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  1. I've lost about 85 pounds over the last year. While I started with low carb, I changed to moderate carb quickly so I wouldn't change weight back every time I ate some carbs. Honestly, I think every person is just different. Exercise has helped me the most. I started playing tennis and now I play a lot, even when it's 90 degrees or more.
  2. Why am I unable to upload a picture for my profile?? So frustrating!!!

  3. Eaglei- I'm so sorry. Thank you for sharing your son with us. We are all better people for hearing about his journey. I know that through your heartbreak you are incredibly proud.
  4. No broken leg!

    1. Dana


      Yea! It was a possibility? Glad there isn't one!

    2. Jan in SC

      Jan in SC

      No- I sent you an email hoping that you could fix it! (Though in this house, it is always a possibility!)

      Ps- I'm typing in the tiniest font possible without my glasses, so I have no idea if this makes sense!

    3. Dana
  5. Broken leg

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    2. Jan in SC

      Jan in SC

      I don't have a broken leg!! I thought I was searching, but instead I updated my status. I fear that my children are correct- I am old!!! These new dangled things are difficult.

    3. GailV


      Well, THAT was an exciting status mistake! You just gave all of us a cardio workout!

    4. Jan in SC

      Jan in SC

      I can't believe people can see it!! Yay me!!

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