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My DD needs some prayers...


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My last semester of senior year was weird.  All my classes had papers, no tests.  I managed to defer the deadlines of all the papers.  I walked at graduation without a single paper passed in (they only hand out diploma covers; the actual diplomas are mailed later).  Then I spent the month of July in my apartment alone banging out the papers.  My roommate spilled a Coke on my electronic typewriter and it gave up the ghost halfway through and I hand-wrote half of them. And I ended up getting the highest GPA of any semester I'd done before.  But, y'know, it could've gone the other way...  I have no idea what I was thinking.  

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Praying for her, Diana, and for you too, because I can see you're very worried about her! :grouphug:

I am so worried. I saw her over the weekend. She seemed ok considering all the things that happened the week before that had nothing to do with class (an assist in her dorm and lots of police activity). She's always stressed, that just added on. I'm going to talk to her about seeing someone for anxiety, but I was going to wait until she was done.


This is my day off. The next weekend I take off will be for her brother's graduation. So I can't just go back. But she's​ texting me very negative thoughts about herself today. So I'm coaching her about getting through each day and not getting overwhelmed. It's hard to parent by text.


Dh thinks she's at the wrong school. I told her not to worry about going back now, even though bc she signed a lease. We'll just figure it out when she is home after exams.

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First year can be trying. I'll pray for her.


Oops, I misread and thought it was her last year, not first, so my comment upthread is not on topic...!    :blushing:


First year can also be tough.  One of my dds in her first year is doing well enough, but she hasn't felt like she fits in there, so applied to transfer.  She got in, and was very excited, but is now second-guessing.  She's also second-guessing the summer program she's been planning to go on. Emotional roller-coaster.  Hope your dd finishes up well and has a relaxing and rejuvenating summer.

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