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  1. It might, but then again, it may not because of the TYPE of math LOL. Physics is more practical to them both.
  2. In my looking around, many of the colleges around here flat out say that either chemistry OR physics is fine. Woot!
  3. Hmmmmm I wonder how I would do that/what I'd have them cover then.....
  4. Oh no problem there. I just can't teach it every day. I fully expect to have to help sometimes, even if he went to public school. I just wasn't sure if their textbooks were written to where there HAD to be a teacher of some sort. Thanks!
  5. She's more of a humanities type - art and whatnot. Definitely not STEM, and I'll be SHOCKED if she goes into the medical field (just not her bent). There has been a lot of chemistry in ICP, so they definitely have an exposure, but it's not a full-blown chemistry course. The one who will run out of time is leaning toward the Navy at this point...possibly electronics, but he's not sure. Maybe he should check with a recruiter about the chemistry....
  6. Looking for high school math...does BJU need to be taught somehow? My kiddo I'm looking into it for hates any sort of DVD instruction, but I don't have time to teach him math every day. Are the texts enough for average math students to grasp the concepts?
  7. 2 of my high schoolers are finishing up integrated chemistry & physics (what they took instead of physical science). They will both take biology. For their third credit, could they take physics (which they both enjoy) or is it best for them to take chemistry (which they both hate)? It would be IDEAL for them to get 4 science credits, but one student probably will run out of time, and the other one would like to take marine biology for her 4th. Is chemistry essential? They did get a lot of chemistry in ICP - so much so that they thought they were taking chemistry for some reason LOL. Neithe
  8. This is EXACTLY what is happening to me. I just tried to click on Quote to quote you, and it did the "load part way but stop" thing. So I'm having to use the quick reply thing. Hopefully it will work. I'm using a laptop.
  9. That makes sense but OY. LOL! That's what I'm doing right now with my high schoolers' MFW stuff. I haven't figured out if I like it better or just the MFW grids. But like you said, with math, English, etc. you might as well have it all in one place. I'll have to ponder what I want to do.... Thanks for sharing!
  10. Thank you, Jan!!!!! We use HST also. (Except Plus, not Online...haven't made the switch yet) Do you enter in ALL the assignments from HOD into HST? Including instructions and whatnot? :svengo:
  11. <<if you are jumping into a higher guide it is ok to take a few weeks and teach them how to use the boxes. Does that make sense?>> Makes TOTAL sense - thanks so much! I think my 5th grader will be fine. My 6th grader, who is used to skating, may have more difficulty. But this will be good for him. ;-) I'm expecting a baby in mid-Feb., and we're finishing MFW CTG at the end of Jan., so I'm planning to start our HOD journey at the beginning of March. Low-key, of course, to help them get used to the new format, and because we'll have a newborn in the house. ;-)
  12. Thank you so much ladies! Good to know about DITHOR - just what does it cover anyway, that the regular HOD guides and the books they read wouldn't? Should I plan on having my middle schoolers use it, to ramp up for more formal literature study in high school? Is that its intention? Will the hands-on things for the older kids require my help? Do y'all have any idea how frequently they are coming out with the high school programs? Has it been one a year? Or one every 2 years? Or is it just sort of random? I'm REALLY excited about the World History for my 3rd child to be able to use. I wo
  13. We are currently using MFW. It's going "OK". It's getting done, but that's about it. I'm looking at switching (to something - doesn't have to be HOD...but HOD is sticking out to me right now, along with TOG), and here are some reasons why: My senior is finishing up WHL - should be done in Dec. He has done AHL and now WHL. From the very beginning (and I'm still there), I have felt absolutely lost when it comes to the parent conferences. I think this is a "user" issue because other parents don't seem to have this issue. I have no idea what to discuss or how because I don't have time to read thr
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