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  1. I'm unashamedly resurrecting this thread again. So many great suggestions! My current middle schooler was just starting 1st grade when this thread began, but it's quite helpful to me now. Thank you!
  2. I think that the "50 forum post minimum to post items for sale" rule was a really valuable one & it doesn't appear to be in effect here. It cut down on folks dropping in just to sell, especially scammers. The buy/sell forum here has been one of my favorite places to buy and sell homeschool curricula & I'd hate to see it become less useful. I too have the same concerns about the lost feedback from the previous boards. I relied on it, along with the assurance that most sellers were active board participants, to make decisions about who to trade with. I also feel that my feedback gave assurance to others that I was trustworthy to buy from. With the new format, I do have a suggestion to make. I think since it encourages folks to list items individually, and most posts will be quickly buried, it would sure be nice to have subforums on the For Sale Board like 'math' or 'science' or 'high school' or 'bulk lots' to make it easier to search, and more likely that prospective buyers will see the ads they'd be interested in.

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    Looking for a Kids of Carcassonne game to buy. My son played it recently while visiting with friends and it is his number one Christmas wish. Apparently they are out of print, and rather hard to find. So, just thought I'd check to see if maybe someone here has one gathering dust. :) PM me, thanks!


  4. We're in far-west Houston, on the border of Richmond and Sugar Land. We have three sons, ages 6, 3, and 1. :D
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