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  1. " "UAH accepted letter only grades for my DD with no problem at all. And they reweight grades based on their weighting." Yes, I tried to submit our transcript as is. But we're in Texas, so there are no Umbrella schools. So UAH emailed and asked for the transcript to be converted to number grades.
  2. I searched, but couldn't find the answer to my question, either here or on Google. One of the colleges that my son has applied to wants us to convert our transcript to their format, which includes numerical grades. However, I did not keep track of his grades throughout high school numerically, only letter grades. He does have some co-op classes and online classes with number grades that we can use. But the classes I taught him, I only recorded as letter grades. Is there a standard number grade to assign when converting letter grades to numerical grades? I thought about assign
  3. I started a Facebook group for this very thing. It's called Temporary Homeschoolers. https://www.facebook.com/groups/temphomeschoolers/ I invited experienced homeschoolers to join the group who were willing to help folks who have been thrown into this, due to current circumstances. The group has grown a lot, and I believe is a positive resource for everyone. My philosophy is that folks who are schooling at home right now are going to call themselves homeschoolers. They don't know any different. So, this is an opportunity to show them a little about what homeschooling truly is. W
  4. I'm unashamedly resurrecting this thread again. So many great suggestions! My current middle schooler was just starting 1st grade when this thread began, but it's quite helpful to me now. Thank you!
  5. I've been using Math Mammoth for about 5 years now. My oldest has finished it, my next is in level 4, next is finishing up level 2, and next is starting level 1. I think it is a fabulous program. We came to Math Mammoth after I ran into issues with "just memorize the algorithm" in Saxon 3 with my oldest. I did some research on math curroculums, mostly here on the forums, read Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics, and knew I wanted to switch. I was leaning toward Singapore, but was put off by all the books and parts involved to just cover one year well. Math Mammoth was rec
  6. I think that the "50 forum post minimum to post items for sale" rule was a really valuable one & it doesn't appear to be in effect here. It cut down on folks dropping in just to sell, especially scammers. The buy/sell forum here has been one of my favorite places to buy and sell homeschool curricula & I'd hate to see it become less useful. I too have the same concerns about the lost feedback from the previous boards. I relied on it, along with the assurance that most sellers were active board participants, to make decisions about who to trade with. I also feel that my feedback

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    Looking for a Kids of Carcassonne game to buy. My son played it recently while visiting with friends and it is his number one Christmas wish. Apparently they are out of print, and rather hard to find. So, just thought I'd check to see if maybe someone here has one gathering dust. :) PM me, thanks!


  8. Ticket to Ride is by far our favorite game. I recommend it so highly because it is truly fun for both parents and kids, and kids from 7+ can actually play competitively. We love Settlers too, but it has definitely been a little too much conceptually for our boys at 7. Our newest favorite is Carcassonne. To me, it is similar to Settlers in play, but conceptually more like Ticket to Ride, so it's one that a 7 year old could enjoy as well.
  9. Funnix has been wonderful for us. My eight year old was not interested at four, or five, or six. I started letting him use Funnix as a supplement, and he took to it right away. He finds the stories amusing and he likes being able to do it himself. I never saw myself using a computer program to let my child self-teach himself to read, but it has worked wonders for him in the last year. He's now deep into the middle of level 2 and reading Magic Tree House books on his own, willingly. This is a big change from 18 months ago, when he thought he was too dumb to read, because he compared himse
  10. We are very similar to the OP's situation, so I am reading this thread with great interest. We currently pay high premiums for similar coverage (our deductibles are a little higher), plus contribute half the premiums again to our HSA, so that the medical expenses we do pay out are pre-tax. The premiums and HSA contributions combined are 14% of my husband's gross income. We are seriously reconsidering whether to continue this medical coverage, possibly switching to a faith based exchange, or purchasing the subsidized coverage when it is available. Here is how Obamacare has affected
  11. I think I should have married some of you guys! :D We are going on 20 years of thermostat wars in our house. I honestly think that, financial imperatives aside, the "normal" inside temperature has a lot to do with how you grew up. This is my husband. Except that he thinks he is FREEZING if I turn the thermostat below 72. He thinks that in winter the house should have a cozy warm feeling. But since we live in TX, oftentimes the daytime temperature is in the 70's, so to get that feeling, he jacks up the thermostat to 75!!! He does this every morning before work (from the 70-72 I
  12. :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: My husband used to do those MOHS procedures. It is really amazing the capacity the human body has to heal. He'd see patients on the followup appointments and be so pleased at how good they looked, knowing how much was cut away. I pray that all goes well for you and that you are done with this! :grouphug:
  13. I believe in all of these points, yet I still believe that we are mammals. Of course my opinion is informed by the fact that I've been nursing for the last 10 years. Either I am a mammal or all that sweet chunky baby legs came from the voodoo-magic! This discussion also calls to mind playing Alive/Not Alive with my preschoolers. Just because we as humans are classified as Alive along with Giraffes and Leaves does not diminish our differences or make us only as valuable as a Leaf. Rocks are Not Alive, but this is not a value judgement, just a statement of fact. However, in most cases
  14. It is! And now many otherwise healthy adults are suffering Shingles outbreaks too. Two friends of mine have had Shingles in their EYE, which was dreadful. In fact, I think that the increase in Shingles cases is the biggest unintended negative consequence of the chicken pox vaccine. Fewer children have chicken pox, so adults who had cp as children have fewer opportunities to be exposed and renew their immunity, leaving them vulnerable to a reactivation of the virus: Shingles. Assuming we were free to quarantine for two months, I'd be inclined to expose my children to a friend with Shin
  15. I did the survey, because with a Marketing degree I appreciate folks trying to do research. :) I didn't provide (and wasn't asked for) any contact information like names, address, phone numbers, ssn #'s or any other personally identifiable information. It does ask for children's birthdate's, but if you want to take the survey and feel odd about that, you could easily substitute a fake birthdate that gives the same age. I think this survey is targeted toward homeschoolers because some people homeschool to avoid vaccine exemption issues. They might also be studying whether fam
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