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One Click to Make a Difference? Begging for Clicks. Please


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Begging for clicks. A remarkable young woman with an awesome project. Please check this out and ONE simple Click can give her the votes she needs to do this cool project!



This young woman is an active volunteer in our local West Virginia watershed issues, working with kids (including mine), volunteering tons, and making all sorts of positive impacts in our community. 


She's proposing to paddle 8 WV rivers this summer, and is competing for clicks to win a $5000 sponsorship - which she is going to donate nearly entirely to watershed projects in each of the river regions, only holding out $1000 for a GoPro, a canoe paddle, and travel expenses. Really an awesome girl. 



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Stephanie, how long will people be able to click on the link? If you let us know, we can keep bumping the thread for more clicks.


Also, can we click more than once and have our extra clicks count?


I believe that these clicks should help until April 17. On the 17th, they'll pick 10 finalists, so if she makes it to that finalist stage, then there'll be voting again (through the 30th), and I'll post again -- as presumably there will be a voting reset then -- if that happens. 


Thank you so much for your help! Bumping and clicking is greatly appreciated!! 

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