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  1. After getting his Spring test dates cancelled, being violently ill for his June test date.. he finally got to sit for the July test. We were concerned because he graduated in June and if he were going to have to retake it in September due to too low of a score then it could really put college plans off (which Covid has already messed with). This is my dyslexic/ADHD kid, could barely read until he was 10, struggled for years after, still does. We pulled him out of P.S. in 1st grade when the teacher suggested he needed to go to remedial classes because he couldn't pay attention, struggled with the simplest of directions. He's super smart but we call him "turtle" for a reason, slow to do everything. He got a 26 composite. I cried. His reading score was 27 y'all. I am absolutely amazed. It makes all the long hours of dragging him along the learning "road" and all the worry and fear that we were making a mistake HSing all the way through high school and that we'd failed him. He's never taken a standardized test before, never really did tests at home either. Lots of self led learning the last few years. I'm just so happy and relieved I could cry.
  2. I've tried several different things but I am soooo not good at following rules or keeping track of stuff. Weight watchers helped me lose about 5 ( I gained it back) pounds by just paying attention but I can't keep up with the counting points stuff. I'm also not good at denying myself a cookie occasionally so most of the others won't work. Instead what has worked (down 15 pounds) is most of the time I eat chicken, rice, and veggies with various spices. I eat pretty much as much as I want of this because its 50-75% veggies and very little fat added in. I can still have a cookie, just did actually, but it's rare. I don't eat out unless it's absolutely necessary, like we're ate out for the whole time we were in New Orleans and Florida. I still try to maker better choices. Salads, plain chicken, beans and rice, (I only ate 2 beignets). This isn't all that different then the way I already ate. I just cut way back on the meat and sauces and potatoes. It's easy for me, I like what I'm eating and I can usually still cook for the family.... I have 1 vegan child, 1 meat lover, and DH who is almost vegetarian.
  3. The Midwest is fairly conservative, the main reasons I wish we could move, but I have mild asthma and the humidity here is oppressive sometimes. Indiana to TN have all been a problem. Kansas wasn't bad in the Summer but I didn't stay for the Winter. NC near the coast was not too bad, at least I didn't feel like I did back in Indiana, like a fish out of water sometimes.
  4. Last night for dinner I made cheesy potatoes, not much different than poutine. It's not junk food, it's just not "good for you food" lol.
  5. OMG, you are so right about the Aldi gluten free onions. I so-so like other brands but those things are amazing. I eat them on chicken curry, salads, and I even had a greek pasta salad I tossed some on the other day. We usually have at least 1 back up can just in case Aldi is out.
  6. I think I live in a high COL but comparatively to the rest of the US it's actually average. I feed 2 adults and 2 who eat more than adults, a.k.a. teens. My budget is 800-900 but I probably spend closer to $1000. We like to eat well. It includes everything but since I don't really keep track any more* I could be way under guessing how much I really spend. *We have finally hit the big time, which is when I don't have to count every penny and the bills all get paid.... also known as my happy place/nirvana.
  7. I have regular hot flashes, we have excellent central air and tons of fans but they still don't cut it some days. I'm tepted to go browse the local liquor stores 40 degree beer cave daily.
  8. I regularly encourage my children to look for careers that give them the opportunity to travel and just take time off. my oldest is an AuPair in Paris, she did internships and mission work in Africa and South America. The second oldest is living with her grandma while she and her husband go to school full time so they can afford to travel (we just got back from New Orleans and Navarre). Youngest wants to join the Peace Corps (if her health allows) or do some kind of humanitarian work ANYWHERE but here. DS seems to be the only traditionalist. He wants to go to College, get a good job, take some nice vacations, meet a girl, buy a house, and settle down.
  9. I hope everyone doesn't mind but I'm going to bump this, I really HAVE to buy this and I REALLY REALLY want it at the 45% off. So HSBC for Math, Science, and a couple Social Science courses.
  10. DS is like your's (the bold part). Stealth dyslexia that shows up on testing but not as dyslexia. All they will commit to is "general learning disability" and say he needs to practice more.?. So no probably no accommodations. He's taken a couple practice tests but has never actually finished a test, slow reader. We need to get back to it definitely but this past year has been difficult in so many ways that school and some future testing has not been a priority at least not like it should. We'll be working through the Summer to make up for it and hopefully I can get him to take the ACT seriously. It does have to be ACT to qualify for scholarships so no "tips and tricks" but also no essay which is a really good thing. Thanks every one for the advice/help, much appreciated.
  11. r word would be for someone who was mentally challenged but was usually applied to inanimate objects or really asinine rules. We were still using it in the 80's but it went out somewhere in the 90's thankfully.
  12. Ok, what if you weren't worried about early applications? DS will be going, at least his first year or two, to a community college. It's free here in TN. All they require is a particular score, 21, and he's admitted. Would you still do it early Junior year? Especially if he's dyslexic and has trouble with test taking? I probably won't be able to get him to take it more than once maybe twice if he bombs the first time.
