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  1. The Good and Beautiful was a bust here. It was too disjointed and the younger grades don’t have a teachers manual. I tossed it after about 2 weeks.
  2. I haven’t done it yet either. My b***sts are usually tender anyways, darn perimenopause. I can’t imagine having them squished. I think I’d literally cry. I’m thinking of doing thermography instead.
  3. Volunteer at the bbq (maybe in a less busy role), and get the kid to 1st class. That way he will have finished a solid rank. Why are they making him wait 5 weeks? I’m pretty sure that’s against the regulations.
  4. My 10 year old has been doing Duolingo on the iPad for 2 years. He uses the app for 15-20 min 3-4 days week. His accent is perfect and he’s translating sentences and able to spell words in Spanish now. It’s literally been the easiest subject lol! He loves that app!
  5. are you going to bed earlier to make up for the earlier wake time? I always wake up better with natural light, what about leaving curtains cracked or open, so you can wake with natural light?
  6. Yup! Same thing was happening to me too. I started takingNatural Calm with Calcium and I sleep like a baby now!!
  7. We live in a cul de sac, right around 6 years old I started letting my kids play out front unsupervised. I still left rhagarahe door open so I could hear what was going on and periodically check on them.
  8. Oh mama, I totally understand. I had similar feelings when we found out #4 was another boy. I actually tried to back out of the ultrasound because I was afraid of how I’d feel if it turned out to be another boy, but dh pushed me to find out. As far as names go, we had two boys with “B†names and a girl with an “M†name. Dh really pushed for another “B†name for baby #4 but I flat out refused. We needed up naming him and “M†name like his sister and it’s worked out great.
  9. We love Stack the States- paid version. It’s so much better than the free one. My son is also using the States and Capitals songs cd from Audio Memory. I loaded it onto my computer and play it from itunes. I think you can also buy it on iTunes. We have a huge laminated USA map on the window in the school room. I used a dry erase marker to outline the states that we are working on in the song, and circle the capital city. Then we sing the songs while pointing to the states. He’s learned over half of them in just a month
  10. We stopped trying to slog through the workbook and do the written parts. Now we just read it together, and I feel like he still gets a ton out of it without the frustration and crying.
  11. Trust your gut instinct. Hope it goes well today.
  12. I really like CLE. We used it the past two years and it was a solid program. However, I felt like it wasn't abstract enough for my ds, he was getting bored with it, it had too many problems etc... So this year we switched to Math Mammoth for 4th grade. He loves it, I love it. It's teaching him all sorts of mental math that we both really like. HOWEVER. I miss the review of CLE, speed drills etc... Is there an easy way to combine the two? Anyone combine math programs and feel like it goes well?
  13. We all sleep upstairs on the 2nd floor. We have practiced fire drills multiple times with our kids. We made them climb out windows and climb down the safety ladders. It made me feel safer, knowing that the kids knew what to do in the event of an emergency.
  14. Honestly this kind of stuff is why we went back to using a tax preparer. I pay her to do our taxes and our college student’s taxes. The last time I tried to do it myself with a college student, it said I owed money. When the tax preparer did it for me, we received a tax return.
  15. Is this for a college kid? My non sciencey kid took Oceanography and loved it.
  16. Hits- Math Mammoth for my 4th grader- this has been an awesome switch for us. I love that the books have lists of online games for each math topic. If my son is having trouble with a topic, it's super easy to find a game to reinforce the topic. https://www.mathmammoth.com Field Trip Journal from Coastal Explorers Press. We do so many fun trips, that this has been an awesome way to record them https://www.amazon.com/Field-Trip-Journal-Navigator-Level/dp/1548750956/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1516835828&sr=8-5&keywords=field+trip+journal Misses- The Good and Beautiful Language Arts, it felt choppy and my kiddo hated it.
  17. I teach k/1 classes as a vendor for a charter school. I am paid hourly, since I'm not on staff at the school. My rate is $50 per hour. I can use the copy machine at the school, and they have supplies like paint, glue, markers, scissors etc... I have to provide anything other than normal classroom items.
  18. We use a combination of Aptinol, Evening Primrose oil and Zinc. This combo was suggested by my naturopath. I can definitely tell when he doesn’t take it. I also add in a Nordic naturals omega memory. He won’t drink coffee..
  19. I recently started teaching a k/1 class at a homeschool program. My biggest challenge has been classroom management. It sounds like you having a good plan, that just needs some tweaking. I like the suggestion to use point, fun or something to encourage good listening skills.
  20. What about Pilates socks? My daughter uses the toesox brand. They have grippys on the bottom socher feet don’t slide of off the Pilates equipment.
  21. I don’t think she’d run. Her entire empire is based on the facet that people “love†her. Running for president would destroy her Oprah empire. I can’t imagine her going through the primaries and being willing to have her name dragged through the mud the way most candidates do.
  22. My daughter was obsessed with animals at that age too. I bought her this huge animal workbook. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0769685560/ref=dp_ob_neva_mobile She absolutely loved it, and worked in that book as much as she could.
  23. Absolutely! They grow up so fast. This kind of play is what good childhood memories are made of. I love it!
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