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  1. I'm looking for some resources for books arranged in order of historical topics. Something like All through the Ages. Are there any other options either online or in a book?
  2. We are doing Mystery Science this year and loving it. Is there any curriculum similar when we've done all their lessons? We love the video lessons and how it is played out step by step.
  3. I love the looks of Sonlight with the big pile of read alouds, but I want to do a chronological study of history with my 4th, 5th and 6th grader. Any ideas of for a curriculum like Sonlight but chronological?
  4. Thanks for the ideas! I'll check those out. As to the type of memory work-just in general what they should memorize from the different subjects such as math, history dates/facts, spelling rules, etc. All in one easy resource that we can do as a family. We do scripture, hymns, and poems already.
  5. Are there any resources for memory work that are similar to Classical Conversations? We dont live near a group and if I understand correctly you cant just by it?
  6. I'm looking for a writing curriculum for my 3rd, 4th, and 5th grader. I think IEW looks like a good fit as they dont know how to even begin putting words on the paper when I ask them for creative writing. But I would prefer something much simpler to use and preferably more independent. Any ideas?
  7. We've been using xtra math for a few years now. Does anyone have an idea for an alternative that would be more fun?
  8. Do you recommend to get the teachers manual also?
  9. I am looking for ideas for more independent spelling for my 3rd and 4th grader who fisnished level 3 of A AS 3.
  10. I am looking for options for preplanned morning time plans. Thank you!
  11. Thanks for all of the advice. We are coming from Righstart and All About Spelling. I'm probably looking too much in the opposite direction now, but I have a kindergartener starting next year who will need hands on.
  12. I am looking for independent curriculum for math, language arts,and Bible for these grades. History and science will be done as a family or coop. Something that I dont have to teach much or very little. More supervise and answer questions if needed. Teaching Textbooks was one option for math. Also they need to be offline options as we don't have the best internet service. Any ideas to add to my list?
  13. Are there any good sales on legos anywhere?
  14. My daughter is eight and also a fast reader. For her assigned reading for school I take turns with her by paragraphs reading aloud.
  15. I was hoping I could find a reasonably priced laser jet Printer on a black Friday Sale? Does any know of a good brand or place to buy one?
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