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  1. I live in the same part of the country as Tibbie, and we have an outbuilding that my dh converted into a studio space: He bought one of those pre-built glorified sheds from a dealer for about $3500. Once it was delivered we had a handyman run power to it from our house, wire the building, insulate, drywall, and install overhead lights on a switch. We installed cheap laminate flooring and painted it ourselves. In the summer it has a window AC unit and in the winter we run an oil-filled electric space heater, the kind that looks like an old radiator- they are quite safe and in such a small s
  2. Ear medication for our dog with chronic ear infections. Works better for us than the expensive prescription from the vet.
  3. I'd probably give each kid a 30 second wipe down with a warm washcloth and sent them off to bed. A full bath can wait.
  4. Yes, that is similar to how it works here. If we choose to send her back to the home school next year they will pull her out once or twice a week for enrichment activities, but the G&T class is an international baccalureate curriculum, starts in 4th grade, and those kids stay together as a self contained accelerated class. FWIW, special ed is pretty much the same way: kids who can remain in a regular class do so and they are pulled out for extra help. Kids who have more significant delays or behavioral needs are sent to a different school with a self contained special ed classroom. I t
  5. I have another update: Dd is loving school. She was readily accepted by her classmates and has made a good group of friends. She is still tired at the end of each day and laments that she doesn't have as much free time as before, but overall she has found that she really likes having a highly structured day with a predictable schedule, something that I always struggled with at home. Academically she's far ahead of her classmates, finding most of the work easy and not at all challenging, and I requested that she be tested for the gifted and talented program. The school system agreed to
  6. If two sisters both have children by the same man, the resulting offspring are both half siblings and full first cousins. Is there a name for this relationship?
  7. Not having Facebook, no. But in my limited experience, *most* older teens would find it weird to not have Instagram. That is the default social media platform for that age group it seems.
  8. I get the impression that this is highly unprecedented even for her school, but we're not complaining! So far they've been to science center for hands-on STEM activities, they went to see part of an opera, and tomorrow they go to an international festival. The field trip in a couple of weeks will be to see a local community theater production of Robin Hood.
  9. Update: Dd started school last week and is nearing the end of her second week now. She was super excited the first several days, but we hit a slump on days #5 and #6 in which she really didn't want to go (she was tired, not used to the schedule), but we pushed through those days and now she's getting up every morning excited for school. Her class has already been on two field trips with a third tomorrow and a fourth in a couple of weeks! In addition to the field trips she's been excited to experience a book fair, and even though I thought state testing was over for the year it turn
  10. Well, it's a done deal- we enrolled her today, she got to meet her teacher and will start on Monday which just happens to be an all day field trip, so she's super excited and cannot wait for the weekend to be over! Ironically, the bus ride is one of the things she is most excited about experiencing. I'll have to pick her up in the afternoons to get to her extracurricular activities on time, but she's looking forward to riding the bus in the mornings. In addition to the talent show and recorders, the fourth graders have THREE (!!) field trips scheduled in the next two weeks plus an upc
  11. I've been so on the fence about this (and dd keeps going back and forth as well), but think we've decided to go for it. I'm going to drop off her registration papers tomorrow and she'll start on Monday. Years ago when I was having a hard time making a decision with whether or not to send her to preschool/kindergarten a homeschooling friend gave me some advice that really resonated, and thanks to her advice we decided to keep her home. I had taken my older son out of a private school we really couldn't afford in order to homeschool him, but I thought that I owed dd the chance to go there for
  12. Thanks for all of your input. Some of you have given me issues to consider that hadn't occurred to me. (We were out of town for a few days after my original post.) The one thing that gives me some pause is the issue of school funding and knowing that it is past the time of year for which they school would get any reimbursement for an extra student. That is definitely something to think about. That is really the only real concern I would have in our situation. Otherwise I'm not worried about any social or academic adjustments that my daughter would have to make, nor am I worried about her c
  13. I really am not ready to be done homeschooling her, and she knows this, so we've made it pretty clear that this is a 9-week activity, just like any other class or extracurricular she has signed up for that only lasts for X weeks and then is done. She did say that if she really likes it that she will be inspired to work hard to complete her homeschooling math and writing curricula by spring break again next year, and then once again go just for the final quarter. In our state it is up to the discretion of the superintendent of each individual school district, and our district absolute
  14. My 10 year old has pretty much gotten through most of her curricula for the year, most of her classes have finished their current session and I haven't signed her up for the next session yet, and she's curious about school. She wants to still be a homeschooler, but is also VERY curious about school. Our state just finished their standardized testing and is about to start the final 9 week grading period. We took a tour where she got to meet many of the teachers, the principal seemed very kind, and my dd was super psyched that the 4th graders are *just* starting the recorder/flutophone AND that
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