk through twin'sroom to get to my room
  11. They don't play in siblings rooms. Twins are excluded form every ones bedrooms totally - but that is a protection for bio children as twins are lightfingered. Ds 18 & ds19 will go into each othere's room to get something. Nobody goes into dad room without permission.
  12. Trip by bus and train went better than I thought Walked in excess of ten km today uphill - very steep hills pushing a twin pram with 40 kg of twins👬
  13. My bedroom is off limits. No way would I take anyone in there that isn't related to me unless I was giving a tour of the house. I don't hang out in my room. Occasinaly I will retreat there to place myself in time out until I calm down. DH sometimes will go and rest if his allergies are bad. If one of the children needs to get something out of our room they get permission first Sorry for any spelling mistakes am using an iPad in motel room and haven't mastered the screen
  14. I do not have big bins. Instead each type of toy is in a different container. Some containers are stored in different rooms. Toys in the bedroom are not in a container at all but stored on bookshelves. Twins have to help pick up toys and put them on bedroom shelf before they come out after nap time. Toys stored in play section of lounge room have to be put back in container before another container can be emptied. Expensive toys that I use for therapy are stored in kitchen and can only be played with at kitchen table. Once again only one type at a time can be taken out. It was pretty easy to train the twins on how to do this. This is how my older children treated their toys as well. We have a huge verandah with lots of boxes etc outside
  15. it was so so hot today. 42 oC with a very strong hot wind. My whole flower garden shriveled up and now looks like dried hay. We don't have enough water to give it a drink. ( well not water that can be wasted on frivolous things like my flower garden). :crying: :crying: :crying: I was overcome with dizziness due to the heat and fell over while trying to rescue ripe blueberries ( picking them) . I picked over 6 kg. They are safely in the freezer now. way too hot to bake them into anything. DH's mother had a stroke yesterday. She is jut on 94. DH will be going to Canada in the next week or so. :crying: Tomorrow I have to get up at 3 am and catch the 4 am bus then train with twins, by myself so I can take them to an access visit in Melbourne. I do not know how I am going to manage taking them to the toilet as the toilet on the train is so tiny that I can hardly fit in there with one twin. What am I going to do with the other one while I take one to the toilet???I am thinking I might have to sort of hold the door open wide and have the other one holding on to my leg or something. Twin one has just yesterday had his full leg casts removed and can hardly weight bare yet and shuffles while holing onto something to walk. I will not take any of my bio children to help on this trip as I want to shield them form the bio parents . reading over my post I see I am full of the miseries. Am trying to remember my grandmother's advice that it all depends on my attitude . Trying to be positive but not finding much to be positive about. Just seeing mountains everywhere.
  16. What a Victorian attitude. I suppose you are only too glad to buy cheaper things made by child labour
  17. thanks also to everyone else for your marvelous suggestions. Some of the suggestions we have something very similar and the others I am seriously looking into for a future date- things like puzzles
  18. Well I just bought this set. from the Aus supplier Thank you so much for the suggestion. I had never heard of it before.
  19. When my older ones were younger and being homeschooled, my in-laws would come for 4-5 weeks a year. they would take turns and it went on for about 8 years ( until they became to old to travel all the way from Canada) What we did was drop all afternoon schoolwork (history, science and logic) and just continue on with the morning schoolwork
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