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  1. I don't post on this board often (though I read a lot). I posted today about having trouble with my 7th grader. Then I came here and did some reading. I cried when I read the posts about dysgraphia. It sounded so much like my son. So I spent several hours researching dysgraphia, and I'm nealy 100% sure that's what going on with him. I'm no stranger to kids with learing issues. My oldest had an auditory processing disorder for which we did a year of neurodevelopmental therapy, (with amazing sucess). We did 16 weeks of VT for my daughter last year. She's reading so much better. But now I feel awful for my 2nd son, Blake. I've been all over him this year, trying to get him to write neater and trying to get him stop forgetting to capitalize, punctuate and spell properly. He always writes huge when he starts, then runs out of space and crams words into the margins. He writes sentences that don't make sense, and omits words. When he goes back and reads what he wrote he sees his mistakes, but he doesn't see it the first time. I just thought he was being lazy :crying: We had him evaluated by the VT who did my dd's therapy a few months ago. This Dr did my little sisters VT many years ago, he's brilliant and I totally trust him. Blake scored very well on most of the VT tests, but on one or two he had wierd results. The Dr. hesitated to recommend therapy, because he scored so well in most areas. He wasn't sure if VT was really what Blake needed. We opted to wait, but now I'm wishing we had at least tried. I meet with out facilitator teacher for our charter homeschool program this week. She's actually the school's psycologist, so I'm hoping she knows about dysgraphia. If she doesn't, do I call the pediatrician and try to get a referral for an evaluation? I have no idea what to do.
  2. I think I may have found my own answer. I've been reading in the special needs forum. Dysgraphia. Oh that sounds like Blake to a "T". :001_unsure:
  3. My dd did 16 weeks of VT. It was the best money we ever spent. She went from a reluctant frustrated reader, to the sneaky read with a flashlight in her bed kind of reader in a few short months. Our therapy was 100 per session, expensive but worth it!
  4. He's actually really good about staying on task. He just turns in sloppy work, terribly sloppy work and it's getting worse. He's careless and will forget to answer questions in complete sentences, use periods and proper capitalization. If he runs out of room to write answers, (because he wrote way too big), he will write all smashed up in the margin. I make him re-do the worst of it, but I don't usually get to grading everything each day and so he ends up with a hug pile to re-do. Then I feel bad for him and make him only redo the worst of it, which probably doesn't help him at all ((sigh))
  5. I'm really struggling with my 7th grader. When my oldest was 7th grade, he was well on his way to working independently most of the day. But when I let Blake be more independent, he turns in sloppy, incorrect work. I feel like I shouldn't have to be so on top of him, but maybe I do. So can anyone talk to me about your 7th grader, and how much you let them do on their own, where they do their work, etc...
  6. I should have mentioned that I am not planning to homeschool him for high school. It has always been our plan to send our kids to traditional school for high school. My 15 year old is no longer homeschooling. So it really does matter what level he's working at, and what grade he is etc...
  7. Has anyone ever held an older kid back a grade level? We use a public charter school to homeschool. I just got the STAR test results (California state test that all public school kids take), back for my 12 year old (almost) 7th grader. This is last school years test, from when we was in 6th grade. He scored in the below basic area for Math and English. It doesn't surprise me, he's a space cadet when it comes to school. I compared this years scores to last years scores, and his English scores dropped from basic to below basic, his math scores went up a tiny bit, (but he's still scored in below basic.) I couldn't sleep at all last night, worried and wondering what to do. We aren't lazy homeschoolers, we work hard. But the last few years his work has been barely passable. His handwriting has gotten way worse than when he was younger. He writes sentences that don't make sense, and tries to tell me they do. etc....He's super immature compared to the other almost 7th graders, and always seems to get along better with younger boys. So many of my gf's held their summer birthday kids back from Kindergarten 1 year. He's 12 and starting 7th grade this year. Many of our homeschooling friends kids, were 13 in 7th grade. Would it be awful if I help him back and had him repeat 6th grade? I don't know if I even can, with the public school charter school we use. I guess I need to ask my facilitator. We are really active in our church, and my ds in youth group. It might be really hard for him to be 6th grade again. Then there's the classes he takes at the learning center, 6th grade is separated from 7th and 8th. It would be really obvious if I had him repeat 6th grade, ((sigh)) I just don't know what to do.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Have you used any of Critical Thinking's cd's? I looked at the website, and saw them. I wonder if those might help him...
