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  1. I've lost about 85 pounds over the last year. While I started with low carb, I changed to moderate carb quickly so I wouldn't change weight back every time I ate some carbs. Honestly, I think every person is just different. Exercise has helped me the most. I started playing tennis and now I play a lot, even when it's 90 degrees or more.
  2. Well, I was kidding about the -marry doctors- part. I absolutely will encourage my children to pursue their passions. I won't encourage them to marry early. I don't have any issues with them living with significant others before marriage. I have encouraged them to surround themselves with driven, intelligent, and kind people. I'm probably a hopeless romantic about this, but I also know that we have their backs. We will help as much as possible.
  3. We gave the opposite advice. Two of my three sons are interested in careers in the arts. (It wouldn't surprise me if the other one ended up there too.) We have suggested that they marry later and marry doctors. 😂😂😂😂😂 They just laugh at us!
  4. Let her play! It's T-ball and it doesn't matter if she's good at it or not. Buy a tee and let her swing away at home. I would not discourage her interests, but I would definitely help her practice a little at home. You might see a huge difference this year. Honestly, one doesn't have to be great, or even good at something to enjoy it.
  5. My dh had surgery for a deviated septum and a turbinate reduction the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. He was fine to eat on Thanksgiving, and took pain meds for a couple of days. He worked from home the next Monday and Tuesday because of the packing in his nose. He had it removed Wednesday morning and went to work after that. I think he just hung out over the weekend and watched football. It was somewhat painful, but after two days of pain meds he was fine with Tylenol. I know there were some rules about lifting because we put up our Christmas tree later than usual. I think he couldn't climb up
  6. I'm so sorry. That's so difficult.
  7. Some of the smaller towns have much cheaper parking, but you get stuck in Penn Station if you miss your train. Several lines run through Newark. I don't know anything about Newark except the hotel and parking area, but I went with a friend and we took four of our kids and always felt safe. I wouldn't mind driving in the city on a Sunday either. The only Sunday traffic that is awful is getting stuck with people coming back to the city from the beach. - sorry I didn't put my thoughts in one post- it's late and I'm tired
  8. If you want to take the path, you can always go from Newark. The Hilton has a parking garage beside it and you can go through the hotel to get to the station. I think it's $10 roundtrip. I'm not sure how much daily parking is, but I think about $25ish.
  9. This is just a suggestion. Have your dd wear it and jump in the shower and get really wet, and then step out really wet and look in the mirror or have you look. I wore a sports bra under a rash guard and both fabrics were see through. I was so embarrassed. If that doesn't concern her, then don't worry about it. Just friendly advice from someone who went to the beach and didn't know until I saw the pictures.
  10. Ha! Ours is set on 70 for day and 66 at night. We will bump it up to 71/72 and 67/68 as it gets warmer.
  11. My next door neighbors are about to have a concert in their backyard. They will have lots of people, including several who will park on my front lawn. They will not care about how loud it will be, or how late they will continue playing. This is not an acoustic set. The guitars are warming up as I sit here with a stomach bug. They haven't done this in awhile, but it used to be a weekly adventure. They seem like really nice people. She is a Christian singer that seems to do well. Their kids seem very nice, but they are so loud. I can't figure out if they don't know, (we have told them a few
  12. Isn't your dd close to college age? I would go to Europe before she leaves home.
  13. I just read this entire zombie thread from 2013. Ugh!
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