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  1. Haven't read other responses, but I'd bring it to my dry-cleaner and have them sew on straps. If there's enough fabric at the hem, very thin strips can be cut to make straps that match the dress perfectly!
  2. :bigear: I have a similar problem with ds. Unless we have a planned activity outside the house, which he willingly joins, he's glued to his computer. Seems like a common theme with this age group, though that's not to say it's normal.
  3. A similar thing happened in a class I'm taking at a community college... The professor was illustrating a point using 9/11 as an example, then she realized most of the class was less than five years old when it happened. In 2001, I had just given birth to my first dd, so most of my classmates, it seems, are my are kids' age... :glare:
  4. I heard Aerosmith playing on the "oldies" station the other day....
  5. Thanks, I did mean Sunday. And I've got to bring my twins with me! :eek:
  6. Ugh, please don't remind me! I have an 8:15 meeting an hour away.. so it'll really be 7:15, which means I need to leave at 6:00, so I've got to get up at 5:00??!!?? On a Saturday! I am not a morning person!
  7. In my area $25 per hour is the going rate for a housekeeper. If I had to guess I'd say at least half are illegal. Well, the good ones, anyway. :o
  8. I'm sorry! :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  9. I routinely use coffee ice cream in my coffee, and I drink it with a spoon. First, scoop a tiny bit of ice cream onto the spoon, then fill the spoon with hot coffee and eat/drink. Yum! I love the contrast of hot and cold in one mouthful.
  10. We pay our housekeeper $20 per visit to stop in and let the dogs out for an our. She comes three times per day, so $60 per day. I also round up and add extra $ to the total amount.
  11. No, I don't use any dividers or labels and I'm not sure why I'd need them. I guess I just know where everything is. I don't mean every single book, but I can quickly and easily search the shelf within a particular category for whatever I might need. If you organize the books yourself, won't you know by looking on a particular shelf and reading the spines that it's the History section, for example? Plus, I would hate the way stickers or dividers would ruin the "look" of the bookshelf.
  12. Yes, group on shelves. For non-fiction I group by subject matter. History, science, religious, self-help, etc.. Fiction loosely by reading level. Though Historical Fiction is somewhat all together. I have 4 bookshelves against one wall (3 Billys side by side with the fourth separated by a door). My leather bound Great Books Collection lives on the top shelves with any other antique or collector's pieces. Bottom shelves are the tallest and house Science books, Encyclopedias, and other large books. In between is everything I described above. Math books have their own cabinet under the china cabinet in the family room. Kids also have tons of books in their bedrooms which they organize any way they want.
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