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  1. Haven't read other responses, but I'd bring it to my dry-cleaner and have them sew on straps. If there's enough fabric at the hem, very thin strips can be cut to make straps that match the dress perfectly!
  2. :bigear: I have a similar problem with ds. Unless we have a planned activity outside the house, which he willingly joins, he's glued to his computer. Seems like a common theme with this age group, though that's not to say it's normal.
  3. A similar thing happened in a class I'm taking at a community college... The professor was illustrating a point using 9/11 as an example, then she realized most of the class was less than five years old when it happened. In 2001, I had just given birth to my first dd, so most of my classmates, it seems, are my are kids' age... :glare:
  4. I heard Aerosmith playing on the "oldies" station the other day....
  5. Thanks, I did mean Sunday. And I've got to bring my twins with me! :eek:
  6. Ugh, please don't remind me! I have an 8:15 meeting an hour away.. so it'll really be 7:15, which means I need to leave at 6:00, so I've got to get up at 5:00??!!?? On a Saturday! I am not a morning person!
  7. I'm sorry! :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  8. I routinely use coffee ice cream in my coffee, and I drink it with a spoon. First, scoop a tiny bit of ice cream onto the spoon, then fill the spoon with hot coffee and eat/drink. Yum! I love the contrast of hot and cold in one mouthful.
  9. We pay our housekeeper $20 per visit to stop in and let the dogs out for an our. She comes three times per day, so $60 per day. I also round up and add extra $ to the total amount.
  10. When I did watch TV years ago it was: Seinfeld Friends Frasier Golden Girls Cheers
  11. Amen. I wish I had know all that from the beginning too. :( ETA: I thought of one: I wish I had known to be more compassionate, understanding, and light, instead of always trying to instill a life lesson or manners, or the "correct" way to do/say things. I wish I had given my kids more grace. For example, I recently learned that if I take my teen to Starbucks for an iced tea, or if I surprise her by getting it while I'm out and bring it home, she's so happy and thankful that her most dreaded schoolwork gets done a bit faster and with much less complaining. Whereas before I would have made her "earn" it. I'd insist that she finish all her math, without complaint, by a certain time, etc. and THEN I'd get her an iced tea. All the stipulations made her grumpy and didn't motivate her at all. I feel like I made a big deal out of things I could have let slide to boost the kids morale when they were younger. "Hey, we're all having a crummy day, let's go to the park after lunch!" instead of "If you don't finish your grammar, we won't have time to go to the park after lunch!" And I'm not a negative person, quite the opposite! But looking back, I guess I was too serious with regard to homeschooling.
  12. Dizziness alone is a good enough reason to rest in bed!
  13. A small potted tree in a corner? Hanging plants or plants on shelves?
  14. Well, technically, I was merely stating a fact of what happened. :p Yeah, I guess I was thinking whining means complaining, or posting vents / JAWMS. (Which I enjoy reading because they are frequently also my own frustrations.)
  15. :lol: She's got a great sense of humor!
  16. No. But I do come here to hear others whine! It helps me feel normal and like I'm not alone in dealing with whatever's being discussed / whined about. (Thank You to all the whiners :o :thumbup1: )
  17. Eh, a much better story is the time he overturned the kayak and caught the very large adult rat that was hiding underneath and how I screamed at him to drop it and then bludgeoned the rat with one of the kayak oars and sprayed blood across the front of my white tank top. :D
  18. I know I probably should, but if I call the vet, of course they'll say to bring him in... And thanks, it actually wasn't such a bad scene... just a fuzzy creature in a pile of white froth. :laugh:
  19. I know, I did feel sorry for the poor creature, but it was barely moving by the time I got to it.
  20. And it's ALIVE ! Squirming around in the driveway. I suspect he couldn't keep it down because it was probably moving around in his stomach. He's a 70lb. Hound / Lab mix, the rat about 3-4 inches long (not including the tail). Do I need to do anything for the dog?? I threw the rat in the woods and hosed off the driveway...
  21. Even without ADHD or being a young child, people accidentally lose things. I would replace it no problem, and remind ds yet again, to keep his bag zipped.
  22. Today, dh tossed several plastic storage containers that had been forever sitting unused in the back of a cabinet. I'm shocked! He's never willingly thrown anything away before. :laugh:
  23. I'm interested, I love to declutter! I spark joyed my house about 2 years ago so there isn't that much left for me to do. But with the warmer weather lately, this is what I've accomplished in the past two weeks: I gave away 8 or 9 bags of kids clothing and shoes to a friend whose kids are a bit younger than mine. Returned several articles of my recently purchased clothing I found "on sale." I don't need them! Decluttered some costume jewelry I've had for years... kept only nice, age-appropriate pieces. Organized hall closet: Took out everything that didn't belong there. Now it's only coats and shoes :) Organized/decluttered dh's side of the closet and hung everything I could that was previously folded. The kitchen cabinets are next. Also, papers... :willy_nilly: Books: Avoiding for now, pretending I don't see the piles forming around, on top of, and next to all the bookshelves... in every room...
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