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  1. Custom Ink is amazing. You can do all the design set up yourself (their system is super easy to use) or they can help you. Best part is once everything is done, you send a link to all your people and they pay for their own shirts! Customer ink sends them all to you and you distribute.
  2. I drug test him for sure, immediately. If that comes up negative, he honestly just sounds like he has a bad case of Senioritis. I’d encourage the parents to offer him money or a trip somewhere, to finish. Honestly at this point he needs a carrot, not the stick. Some kids need to be enticed (ie dragged) to the finish line haha.
  3. I have a newer Bosch dishwasher and use the Costco tablets with no issues. I also use a rinse aid. We do not wash the dishes before they go with the dishwasher, the kids load them up, all grimy and gross haha.
  4. Can you put your 7 year old in a low back more compact booster instead of a high back? I’d put the 7 year old in a smaller booster in the 3rd row(side seat) with a teen or the 9 year old. 9 year old can help buckle the 7 year old. Put the 3 year old in the middle row. Take the 8th center seat out and store it. Then you have 1 seat in the back row open, one seat in the middle row open plus the passenger seat. My teens sometimes have to sit in the 3rd row and then either go through the middle (with 8th seat out) or just fold a captains chair forward.
  5. I don’t go to the doctor, or take my kid for any of those symptoms.
  6. I know that's a confusing title, lol. My youngest is 11. I feel like I've let him slip into watching too much tv at night. When my older kids were little, we watched tv on Thursday nights and a movie or two on the weekend. But he's literally watching tv every night and I don't like it. For example, tonight I'm sick and in bed and was just sort of ignoring what was happening downstairs. He's been watching tv since 6pm, so an hour and a half. My next oldest child is 17, so he doesn't have anyone to play with at night, like his siblings all did. He doesn't like sports, so no evening sport practices. He doesn't want to try anything new like a class or something (we just started working with a counselor to try and change this) He's reluctantly bridging from Cub Scouts in March, so he'll have a weekly Boy Scout meeting, and that will help a bit. So if you have an only child or a large age gap like we do, what does that child do in the evening? I'm starting to think I may give him homework or something lol.
  7. I’ve used it for various grades and kids during elementary and middle school. We only used Spelling, English, Cursive and occasionally Math. It filled in the gaps when I was overwhelmed. what about looking at Veritas Self Paced? My 5th grader is using it this year and absolutely love loves it.
  8. Cable girls Land girls Velvet When Calls the heart The 100 Jane the Virgin Designated Survivor (just finished this and it was soooo good) The 4400 Continum North and South Grand Hotel
  9. Duolingo app is seriously all we’ve used for 2 years. My 5th graders accent is near perfect and his comprehension is amazing. 15 min per day.
  10. Well it originally sounded like 2 opposite gender teen siblings sleeping in the same bed. Yes, I think that would raise some issues. It may be culturally appropriate in some places, but it’s definitely not common here. If anyone were to report it, I’d think they’d consider it cause for investigation.
  11. I wouldn’t be as concerned with them sleeping in the same room, as I would be about them in the same bed. And honestly, if CPS ever caught wind of that, it would probably raise some red flags.
  12. I’d tell him exactly what you said here! He’s probably questioning his ability, wven though you said it was a perfect turn. Definitely take him somewhere else next time!
  13. OMG I hope you went to the ER. Poor baby girl, praying for her.
  14. My oldest son was like that, he just wasn't aggressive in sports. I totally agree with Skippy, we drill kindness and love and then yell at them to be aggressive in sports. I can see how it's confusing. My son did better at individual sports, where his only competition was himself.
  15. I second Paula’s Choice. I’ve been using it for 10+ years. It’s the only thing that cleared up my acne. My teens and college kids use it now too. She has research on her site about how many products have ingredients that actually can irritate acne.
  16. For me, the priority would be teaching the kindergartner to read. You can find online writing programs that would work well for a fourth grader. Out school, time4writing, Online Scribblers, etccc might all work well for you.
  17. There’s a great group on Facebook called CA Homeschool College Seekers. If you aren’t already a member, definitely join. You will be able to get more specific answers to CA colleges.
  18. Instead of Bath and Body Works, get her some stuff from Lush. It's the new B&B, lol. My dd loves their bath bombs, lotion etc...https://www.lushusa.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4-7i2-vX3gIVTNiyCh2i1AinEAAYASAAEgKL4PD_BwE
  19. OMG this would literally be the best news I've heard all week. The lady I spoke to on the phone didn't offer me anything but the degree + certification! Is that something I can ask an enrollment counselor about or do I start with the degree plus certification and then switch?
  20. Oh I'm aware that I have to do the student teaching portion. I'm just trying to find a program that separates the BA and the certification.
  21. I've been planning to go back to school to complete my degree in education. I was all set to apply to Western Governors University and start in January. However it turns out that I can't just to do degree program, I have to do the student teaching portion as well. I just need the degree, our city has a student teaching program that I'm planning to apply to, when we are done homeschooling. Soooo any other suggestions for accredited online degree completion programs? I liked WGU, because it was self paced and I could go through it quicker than if I had to take only a certain number of classes per semester.
  22. I have used rate my professor for myself, and my two boys have used it as well. If you had asked me this question before this semester I would’ve said it’s been amazing. They were always able to find good solid professors by using that website. This semester, two classes have been just awful, and the professor’s ratings were all fantastic. One professor speaks with such a heavy accent, that my son can hardly understand him. He’s terrible at actually explaining math and actually tells the students that he’s not sure if he solved problems correctly! My son was so surprised that no one had mentioned it in the ratings. In another class, there’s been 12+ hours of video lectures each week. Another thing we were surprised no one else had mentioned. So I keep telling them that for the sake of their fellow students they need to actually rate their professors as well lol!
  23. Just a few months ago I was taking a friends daughter to her gate and walked with her through security. She had left a full size tube of toothpaste in her carryon. They pulled her and her bag out of line and sent her though secondary inspection. It was a hassle and time consuming. Don’t risk it. Oh and they made her throw the toothpaste away.
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