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  1. Me! I had to use several brands to find one I liked. I use one of deodorants from Kiss My Face. One of the Tom’s of Main works well for me, it’s in a green container and I have no idea what version it is but it seems to be better than the others. Strangely, if I eat any animal protein I can smell it when I sweat and it is unpleasant. I understand none of this but you sort of asked. ?
  2. Oh, thank you all so much for the sweet words. I remember you, FaithManor! I can't believe our children are grown! How proud you have to be! I had a pirate name at one time, Mad Charity, maybe? I just don't remember. Other things I've been remembering today: The Saxon Math/Singapore Math wars, the dancing microphone from the early days, the days when Ree Drummond was on here and not on the Food Network, the identity police, when Quiverfull only had a few in her quiver, and hitting refresh over and over all day so we could see what animals were hanging out at Pete's Pond. ? I've really missed this, I believe I just might stick around a while. I learn so freaking much here!!
  3. In the summer of 1999 I sat by the pool and read The Well Trained Mind and decided to withdraw my rising 1st grader and pre K-er (?) from the private school they were to attending the fall and home school. We worked so hard, read history together, learned Latin together, made lots of replicas of Greek and Roman statues out of clay, colored lots of castles, and tackled and completely slayed all that math. My youngest was just toddler when we started home schooling and he would sit under the kitchen table and listen to us. I have the most wonderful memories of our first few years. When The Well Educated Mind was released I read it and immediately began reading Don Quixote and journaled all about it. Over a dinner out and a bottle of wine, my husband convinced me that if I could tackle the program outlined in The Well Educated Mind, there's no reason I couldn't finish college, which was something I was saving until the kids were grown to tackle. I went home and signed up for the online program at our local state university and yes, I now have a b.s. I am awfully proud of that diploma. Over the years we tried all the education paths. They all did a year or so in a private school when the recession happened and I joined the family business full time, a year at public school when they all confessed how much they hated their private school, and more homeschooling after all that. My oldest two children graduated and then went on to attend the University of Tennessee. I am awfully proud of that, as well. They are both married and live in my town and I have my first grandchild on the way in August. I printed my last diploma today. My youngest, the one who started out listening under the kitchen table, finished school. This has been the most wonderful journey. I haven't done much more for him than sign him up for community college classes for the last couple of years as our family businesses have grown and I run a couple of offices now. I am so grateful for the books we read together, the math we learned, the fact that we can translate Latin texts, and the fact that the bar was set so high for educating my children, and me, not only by The Well Trained Mind, but by the people on this forum. Thank you all. I miss you. I am grateful for you. Christy
  4. I would drink it. In fact, I can't imagine I'd notice an expiration date unless it tasted fermented.
  5. I love that advice! I keep a bowl of apples on my desk and on the reception desk in the lobby at work. It is surprising how quickly they get gobbled up! I am going to start using you question, too.
  6. I wholeheartedly agree with everything Hornblower said and I can't recommend Forks Over Knives emphatically enough! I would add Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, it's fantastic. I struggle with my weight, I have my whole life. I have to run every day to keep weight off and to keep the voices in my head quiet. ;) If I start eating potatoes, bread and pasta I simply put weight on quickly. I have to stay away from cold cereals and most processed foods and I never touch dairy products or my seasonal allergies kick in and I end up with pneumonia. I stopped eating meat a few years ago to see if I would feel more energetic and I do. Being vegan does not help me keep weight off, it just suits me somehow and I feel so much better. I hope you find what works for you, you deserve to feel beautiful.
  7. My favorite divorced parent arrangement was a friend of my daughter's when she was younger. The two girls did the old fashioned, stay with mom on Mon, Tues, Thurs with alternating weekends with dad and every Wednesday with dad. The parents were incredibly flexible about it. The girls could change it up as needed and no one kept score. My daughter's friend could stay at our house on 'dad's' time if she wanted without guilt. It was fantastic. The new spouses of the parents all got along and they did big occasions like graduation and birthdays together. You could tell the parents weren't close at all, they were simply mature and nice. I have another friend who has a one week here and one week there arrangement running from Wednesday to Wednesday. It works for the dad's touring schedule (he can take his son with him often) and no one hogs the weekends. Colleen, I'm sorry you're going through this. I do feel that if anyone can put together a good plan, it is you.
  8. I would opt for 1 sink leaving the counterspace the way it is.
  9. Kick it in the head if it gets too close. It really helps to hold on to something like a tree or the car. I have to collect payments and rent soooooo...... I know this one. I am not an expert, I do not work with dogs so you may not want to take my advise. I do have to get past mean dogs. What I REALLY want to do is kick the owner in the head.
