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Anyone still watching Once Upon a Time?

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I watch this show faithfully online--still love it!!!


[[ :rant: esp since I'm down to just the one show, with Downton Abbey quite presumptuously thinking only 7 episodes are sufficient to make a "season."]]


I am wondering, though, if the OUaT people are going to fall into the same quagmire Lost did, if they have to keep the town's secret going indefinitely, season after season.

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It feels weird to have Rumplestiltskin as one of my favorite characters, too. He is such a great actor, I love his accent, and I feel so much sympathy for his pre-darkness character, especially.


And am I the only one who gets distracted by the way Regina speaks?


The "new guy in town" (August Booth) is intriguing, too. I'm thinking maybe a writer of the fairy tales/the book?

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