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  1. For an upset stomach my mother always gave us grated apple sprinkled thickly with cinnamon. It really helps. I do it with my kids and it helps them as well. If you are making some chicken broth I would recommend grating the vegatables instead of dicing.
  2. But that still wouldn't be a civil war. That would be war between different countries.
  3. I thought that 1500 calories was the correct amount to eat for a not so active female. I try to eat slightly less because if I eat 1500 calories everyday I slowly gain weight.
  4. I had surgery 3 weeks ago. The doctor gave me a medical certificate for the family, 4 weeks of light duties only. Actually they have been marvellous.especially DH. He has been making sure that I am only doing light duties. However 13 years ago I had surgery then 2 weeks later haemorrhaged so much that I was rushed by ambulance 400 km to Melbourne. 3 days later my brother who lives in Melbourne drove me home. 5 minutes after I got home DH asked me what was for tea. I replied make a sandwich and went to bed. 5 weeks later DH had surgery. He apologised profusely. He had no idea how awful you feel after surgery.
  5. I agree Exactly what I was about to post.
  6. bulliying in the 70's & early 80's was so bad for me that I was suicidal. I even had a knife held at my neck as leaving the school and itching powder thrown at me. If I or any of my siblings would touch a piece of play equipment ALL of the students in the school would run screaming to the other side of the school yard. Only buy uttering special incarnations would they be free of the special germs we were said to be contaminating the with. Fortunately for me the 2 main bullies died of a drug overdose at age 12.
  7. People still think that suicide is a weakness or mental illness.attitudes haven't changed since the 70's unfortunately
  8. Almost Spring. And the weather is springlike. DH the twins and I have spent the whole weekend vegetable gardening. With DH having a broken rib and me having no energy and twins assisting it was slow going. But it is almost ready for spring planting.we have a vegetable garden slightly larger than a tennis court and live year round from the vegetables produced in it.
  9. Lice can absolutely jump. We have seen it happen with our own eyes. When we had our lice I got the kids to sit still for their hour or so of daily combing by putting a microscope in front of them so they could look at the lice as we found them. We discovered that conditioned only renders the louse unconscious and after about five minutes they can jump right off the slide. One jumped about 30 cm. very scientific descoverythat shocked us all here
  10. Marvellous dh has still been doing all my harder physical tasks. The poor guy broke a rib yesterday. He is still battling on, doing the house cow milking etc. ifeel I could do the milking now but dh won't let me risk it. I have hemorrhaged after surgery before and I was warned by the surgeon to take it easy for a full 4 weeks. Dd16 did last day of work experiance with occupational theripist. she is thinking of doing occupational therapy at university.
  11. No way. We have had head lice once. Major problem for us as DH has multiple chemical sensativaties that are so bad he is on a disability pension. We cannot use any chemical treatment at all. And have to use the conditioner and twice daily fine comb for 2 weeks treatment. A real nightmare.
  12. I agree with you Sadie. I unbuttoned my shirt and fed my child wherever I was. After all I am a Mammal and that is what breasts are for.
  13. I always breastfed wherever I was. I only ever received positive feedback. But I live in a country where breastfeeding is actively encouraged.
  14. so green with envy :D that you guys are getting yours and I have to wait another 2 MONTHS :svengo:
  15. I preorder mine from fishpond in still says release date of 14 October...... Sigh.......
  16. Hugs I can imagine Ds22 only comes home for a total of 2 weeks a year since he went off to university. Ds20 and ds18 did leave home for work and were away for just under 8 months. They have returned home for the winter and will be leaving again in under two months.
  17. I have a double oven slow combustion stove that I love but that is not a small appliances. What I do love are my red leather welding gloves that I use as oven mitts. Not only do they protect my hands but also protect my wrists from getting burned
  18. I have a double oven slow combustion stove that I love but that is not a small appliances. What I do love are my red leather welding gloves that I use as oven mitts. Not only do they protect my hands but also protect my wrists from getting burned
  19. Ds12 is the latest one to get struck down with the cold. Most of math and reader done. He didn't get anything else done. Parent teacher interview for twins - we keep close contact so there was no surprise information. Her assessment are exactly the same as all other professionals. Functioning across the board as a three year old. This includes fine and gross motor,development and social skills. Made shepards pie with leftover veal roast.
  20. So I spoke to former case manager and she said that the rule is that traumatised children should never be touched by a therapist and NEVER be restrained... I also spoke to the person who recommended this psychologist. They work for intervention services ( for children at risk, family help before the child is removed). They had no idea what this psychologist was/ is doing and will not be referring any more children to her. They are pleased that I went there and found out this information as they would possibly not known and other children may / will have been traumatised.
  21. We have done and continue to do rocking since we got them. It was recommended by the placement agency. They are currently functioning at just over 3 years old in all areas of development
  22. We do once a month. We harvest our own meat, have a house cow for our own fresh milk, and grow nearly all our own fresh vegetables. The closest big shopping area is 100 km and takes 1 1/2 hours each way to drive there. When we go we have a very large shopping list and it takes all day.
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