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  1. That's actually not a bad idea. The others could get the help they need while addressing the medical and educational needs of the child that needs VT. Although in our school district, if a child is suspected of needing VT, the district will pay for the child to be tested and will pay for the therapy. The parent still has to take the child there and do the homework ( about one hour per day). Caedmyn, I'm in the middle of dealing with some major educational with my husband (mental health issues caused by the lack of educational help). Things that should have been addressed when he was young, but for some reason his parents didn't push for more testing or more help. It's really truly terrible to be 45 and have just done educational and neuro testing to find out that you have a genius IQ but terribly low working memory and a few other related issues. My husband's whole life has been an educational let down, full of frustration and heartache because he didn't get the help he needed while in school. He just kept failing over and over again, with teachers and parents getting mad at him, telling him to study harder or just sending him out of the classroom etc... He needed an advocated someone to push for a full battery of educational and other testing to see where his struggles were and set him up with the therapy and meds he so desperately needed. It's so much easier to work on these things as an elementary/middle school kid than it is to be 45 years old and have to take 8 days off of work and pay $5,000 to see a dyslexia specialist that works with adults. Please get your kids the help they need now. Please, they will be someone's spouse one day, someone's dad or mom. If my husbands parents were alive, you'd bet I would have read them the riot act for NOT taking care of his needs as a child.
  2. I wanted to comment about Vision Therapy. My sister went though it as an older elementary kiddo. Two of my kids went through a VT program as well. It was truly life changing for my 2 kids. One kid had a 3 second lag time in her vision, every time she shifted her focus from distance to close up and vise versa. Her reading was a disaster. 12 weeks of VT and she was a different kid, it was incredible. It was very difficult to get it done though. It was expensive and time consuming and I had to get a babysitter every week (you weren’t allowed to bring other kids to VT). However, it was 100% worth it. I know you have a bunch of kids with struggles, but VT was worth it for us.
  3. Anyone have a suggestion for a good phone app that we can use on an old extra phone that doesn’t currently have service? I’d like my youngest to have a phone so he can call me if there’s an emergency while I’m out running errands, but I don’t want to add a whole new phone plan for him.
  4. I’m going to be that friend next year. I’m already planning for it. I’ve been homeschooling since 2001. I’ve already graduated 2 kids after this year, 3. I’m tired, lol and I don’t want to homeschool another through high school. So my last kiddo is going to a traditional school next year. I won’t crow that it’s the best, though it will be the best for me, haha.
  5. Granted this was a long time ago, but when I was in college, most of my friends were from church. None of us drank. After college, my husband was in Bible College and and an intern pastor. He wasn't allowed to drink, at least not in public. When he was a licensed pastor, we weren't allowed to drink at all. We both signed a statement with the denomination saying we wouldn't. I know not all the pastors and wives took it seriously but nearly all did. Is there a seminary near you? Maybe she could try going to a Bible study there? t
  6. After an utterly ridiculous discussion on a local mom Facebook group about tampon usage, I have learned that many mothers do not give their daughters enough information about their bodies. It was really eye opening that a few mothers, even as young as those in their 20's, think that inserting something (tampon, cup) into your v****a, is inappropriate if you haven't had TeA yet. I was truly dumbfounded. Anyway...It made me think about my own daughter (nearly 18) and wonder if I've missed anything in informing her about her body. So now I'm on the hunt for a good book about women's health. I'm not looking for a book that includes social issues, if that makes sense, I just want women's health information. Just curious if anyone here has a recommendation for a good one.
  7. Do your high schools not have gym uniforms anymore? The high schools near us still have dopey uniforms, no short shorts for anyone, lol!
  8. That looks like a really good resource, thank you! I never even considered having her take a CLEP test. She's not 100% sure what college she's going to go to, but our local college is SDSU, which will probably be a big contender for her. They don't accept CLEP credits for American Government, bummer!!
  9. I'm looking for some recommendations for Government curriculum for my 12th grader. I've used Notgrass Exploring Government with another of my kids. It was okay, but not great imo. I've looked at Thinkwell. Any other suggestions?
  10. Thanks for the insight. She comes home today from a trip, so I’ll ask her if she has a preference, but I’m leaning towards Chromebook. Her school doesn’t have a requirement and we have a large screen desktop with the whole Adobe suite, and Office suite.