  10. I have rental property and manage rentals for others. I've never really heard a compelling argument to turn a rental into section 8. Of course, there are lots of fantastic and successful section 8 stories but I've never found them especially motivating to invest in it. It is too easy to find good renters otherwise.
  11. That is awesome. Thank you. Just reposted it to my fb and twitter, thinking I will lose a few followers.
  12. Thank you! :D I feel like I just came out of the closet! Or pantry, or whatever...choosing something equally outside my comfort zone to cook for dinner. I just got home from the office so it's going to have to be fairly simple, I will post pics!
  13. Oh, thank you, Jean. I don't want to go another second not doing everything I want to do. I believe the only limitations we have are truly the ones we give ourselves. Thankfully, I married a guy who thinks like me. :001_wub: He supports all of it. Now to work on this time thing...
  14. I will be turning 46 soon! I have so many emotions about this date, I am mostly grateful I made it this far. The way I behaved as a teenager, I probably shouldn't have made it to 20! I started homeschooling in 1999 or 2000, I can't remember. Those years were all work, diapers, figuring out who we wanted to be...that dates and even milestones are a blur. Now I have one still at home and homeschooling and I work ALL the time. I love what I do and I get to constantly use all the creativity I can conjure to make myself and my business more successful. I get to work my incredible husband, our oldest son and some of the brightest and most talented people I've ever met. I love my life. However, I'm not done conjuring and recreating. I have exactly 3 more directions I am chomping at the bit to attempt. My new hurdle is actually getting over myself so I can do all those things! I am officially stepping outside of my comfort zone where it is cozy and warm and jumping headfirst into everything I want to do. I don't have the money, the time or the courage but I'm doing all of it anyway. My blog has been anonymous to everyone who knows me in real life so I am officially going public. I created a My Wild Vegan Ways Facebook page a long time ago and have not been able to scrape up enough gumption to go live with it. I have no freaking idea why I would ever be afraid of anyone laughing at me, but for some reason I have been. That's officially over, my real life friends and acquaintances and even scarier, extended family, can now know who I really am and for some reason am not afraid to reveal to you all, a vegan blogger and beer brewer. Please join me on Facebook and my blog, I'd love the support. Next? I'm writing, writing, writing... I will let you know when I get the courage to share. After that? I want a micro brewery. Yeah, we'll see. Anybody stepping out of their comfort zone? Need some encouragement? :001_smile:
  15. Yes, there are 2 dogs sprawled out all over the couches, chairs and beds all the time. They don't smell as bad as the teenage boys sprawled out there after playing basketball every day. Somehow we've gotten used to both.
  16. You don't even have to use the 'no boil' noodles. I use the regular noodles, add a little extra water to the sauce, and cover with foil for mst of the cooking time.
  17. If I had to boil them we would never eat lasagna. I have never peeled a potato, either. :)
  18. I just dug all the Halloween stuff out today! I will wear my awesome witch hat and will hand candy out on the porch, as usual. My kids are all too old for dressing up but we do love Halloween. I'm hoping for lots of trick or treaters!
  19. The best time to fire someone is the first time you think about it. Do it first thing in the morning and move on. Sorry, by the way, that stinks.
  20. Yes, I buy them all the time. Yes, there needs to be a french drain, most likely, and yes, the seller should do that before you close. Do not trust their realtor (lol) trust the inspector. Water in the crawl space and a little mold are great for me because I get the BEST DEALS because other people are afraid. Fear no house. ;) However, if the other side isn't willing to do all the necessary drainage stuff you should walk.
  21. Yes, I had a neighbor who was a licensed cosmetologist or whatever it is when you can legally do the really good stuff, who offered to sell those services at a party at my house. I had a party, we had wine and food and it was a ton a fun. I went first and my crazy insensitive, cannot be burned skin did fine. All it did was make my face a little flushed looking and extremely soft. As the evening wore on and we drank a few glasses of wine, everyone's skin became a little more sensitive and the chemical stuff started burning those who went last. My husband had scabs. His skin is very, very sensitive, though. There was no permanent damage and we all learned not to drink and let anyone put harsh chemicals on our faces. :laugh: However, the cosmetologist left as the evening wore on and evidently, we colored someone's hair. I need to add that NONE of us do that professionally and she did not look good. Someone, evidently ran home and got the box of color from under their bathroom sink? Okay, lesson of this story is do not drink and do hair or skin!
  22. White. Absolutely. If you go with the gold it will still be beautiful, though.
  23. Why didn't they go ahead and get a blood sample? :confused1: Totally unreasonable. How would they have known if you gave them the wrong maiden name of your mother? The fingerprinting was for.....? Because they are going to match it with......? That's bananas.
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