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  1. I've lost about 85 pounds over the last year. While I started with low carb, I changed to moderate carb quickly so I wouldn't change weight back every time I ate some carbs. Honestly, I think every person is just different. Exercise has helped me the most. I started playing tennis and now I play a lot, even when it's 90 degrees or more.
  2. I just read this entire zombie thread from 2013. Ugh!
  3. We love it. We like to go to the world showcase and eat dinner or dessert, have some wine, and hang out while our dc do their thing.
  4. We haven't had that happen, but our Costco pizza spilled everywhere and we always forget to clean the oven, so we have the lovely smell of burned cheese once or twice a week.
  5. We had two dc baptized in private baptisms, (Episcopal) and one in a typical Sunday service, (Lutheran) (We flip flop between the two.) The privates worked well for us because the Episcopal church we attended only baptized four times a year and we wanted to be sure that our family and friends could be there. My dh's grandmother was also blind and it was more comfortable for her to attend. The other reason is that we have 17 billion priests in our family and it was getting competitive. We were able to include more people in the service. We moved between child two and three, and became ac
  6. I think your expectations are reasonable, but just in case, can you move some things? Can you listen to the readers during lunch? Maybe read to them together before bed, or in the afternoon. Maybe activities could start when they turn six and then one sport, and one instrument. Ask friends if they can carpool to sports. Most rec centers will take team requests if it's for carpooling reasons. I would not be happy if my DH spent all of his time at home on the phone. Maybe he doesn't realize how much he's on it. (I know that I struggle with that.) What about getting a housekeeper and
  7. Locally, with a professor at a university, it's $60 an hour. I feel certain that he's being kind in his pricing. When we travel for voice, it ranges from $120-$240 an hour. (We have never paid the upper cost!)
  8. I get it! My oldest can drive now, but not at night, so if he has tech, or late rehearsals, one of us has to drive wherever it is to get him. It is what it is. Usually it's exhausting, but it's only a season. I don't think it's something that people not in the arts can understand. Most people think it's pointless and a waste on the investment. There are other challenging careers, but they seem more worthwhile to most of society. You're doing a great thing for your son to help him reach his goal. I don't know the specifics of why he doesn't drive, but you know your kid, so I won't give you any
  9. Whitney Courtney Meredith Mary Caroline Anna Claire Janie You could do a double name and use your name- Emily Kate Anna Kate
  10. We like most of the games that you like. My 13 year old ds loves Rummikub. I've heard that Dutch Blitz is fast and fun, but we lost our deck before we played it. Eta- His favorite game is ricocheting robots.
  11. Absolutely- we usually go out to dinner when we're at the beach. Then we go play jungle golf, or go to the pier and listen to a band. We almost always get the kids ice cream at night. Even if we buy seafood and cook it, unless it's raining, we don't stay at the house or condo all night. (Well, maybe one night for games.)
  12. I agree with this. I took earplugs for one of mine until he was 12.
  13. As long as it doesn't fall out, it shouldn't matter except on a wet ride. My DH dropped his phone on Buzz lightyear. A cast member rode it four times trying to grab it, but they finally had to stop the ride to get it. That was pretty embarrassing!
  14. I haven't done it. I would think the fun part would be picking the oyster and seeing what is inside. MK to Epcot is easy- just hop on the monorail and at the transportation center, switch to the Epcot monorail. It's pretty fast unless it's a really crowded day.
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