  11. I need to buy our daughter a new computer for school this year. Last year she was able to check out a Chromebook from our homeschool program. But this year she'll need her own. She's a senior in high school, and taking community college classes. Next year she will be going to college and majoring in either studio art, art history or art education. I was going to buy her a Chromebook, that's what she used last year and had no issues with it, it fit her needs just fine. But when I was looking at Chromebooks at Costco, the guy showed me a Lenovo laptop that was on sale for only $150 more. I'm wracking my brain to try and decide what would work better for her. Any reason why a college kid might need a lower end laptop vs a Chromebook? Thoughts?
  12. Did the control spot red red and itchy? You should have had at least one spot that was red and itchy, the “control” spot. That’s how you know the test was run correctly. Also did you stay off all allergy meds for 2 weeks before the test? If you didn’t, that would definitely affect it.
  13. It was truly a miracle for our daughter. I'd be happy to talk with you about it, if you want more info, either by pm or a new post...
  14. I have to keep this in mind. However I struggle with this because to him, every piece of paper is special, every rock, every book, every stick.. you get the idea. His room is a pit because of his reluctance to get rid of anything.
  15. Really? Arg! That's not helping haha. What do you wish you had kept?
  16. My youngest will be 12 in 3 months (oldest is 23). I still have so much little kid stuff around the house, tucked away in my youngest child's room, in closets etc... I want to keep some of it, but it's still so much stuff, picture books, toys etc.... He struggles with getting rid of things, and his room looks like a bomb went off inside it, lol! We don't have junky toys, but really nice things and I want to save some of it for my grandchildren, but it's so hard to decide what and how much to save. For example I have 2 huge plastic tubs of Thomas trains. I don't want to get rid of it, nor does he, but he doesn't need that in his closet. just need to really clean his room out, but he cries every time because "everything is special"....Ugh...
  17. This is exactly my daughter's story!!! She is 17 and was a dancer practically from the time she could walk. She got more serious about ballet at about age 7. She danced her final Nutcracker 3 years ago and was in so much pain. She was diagnosed with a small labral tear was well.They said her tear was too small for surgery but it caused her terrible pain to the point that she couldn't even stand in line in the store. She was also diagnosed with a "slight under covering of the femoral head" meaning, slight hip dysplasia. They only suggestion they would give us for the pain was a cortisol shot, which we opted not to do for various reasons. We ended up doing PRP on her hip, they took her blood, spun out the platelets and injected them into her hip. Within a few weeks she was nearly pain free. She's back to dancing, but she's taking an adult class that is way less intense. OP I'm so sorry no one listened to you about your daughter. I really wish someone had caught my dd's issues earlier as well. It would have saved us so much heartache.
  18. That's an interesting point. I'm fine with less rigor. It seems to be fully parent directed though... DO you feel like your student can complete it independently?
  19. Wow, this is almost exactly how my husband describes himself. I've never heard anyone else use almost the exact same verbage. He says that he can't stop the movies, they just keep playing all day and night. He was given an ADHD diagnosis many years ago but we were unable to find a med that worked for him. He's currently doing a barrage of testing again, with a new neuro psych who seems like she will be much better equipped to give him meds. This is super encouraging.
  20. Anyone used IEW Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons? I haven't used IEW in ages, probably 8ish years. It didn't go over very well with my daughter, so we only used it for a few months. I think it would be a good fit for my upcoming 6th grader. Just curious if I really have to buy the IEW videos to use it, or can I wing it with 18 years of homeschooling knowledge behind me hahaha. Also, do you feel the need to supplement with grammar or is there enough in it? My 6th grader is a also taking a farm school class one day a week that will incorporate some writing, so I don't need a super heavy writing program, just a little extra. Edit- I just saw another post essentially asking the same thing about the DVD's... so I'm going to read through those responses. So I guess my questions is about grammar, what grammar does everyone use with this? I looked at the Fix-It books, but I don't think that's a good fit for him...
  21. What part of So Cal? There are tons of city specific groups on FB. I already have access to my kids funds and can place orders, and they are new this year. I just registered my son 1.5 weeks ago. If you want to go with Inspire, enroll right away. They are changing rules and will no longer be allowing orders for season passes after July 31. After Aug 1 you can only use funds for tickets, no passes.
  22. We’ve been with Inspire before, and I’m moving my kids back there for the upcoming school year. They are pretty easy to deal with. I have a friend with Sage Oak, and from what she says they are a little bit tighter with what you can purchase with funds. I’ve heard great things about iLead. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of those 3.
  23. Curious if anyone has done the Dr,. Amen online ADD class? Just wondering if it would be anything new that we don't already know...
  24. Been following this thread since Thursday. Super curious to hear how it turned out.
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