  13. Thinkwell will be on sale, up to 45% off, May 14th to the 16th. I need the next level for DD so help a boardie out and buy so the price goes down. FYI, you don't have to start the course right away, I think you have a year to start it and then another year to finish is. ETA:sale at homeschool buyers co-op
  14. I get this. DH grew up comfortable. They lived on a big piece of land with a nice house, new cars and eventually millions in the bank. I grew up so poor that... well I still try to hoard food (I NEED a pantry as big as a bedroom). We are FINALLY at a point where DH feels comfortable, I feel like we've hit the freaking lottery. It's weird. As for the poll I wasn't sure how to answer. I've lived all over the Eastern 1/2 of the US. I'm from a part of Indiana that would never be called a plains state and is nothing like the Great Lakes area (we, uh, make fun of "those" people, sorry). I currently live in TN but it's Nashville area and except for a few small things doesn't feel like the South at all, but I picked it anyway.
  15. Yep we have it all but I've never had a reaction to it and I know I've come in contact with it tons of times. My sister on the other hand just has to look at it (it seems) and she's covered . Grass on the other hand makes me look like I have a really bad sunburn blisters and all.
  16. My mom had to have a lymph node removed, it was skin cancer that had spread to her lymphatic system. She said that, at least in her case, it wasn't painful or tender just hard. Luckily it was only in the one lymph node, they took out 28 of them to test. Same for my dad's late wife. Not overly painful but she didn't see a doctor until it had spread to other organs. Where as my lymph nodes freaking ache when I get an infection.
  17. I've known tons of people who have had lumps (usually swollen lymph nodes). Between my 2 sister, DD, and I we've had them dozens of times our lifetime. Out of all these only twice has it turned out to be something more than infection. Both those times it was a slow growing lump that my mom had taken care of right away (yes cancer but she's been in remission 14+ years) and my step mother, who did not go to the doctor until it was to late. For DD she get's the sniffles or a tick bite and her lymph nodes swell up. Me it doesn't even require that, allergies, like a high pollen count and the lymph node under my arm gets huge. I treat with super hot shower spray directed at the lymph node for as long as I can stand. My sister uses dried beans in a sock heated in the microwave.
  18. I think you can buy yourself a gift membership.
  19. I had a friend who had children with her sister's ex.... the kids considered themselves just siblings/half siblings and the whole cousin issue was avoided.
  20. Yes Lol, this may be the first time I'm not the overprotective parent. We grew up with a trampoline and both my sister spent YEARS in gymnastics, so I'm very comfortable with them. My kids have been bouncing on a trampoline since before they could walk. BUT, they listen and are really cautious by nature so going overboard has never been a big issue.
  21. No to all the above, at least for me. A balanced diet with good healthy carbs, lean meats, a reasonable amount of healthy fats, LOTS of veggies and fruits. minimal sugar, little to no processed foods. I am almost off my meds and the closer I stay to those guidelines the closer i am to quitting the pharmaceuticals for good. I also can't give up meat entirely ( I really tried, cause meat is gross). So I eat beef 2 maybe 3 times a month. chicken 2-3 times a week, fish seafood whenever the mood strikes. Milk is my weakness so I drink skim. I used to think 2% was watery but I scaled down the fat, 2% for awhile, then 1%, then 1/2 1% half skim, now 2% tastes like half and half to me. Carbs- I switched to the high protein or veggie pasta (whole grain pasta makes life not worth living). I only eat it 1 time per week. Otherwise I eat rice. I found that I really love ethnic foods that don't use white flours and processed carbs. I put veggies in everything. I mean if I'm going to make chicken and rice I search the fridge for veggies that can go in and I put a little of each in it. Peas, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, onions, broccoli. I have invested in spices. i have at least 40 different ones.
  22. DH bought me a Cricut Maker so I've been busy playing with it.
  23. I'If a tea towel, or anything else, dropped on the floor I would pick it up the moment I saw it and I see pretty much everything (but I'm a bit of an oddity I think?). DH might but only if he noticed it and the kids "might" but only if they dropped it.... maybe. If you're asking where it goes AFTER it is dropped... DH and kids would likely put it back on conter. I would also IF I had recently cleaned the floor or it was a dry tea towel not expected to be used for dishes. Otherwise (dirty floor, it's wet etc.... ) I probably grumble and put it in the dirty bin.
  24. We told the kids they have to pay for their own insurance, about $150 for DS. He'll be 17 in July and pretty much refuses to get his permit ( no insurance hike for permit only) because he doesn't want to pay the $$. I told him when he turns 18 I'm going to stop driving him places. He's a.... cheapskate, and hates to pay for things, does great at saving though. I think he's hoping to hold out for a partial payment from us, and if we had the extra $$ i would have caved by now.
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