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  1. We drove a 2007 Sienna until 2017 and it was fantastic. Super happy, never any maintenance problems, loved it. When we got ready to replace it, I drove every minivan on the market. There were two clear front runners--the Odyssey and the (at that time, brand new) Chrysler Pacifica. I wanted the Pacifica, my husband wanted the Honda. We drove both multiple times, had hours of discussion and debate, and in the end, bought the Odyssey. I don't think there was a wrong choice, and I'm very happy with my van, but I still look wistfully at Pacificas when I see them around town. Our Odyssey has been pr
  2. We went in early June 2019 and got 3 inches of snow our first day in Yellowstone! We started with 3 days/2 nights in Grand Teton NP, which I wouldn't miss! It's my favorite NP we've visited so far. Then we drove up into Yellowstone through the south entrance. We explored around Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Spring (definitely take the hike up to see that one from above), and areas around there the first day and then stayed in a lodge at Grant Village. The 2nd day we drove around and did some hikes and stops around the lake and then on up to Canyon Village where we stayed 2 nights. The 3rd day
  3. Math Mammoth 7 was PERFECT for pre-A before doing Forester's Alg 1 this year for us.
  4. Boy/girl twins, will be 13 this summer. Math: finish Forester's Algebra 1. We should start 8th grade about halfway through. I don't know if we'll start geometry after Christmas next year or do some one-semester filler class to put us on track to start 9th grade with geometry. I'm not worrying about that until mid-fall. ELA: Reading list largely taken from Build Your Library level 8, with some added short stories & other things that sound interesting, using Brave Writer boomerangs for the books that have them available. Using The Writing Revolution to write across the curriculum
  5. Right?! I have one that goes to school and two that homeschool. I bought a used math book last weekend for the kid-in-school so that when school is inevitably canceled, I'll have math for him. I can pretty easily fold him into everything else the siblings are doing. And there's no way the homeschoolers are going to have no school for weeks on end if we're all in this house together. The show must go on!
  6. Glad to see this confirmed as a good resource. It just arrived last night in from Amazon after I saw many, many references to it in a big stickied thread about writing without curriculum. I've not gotten a chance to look through it yet. Your approach sounds very practical to me. I'm going to look at Hake. Thanks!
  7. I have twins in 6th grade. One is a STRONG writer, one is an average writer. This year and last, we used IEW (themed books). Before that we did some MCT and some Brave Writer. All that to say, we've been a little random, but I still feel like we're on track and making adequate progress with writing going into middle school. I can't decide what to do next year, though. I feel like another year in IEW would feel stagnant. They've got a pretty good handle on those 7 or so units and formats. My inclination is to just assign writing across the curriculum next year using IEW style formats, but I'm j
  8. I wish we could! I mean, we *could* but because of my other son that doesn't homeschool being on a regular 9 month school year schedule, it makes it harder to be consistent with homeschool work through the summer. We gave up when we put my oldest in school. We're embracing the summers off with travel, camps, etc. They're only 11, though. Things could change.
  9. This is a good to know! Good to know about Derek Owens! What started this mini-panic this morning was my SIL telling me that her daughter, who is 2 years older than my kids, is loving her Dr D's pre-A and they're planning to continue using his classes for Algebra 1 next year. I went to his website, saw that all of his classes run Sept-May and thought, "Crap. Have I gotten myself into a bind?! We're very unlikely to be ready for Algebra 1 in September of this year, and are likely to be beyond ready for it by September of next year." I'm feeling reassured, though. Thanks!
  10. That all makes perfect sense, And I appreciate the admonition not to rush to make things fit nicely. We do have lots of time. I need to keep reminding myself of that!
  11. One of them is using AOPS pre-A. One of them was tired of the AOPS approach after Beast and moved to MM7 for pre-A. Right now, both are pacing to get halfway through by the end of May, but we'll see. I like the idea of a one semester filler course if needed (filler in a time sense, not a fluff sense). Thanks for the input!
  12. Hey all! My twin 6th graders both started pre-algebra about halfway through 6th grade this year, since that's when we finished Beast Academy 5. Looking ahead, is this going to create problems for us? Having math classes not start in August/September and run the length of one standard school year? Should I push to get them to start algebra 1 in the fall, or the other option, intentionally take 1.5 years with pre-A and start algebra 1 in the fall of 8th grade so that math classes then fit tidily onto high school transcripts? I'm also wondering about the possibility of our current schedule preven
  13. 5/5/20 first big edit. Ha! The plans are in flux due to having the non-homeschooled kid home this spring and (let's face it) likely home some next year, too. I needed to simplify my initial thoughts for 7th grade. Edits in bold. I've got boy/girl twins headed into 7th grade next year. Math: finish pre-algebra (started mid-way through 6th grade), begin algebra 1 when ready. DS will likely continue with AOPS. DD is using MM7. I've not done the algebra 1 research for her yet. Favorites for after MM7? I'm not loving AOPS pre-A as we've neared the halfway mark. I'm hoping DS will be will
  14. I have twins that have been using BA 3rd through now (3/4 of the way through 5th). My son is rocking along in Beast, and I'm leaning toward letting him try AOPS pre-A when he finishes BA5, sometime mid-way through next year. I *just* moved my daughter out of Beast 2 weeks ago. She had gotten to where it was frustrating for her and she needed more direct instruction and more independence. I was having to talk her through too many problems for her liking. She was not having any trouble with the MATH, but with presentation and pre-teen angst. 😉 I moved her to MM6. She's able to skip over some c
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