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  1. Thank you all for your help and suggestions. I was reading, but had to reset my password to log in. He is waiting for an appointment to be evaluated. He's also received intervention at school, but it doesn't help. Hopefully the evaluations will give some insight. Thanks again.
  2. One of my sons is dyslexic with low working memory, and I believe this is something different. He's not spending any time decoding words that he has come across before. He reads the words quickly, and correctly. He just doesn't seem to take any meaning from them. It's like he's reading a list instead of a story. He can correctly read anything from a short easy story about sharks, to a section of Rick Riordan books. The result is the same each time. He can't remember anything about what he's read, even with specific prompting. This is a friends child who I'm trying to help. He will be getting a full assessment in the coming months. I'm just looking for anything to try in the mean time. I'm using my all about reading currently, and supplementing with more difficult words that follow the rules.
  3. I have a third grader with an amazing memory for sight words, but comprehension is completely lost. He can "read" and remember what words look like after viewing them even once. He might as well be reading a list of nonsense words for all the meaning he retains. He also reads without any iflection or punctuation. It's like a big long list of unrelated words. He has very little concept of phonics, and I've been trying to use unfamiliar words to teach rules as he just sight reads simpler words without applying the concept. I've also tried having him highlight any details he thinks are important while reading through, but realized he doesn't seem to be able to recognize details of the story while still in the sentence. He also doesn't seem to retain information that is read to him much better. I'm hoping that someone here may be able to give some insight or strategies. Thanks
  4. Yes, the puppy is a golden. They have decided to keep the puppy and hope for the best.
  5. I want to ask you this since you are familiar with rescues. What I don't understand, is why they wouldn't give the dog back in this situation. The family is more than willing to put forth every penny they could scrape together. Approximately $3000. The family loves the dog very much, and it seems like a good place for dogs. This is a HS family with 6 kids, 2 dogs. Their dogs go with them everywhere, and are rarely alone. They get frequent exercise, and lots of love. Both of the dogs are very close. It would seem to me that the best interest of the dog would be in not ripping them away from a loving family. I'm just not sure I wrap my head around it. Please enlighten me.
  6. The puppy is 5 months old. The hip dysplasia was diagnosed by the breeders vet. The breeder has already said that the money paid would be refunded. This was around $1600. They have suggested a wait and see approach. Things may get better once the puppy is full grown. Apparently it's very rare,but sometimes happens. The vets first choice was surgery, but that was her second suggestion. At this point the puppy is still in pain with meds, and her back paws act as if they are partially paralyzed. Essentially it's a choice between letting the puppy suffer over the next 6 months, and probably end up with a hip replacement, or surrendering now and allowing them to do a different surgery before arthritis becomes an issue. This would mean not ever seeing what has become a member of the family ever again. To add insult to injury, not be able to get another dog. These are people who truely care about their dogs. They would never get rid of a dog for convenience reasons. They have pooled together all of their resources to get $3000. Should a responsible pet owner clear out their kids education savings funds for dog surgery?
  7. That people who can find another way don't use them as a surgery fund. 😞
  8. I have seen, and been disgusted by those who treat pets like they are disposable. As well I've seen people who absolutely cannot a pet get one. The situation that was being discussed is a puppy who came from a reputable breeder to a home with another dog. Parent dogs had all health clearance and is very much loved. This puppy suddenly was having issues standing and was taken immediately to the vet. The diagnosis is severe hip dysplasia. The family has an emergency fund of around $3000, but it costs Upwards of $8000 for surgery. Family wants to keep the puppy, but don't want to see her suffer. The vet knows the surgery is out of reach for the family,and said they could use painkillers to keep her comfortable. The hope being that it would give time to save for a hip replacement, or the very slim chance it may improve on its own. By that point arthritis will likely have developed. There is an organization specific to the breed who are very well funded. They would pay for everything, but only if the puppy is surrendered. They would do the surgery, rehab, and foster then adopt her out. The wait list for this rescue is well over a year with a very strict screening process. The family loves their dogs and waited 3 years to add another very badly wanted dog to the family. They really don't want to go back to only one dog. What would you do in this situation? Is it irresponsible to get another dog after surrendering Like this? What would you think if you were a breeder or adoption organization?
  9. I may be wrong but I believe that's why it's easer to peel hard boiled eggs made with older eggs.
  10. I'm looking for opinions on people surrendering a pet. I had a discussion earlier that made me curious. It was said that if someone surrenders a pet, that they would not/should not be able to adopt another in the future. I'm not sure if this is accurate, but I know it was one of our breeders questions when we got our first dog. I'm also not talking about surrendering them to a shelter, but rather rescue organizations where there is no chance of them being euthanized.
  11. Facebook drives me crazy sometimes! I recently saw " Are new puppy" and "Flustrated". De-thaw makes me cringe.
  12. Yes, I got the ones with reversed blades. I'm thinking that I may get her a pair of loop scissors for now. That way she can use them in either hand.
  13. My youngest daughter is just 4, and seems to be a leftie. I'm a bit confused as she does some things left, and some right. I'm not sure what to encourage. She uses utensils left, and pencils, paint brush etc. If writing with her fingers she uses her right. Cutting with scissors she seems to prefer her right. I had been trying to encourage her to use left handed scissors, but she puts them in her right hand. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  14. You are definitely not bashing your daughter OP. You are simply describing symptoms. What you describe certainly sounds like a manic episode IME. A good psychiatrist would be the expert to look at the overall picture, and put it all together.
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