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  1. Haven't read other responses, but I'd bring it to my dry-cleaner and have them sew on straps. If there's enough fabric at the hem, very thin strips can be cut to make straps that match the dress perfectly!
  2. :bigear: I have a similar problem with ds. Unless we have a planned activity outside the house, which he willingly joins, he's glued to his computer. Seems like a common theme with this age group, though that's not to say it's normal.
  3. A similar thing happened in a class I'm taking at a community college... The professor was illustrating a point using 9/11 as an example, then she realized most of the class was less than five years old when it happened. In 2001, I had just given birth to my first dd, so most of my classmates, it seems, are my are kids' age... :glare:
  4. I heard Aerosmith playing on the "oldies" station the other day....
  5. Thanks, I did mean Sunday. And I've got to bring my twins with me! :eek:
  6. Ugh, please don't remind me! I have an 8:15 meeting an hour away.. so it'll really be 7:15, which means I need to leave at 6:00, so I've got to get up at 5:00??!!?? On a Saturday! I am not a morning person!
  7. I'm sorry! :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  8. I routinely use coffee ice cream in my coffee, and I drink it with a spoon. First, scoop a tiny bit of ice cream onto the spoon, then fill the spoon with hot coffee and eat/drink. Yum! I love the contrast of hot and cold in one mouthful.
  9. We pay our housekeeper $20 per visit to stop in and let the dogs out for an our. She comes three times per day, so $60 per day. I also round up and add extra $ to the total amount.
  10. When I did watch TV years ago it was: Seinfeld Friends Frasier Golden Girls Cheers
  11. Amen. I wish I had know all that from the beginning too. :( ETA: I thought of one: I wish I had known to be more compassionate, understanding, and light, instead of always trying to instill a life lesson or manners, or the "correct" way to do/say things. I wish I had given my kids more grace. For example, I recently learned that if I take my teen to Starbucks for an iced tea, or if I surprise her by getting it while I'm out and bring it home, she's so happy and thankful that her most dreaded schoolwork gets done a bit faster and with much less complaining. Whereas before I would h
  12. Dizziness alone is a good enough reason to rest in bed!
  13. A small potted tree in a corner? Hanging plants or plants on shelves?
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