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  1. :seeya: welcome back just in case you are interested, there is a new edition of WTM out
  2. we have. I did pack up ds23's room after 5 years of it being left exactly has he had it. I didn't get up to turning it into a guest room before he came home for a surprise visit. (ops) he was pretty upset. He has now just finished Uni and has a summer job in a remote area of Australia with only a shared mens accommodation. so he has just dumped all his possessions bin a heap in his room and given me instructions to not touch them.... he will be back in 3 months. and hopefully worked out what he wants to do with himself after that.....though I have a sneaking suspicion he is planning some world travelling and I will be babysitting all his stuff for a while longer.
  3. thank you for posting. I didn't know that children age out of GDD- maybe that is why I have just been notified that twins funding is being cut. I will ask his ex case-manager if this is the reason why funding is being cut.
  4. :grouphug: I am wondering something like that with twin 1. He defiantly has some big indicators - hand shakes and leg shakes when excited. big sensory seeker, very impulsive, a set quirky behaviour when he gets sensory input including full body shakes, head jerking sideways and rubbing genitals all in a very set pattern, very very literal,...... but he has a very poorly wired brain due to trauma/post traumatic stress/RAD/plus things birth mother was using while pregnant that has led to significant global development delays. most specialists we see seem very reluctant to label him.... would it help him at all to have an autism label or just let him go with the label of Global Developmental Delays??? I don't know.
  5. My oldest took his Technic Lego to University with him.
  6. I see that all my tips have already been mentioned. A school box of special activities really works. I would add some alphabet letters and a "workbook" Rod &Staff have some cheep preschool ones. Just so your little one can pretend she is doing school as well
  7. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: I hear you I don't think people in USA understand the scaresaty of homeschoolers here or the lack of alternate options. I found boys are so hard to homeschool form 10-15. so so hard. mine went on strike regularly ... for days at a time... I persevered and the older 3 all have tertiary education and are working.I also studied and got a degree, But during the process I had a breakdown. I keep reminding myself about the older boys as I struggle with ds13 who goes on strike all the time. there are only 3 other families homeschooling in this area. one is completely crazy and I avoid like the plague ( she is related to me ). one is supper de dooper religious, and the other one has only been homeschooling for the later half of this year and is about to enrol her children in school
  8. Here a child at 16 can choose which parent they want to live with. ( I think)
  9. I eat no GMO we don't eat much processed food, and the processed food we eat is made wither in Europe or Australia where there are GMO labelling laws. I don't believe in supporting Monsanto and their grab of control of world food.
  10. Looked after little girl next door form 5:30 am 'till 7:30 pm. A flat out day. twin 1's behaviour accelerates when we have visitors. He got pretty hyped up. the only damage was a smashed in fly-screen door. :cursing: :glare: :cursing: . That was because my attention and supervision slipped for a few moments while I was on the phone with Hospital finding out that my Nan was getting sent back to her house for dd16 to look after and I was contacting dd to let her know that they had popped Nan's hip back in and were sending her home. No housework done. Ds 12 only got part of his schoolwork done. A pretty unproductive day
  11. Has anyone any experience using weighted belts or vests with their sensory seeking child? I would love to hear if they were successful or not. We have just purchaced a sensory cusion for eating time - with maraculous results. We have tried a chew necklace and he keeps hiding it thanks so much
  12. update. The neighbour ( a elderly lady) has taken dd under her wing and dd will spend the night with her then catch the train home tomorrow.
  13. day was going well until 15 minutes ago My dd is currently in Melbourne looking after MY grandmother ( who has had 3 hip replacements on the same side in the last 2 years as they keep dislocating) while her partner is in hospital having surgery. She just rang. My grandmother has fallen and dislocated her hip - dd has called an ambulance. She is in a bit of shock - shaky and very teary. I am over 400 km away..... dd is all alone dealing with everything and scared......... I am waiting for her to ring back after the ambulance leaves.
  14. self checkouts I refuse to use them. Unless the shop is offering a big discount why should I be doing their job?
  15. I know someone that has it and as he is JW and does not donate for blood transfusions he goes to the DR every 3 months and is bleed. I know someone else who eats a very carefully planned diet that is very low in iron and he manages to keep his levels down that way I am one of the people who have anaemia and cannot keep my levels up anywhere close to normal- even with a high iron diet and a high iron suppliant daily
  16. have you tried keeping the dog outside? I can not understand people having dogs inside at all. they stink and shed hairs everywhere. having a wet dog inside would be the absolute pits, I can just imagine how overpowering the stink must be.
  17. my younger sister got terribly car sick when we were children. she would start vomiting as the car was driving out the driveway. it was terrible. My mum tried everything, eventually she found that if she gave my sister a junket tablet that it would set her whole stomach and she could not bring anything up( my mother's theory not sure if that was what was happening scientifically). dry reaching wasn't so bad for the rest of the family to cope with
  18. I will have my oldest returning home sort-of-ish in 2 days after 5 years away at UNI - I have no advice as yet BUT I am sure that we will drive each other insane very quickly. ds21 living remote and turning up about once a month unannounced. If he doesn't ring and say he will be here for meals than there is nothing saved for him. ds19 works long hours and gets home at irregular times ( he is doing 3 different jobs, one full time ). I save a meal for him and leave it out on the bench. I would charge her for cleaning- simple solution for that problem. Boyfriend issues are way out of my league - I would be tempted to encourage her to find her own place.
  19. What I would do is discuss with the whole family in general the grossness of having a phone in the toilet ( YUCK!) And increase fibre for whole family. just chuck bran in with other food nobody will notice, and everyones' movement will improve. I would not do anything more ....... unless of course he was spending too much time in the shower - we have limited water and that is a serious crime in our house.( Tank water collected from rain it has to be saved from rainy times like winter so we have enough water for the dry summer months)
  20. Welcome Math -I think that any program that is used consistently will work I use Saxon. Mostly because it worked with my oldest, and it has solution manuals from algebra1 onwards and is non consumable so the same texts have been used by each child.
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