  9. I need some logic suggestions for logic for my 12 year old. He's a great kid, but a total space cadet, when it comes to a lot of things. I used Thinking Tool Box for my older DS at 12, but BZ doesn't seem ready for it. I think it will go straight over his head. Any other suggestions?
  10. THE BJU 7th grade class is fantastic. My oldest did it several years ago. It was hard, I let him take the tests open book. But he learned a ton!
  11. your child's age/grade 9, 11, and 15 (grades 4, 7 and 10) teacher's qualifications (degree, etc.)music degree Lesson length 30 min Lesson frequency once a week Monthly cost $ 80.00 per child Region where you live So. California She comes to our house, which is wonderful!
  12. We are finishing up Primary Math 6. What do we do next? All the secondary levels are super confusing, even after reading the explanations of the Singapore site. Any suggestions? What did you do for math 7 after Primary Math 6, New Elementary Math, New Syllabus Math, or Discovering Math?
  13. We started using Bob Jones when the satellite was an option. It was wonderful being able to pick and choose what classes your kids would take. In elementary mine always did Spelling and English. The classes were short and fun. It was super helpful to be freed to help another kid, knowing that they were still learning. I wouldn't have mine do all the classes, but the curriculum was wonderful, so I never minded teaching it myself, and having them take 2 classes on the DVD's
  14. We just finished 16 weeks of VT. While I wouldn't knock myself out to do really complicated history and science, I'd definitely keep up the 3r's. How long is your VT homework? Ours was only 30 minutes per day, occasionally it went to 40 minutes.
  15. In California we have homeschool public charter school programs. It's a charter school, but you are homeschooling. They allow you a certain ammount of money to spend on curriculum, classes, field trips etc.. per year.
  16. Thanks so much! Actually we can order from more than Rainbow, that's just the only place I order from so I have no idea about who else we can order from. I guess I should check into that. I did tell her she could request a new EF. It sounds like this guy is going to be nothing but a PITB.
  17. We are doing the same Apologia book. My kids are loving it so far. I'll have to join that Yahoo group and check out that book list!
  18. I too thaought I had everything together, but realize I forgot a few key things! Darn!
  19. Gosh I can't even remember the name now, it's that Spelling Program that's on cd that Veritas Press sells. My kids hated it, and no one learned how to spell, LOL!
  20. I have a friend who is just starting homeschooling her 3rd and 5th grade girls. She is with the same charter school I am with, but her facililitator is zero help to her. He is supposed to help her choose curriculum etc.. But he literally dropped CA state textbooks off with her and told her that their education her her responsibility, which is true, but she really needed help choosing curriculum. Sooo anyway, we are allotted certain amount of money for curriculum that the school will buy for us. They will pretty much buy anything from Rainbow Reource that's *not religious*. I need some ideas for her, most of what I use is religious and pay for it myself. Can someone help me come up with a plan for her that will work for a new homeschooler, who doesn't want to load her kids up with work but doesn't want to be an unschooler either? Her girls are 3rd and 5th. TIA!
  21. Can anyone suggest a good blank timeline? I want an actual line, not a chart. Thanks!
  22. We've been using them for a while, and while I like the energy savings, they are a PITB! Ours are constantly burning out, so much for "they last for 5 years" HA!
  23. I'm in the same boat, using SOTW 4 this year! I'd love to see what you ladies put together. It would be great to not have to create it all myself :001_smile:
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