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  1. What a wonderful story!! My DD had convergence insufficiency along with a 5-6 second lag time that it took her eyes to focus when she shifted her gaze from one thing to another. Vision Therapy was a miracle for her. So glad it helped that young man too.
  2. I’d like one of my kids to do a class, anyone know of a sale coming up?
  3. My sister got married last year. My mom opted to purchase the table linens from an online company. It was so much less expensive then renting and she sold them to a friend whose son was getting married. The only issue with that was we had to iron and transport them ourselves. It took some trial and error to figure out how to do it without making them super wrinkly. But it saved them several thousand dollars. I can ask her which site we used if you’d like.
  4. Crazy 8’s is a math club that has free materials and free kit.
  5. Honestly the best Spanish we’ve done is the Duolingo app. My 4th grader acxwnt is perfect and he knows a ton of Spanish after only 15 minutes 4 days a week.
  6. I"m teaching a full day of K-1 at our homeschool resource center this upcoming year. I have some plans already, but I'm always curious what outsourced classes everyones kids have taken, and what you've liked or disliked about them.
  7. It's my turn to host book club again and I have no idea what book I'd like us to read. Usually I have an idea, but this time I"m stumped. Anyone read a good book lately?
  8. Honestly I tried doing multiple chapters of Math Mammoth at once, for the same reason and it didn’t work out well. It was frustrating and in the end I switched programs entirely.
  9. We did a desert bar for DS’s Eagle COH. I made brownies, cookies, and rice krispy treats (with red, white, and blue sprinkles). I also bought cupcakes from Smart and Final. The bakery lady air brushed the frosting red, white, and blue and stuck flags in them. It turned out really great and everyone liked having different options.
  10. Formers pastors wife here. No, no and no. Her response was over the top. You need to involve someone over her. She shouldn’t be teaching Sunday classes if she’s that easy to snap at a parent.
  11. Interesting development! Keep us posted.
  12. I have literally looked at it every other year and it never quite seems to fit the bill for us. We switched to Christian LIght Language arts last year and it's been fantastic as an All-in One program. My son likes it, and it actually gets done.
  13. We pay for insurance for our teen and college attending drivers. If insurance goes up because of tickets or accidents, they pay the difference. We don't have the big funds to contribute to college, so we help every other way we can.
  14. I have my 4th grader doing CLE Language Arts and Math. It has been so great, it’s a solid foundation and he likes it. Most importantly, it gets done!
  15. My teen goes to her room at 10, lights out by 10:30. My 10 year old goes to his room at 8, lights out by 8:30.
  16. There’s way more to this story. BSA has very well written and clearly defined guidelines for special needs scouts. They have a road to Eagle, but it involves following the rules, which these parents haven’t done. There is no “family prepared the Eagle projectâ€. An Eagle project is a scouts alone. That article also said that he didn’t follow all of the requirements for the merit badges, which also isn’t allowed. Like I said, BSA has a clearly defined policy for SN scouts, but the parents have to be the ones who get the scout on that track, starting with having him officially designated as a SN scout.
  17. ITA with a previous poster. I wouldn’t send her unless you are okay with her wanting to continue next year. School isn’t an extra curricular class or activity to jump in and out of when you feel like it.
  18. See I think my issue could have to with CCS too. One of my kids qualifies for CCS because of his birth defect, but we always had such great insurance, we literally never had to use it. I've heard similar stories from other people. It's so difficult!!
  19. Four years ago when my husband was unemployed, I applied for Medi-Cal for my kids. He got a job six months later with insurance and I have spent the last 3 1/2 years trying to get them off Medi-Cal. It really is quite ridiculous the llengths I have gone to try and remove them from the system with no success.
  20. I thought only k-6 lessons were 15 min or less? I seem to remember 7th grade science being much longer. It’s been a long time since we’ve done it though. Don’t they have a sale on the single download classes every once in a while? I watched a sample of 5th science and really liked it..
  21. I really love Handwriting without tears for kids with messy handwriting. It made a huge difference for my kids.
  22. Gosh, no way give up. So you are supposed to all of the cleaning on your own? That's ridiculous. Families help each other. That's just how it works. Everyone helps. end of story.
  23. When I might weaned, I told my toddlers that “nummies were sleeping†and offered a cup of water. They cried, but it was over in a few days.
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