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  1. I had a bad friend break up, and it made stuff like this really hard. Good for you for still going to your conference.
  2. My California sticker doesn’t look like sticker in the link.
  3. That’s so weird. I got my CA REAL id in August and I didn’t have to show my marriage certificate. I brought my passport though, maybe I didn’t have to have a marriage cert with a passport?
  4. Thanks for the input. He says his hand doesn’t hurt. I think his writing is ok, it’s not great, but it’s not terrible either. I sent a picture of him writing to several elementary teacher friends. One commented that he looks double jointed which is why his grip doesn’t hurt him. Another though his handwring looked good for a 5th grade boy. Sooo I’m just going to let it go. It was way more emotional drama to try and get him to change it.
  5. My dd started right before her 12th birthday. She was in the middle of Nutcracker rehearsals. She used pads for 1day, but had to use figure out tampons fast because of rehearsals. I bought her Tampax lites. They have a plastic applicator and are teeny. I explained how to insert one, showed her the directions and sent her into bathroom. It took her two tries and she figured it out no problem.
  6. YES!! I noticed that last night, she put the refrigerator waaaay over in a corner. I was so confused by that choice. It would drive me nuts!
  7. I recently realized that my 10 year old (11 next month), has a funky pencil grip. I know he hasn't been doing it forever, because I taught him the correct way and monitored it for several years. My best guess is that he started doing it in the past year. Instead of sliding his middle finger under the pencil and letting the pencil rest on the side of his finger, he puts the tip of his middle finger on the pencil. I've had kiddos with a weird grip before and had to get them to change it, but they were younger. He's not the neatest writer, but it's not bad for a 10 year old boy. He does get tired writing and doesn't have good writing stamina. I let him pick out some new pencil grips. Of course he's balking at the new grip and having to try something new, crying etc... How hard to I push him to hold a pencil correctly?
  8. California CSU’s can be a nightmare when it comes to out of state kids getting instate tuition. My sons girlfriend has lived here for 3 years and even took a year off college and SDSU still will not give her instate tuition.
  9. Hubs and I have been watching it lately. We laugh about how she literally opens up a wall and puts in an island every stinking time.
  10. That's good to know. I was actually considering adding on Bible. Do you know how much VeritasBible is per month?
  11. I was all set to buy Notgrass last week when I found Veritas Self-paced on sale. I bought it Monday. Hopefully the log in comes soon. I’m anxious to start it.
  12. I just bought Veritas Press Self-paced 1815-Present for $149. I think you can differ the start dates, but only until the end of October. Code is Fall100.
  13. My middle son works for a store here in San Diego called Quality Macs. They have good prices and do an excellent job of refurbishing computers. They sell them in the store and on EBay. They offer an inexpensive “extra” warranty as well. We have a desktop and two laptops from them. https://www.ebay.com/str/qualitymacs
  14. It’s already been mentioned but we LOVE Brains On and Smash Boom Best.
  15. I use the Go Noodle website with my homeschool classes. It’s free and super fun.
  16. Thanks for the suggestions OkBud. I read Landmark with my older kids and it was a real snoozer, but that version looks updated. I'll have to check out all of these before I pull the trigger on Notgrass.
  17. DUH! I can't believe I didn't think of Notgrass! I've literally been wracking my brain all week trying to come up with something other than a BJU or Abeka textbook. I haven't used Notgrass for any of my kids under high school, but I read that thread about it and it sounds perfect for what we need this year. Thank you thank you!!
  18. We have a hectic schedule this year. I know it's not idea, but I really need American History for a 5th grader, that's open and go. I'd like to find something without a lot of extra components that's pretty straight forward. Any suggestions?
  19. We are limited vaxxers, and this is not one I would skip for a student living on campus. Our pediatrician was very mellow with us limiting vaccines and he practically begged me to to the meningitis vaccine for my son as he was graduating high school. In fact my son’s college currently has a female student who tested positive for meningitis and was hospitalized. The entire sorority system was in a panic because she had rushed for several sororities. There were 5 hour long lines of students trying to get preventative antibiotics and the vaccine.
  20. My upcoming 5th grader needs to build up his handwriting stamina. He plays with legos, does crafts etc... He just needs more actual writing practice. We don’t start school until September 4. I just want to give them something to do to practice writing between now and then. I was thinking of having him copy short passages from a book or something. Any other ideas?
  21. Official flu season is Oct-May. That’s a long time to “not visit” a new baby. As long as she washes her hands and isn’t sick, I don’t see the big deal with her visiting.
  22. Thanks for the info! I wish I could find someone who would split the sale with me because I only need 1 class. Oh well, maybe they will do another sale soon.
  23. Has anyone used the Veritas Press self paced History? I'm looking at using 1815-present next year. They are on sale right now, buy two get $200 off!! Anyone interested in splitting the sale with me? We'd probably have to share log-in's but it would save us $100 each!
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