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Local ball cap style

How do the kids where their ball caps in your area?  

  1. 1. How do the kids where their ball caps in your area?

    • I mostly see flat rimmed caps
    • I mostly see curved rim caps
    • I see a mix of both
    • I've never thought to pay attention to such a thing

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There aren't too many around here, but it's a little bit of both. The southern boys wear deep curve ball caps. I can't find a picture of it. Looks ridiculous. The flat cap doesn't bother me so much. That's more of a street look. I sound ridiculous trying to explain it.


Back to my hole.

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We see some of both around here.


The 'farmers' 'rednecks' wear curved and the 'city kids' wear flat.


All terms used loosely when you're talking my town LOL My town used to be a one horse town, but has grown and taken on more of the big city that's 30 miles north.


I don't like the flat look. Haven't for the 5+ years I've *really* noticed it. (I'm sure it's been popular longer than that..I've just always lived in 'slower' areas)


I grew up in mega farming community where super curled was the stuff. :p

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