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  1. The youngest is in 5th! YAY! Mind Benders (not exactly logic, so I didn't label it as such lol) - because they're fun Math: MUS Epsilon. She's giving Beast Academy a try right now and hates it, so we'll keep moving forward with MUS. History: WTM style (Kingfisher history encyclopedia as a spine this year), ancients LA: Fix It Grammar CAP Writing & Rhetoric Diagramming Level 1 from Critical thinking co Science: Focus on Middle School Biology Foreign Language: I'm thinking Duolingo for Spanish Reading lists from TWTM, history and LA sections
  2. Math: Algebra 1. Either AoPS or Foerster. I'm not sure yet! History: WTM style (NatGeo almanac of World History as a spine), modern LA: Diagramming workbook from Critical Thinking Co Fix It Grammar or Basic, Not Boring Wordsmith maybe, for writing? Vocab from Classical Roots C-D Science: a hodgepodge of all the things we haven't covered yet in the Logic stage: some bio, some astronomy, some chemistry, a little physics and engineering Foreign Language: I'm thinking Duolingo for Mandarin, if that's a thing Reading lists from TWTM, both language arts and history sections Plus co-op. I'm thinking about offering a critical thinking class at co-op, so he'd get some logic in... if not i'll get him something simple for that.
  3. My oldest will be in 10th this fall. Math: I was originally planning on Foerster Algebra 2, but I'm not 100% sure. He's pretty stuck on Geometry right now, so we may just work our way through MUS Geometry and use MUS from there on out. It wasn't the original plan, but it may be the best plan for him. History: History of the Medieval World/History of the Renaissance World + study guides LA: Writing: A couple classes online with Lantern English + Classical Composition 1 (Memoria) Grammar: Analytical Grammar Science: Chemistry. I was leaning toward Apologia but again, thinking about changing it up. Foreign Language: Greek. Is it ancient Greek? I'm not sure off the top of my head... but considering Lukeion, Koine, Athenaze.... Work through the list for this time period in WEM (not necessarily all of them) Lastly, he always picks a couple electives from Great Courses. And we are a part of a co-op, but it's mainly extracurricular.
  4. Link has done a couple years of basic Japanese, but doesn't have much under his belt yet. He doesn't want to continue with the same program he currently uses because it's harder for him, not having someone speaking to him except in a once a week lesson (which is just a video, not interactive at all). So I'm on the lookout for good places to find tutors for foreign languages, especially Japanese at this time! I looked on Outschool.com and they had a couple, but was just wondering what other possibilities are out there. TIA!
  5. Thanks! I remember doing a fetal pig in high school and it taking awhile - I feel like it was a couple weeks (so five class periods). But maybe my memory is off!
  6. Hey all! Ill be teaching a dissection class for our high schoolers in co-op next year and I am looking for an idea on how many class periods different dissections may take. classes are roughly 1 hour long. The animals I’m considering at present are: frog, starfish, crayfish, squid, perch, shark, earthworm, and fetal pig. We will probably end up doing a couple smaller animals taking 1-2 class periods and a larger one taking more? As well as a couple standalone organs. The kids will be getting the final vote on which animals we are doing - I just need to know about how long these things usually take so I can have a good plan in place and know how many to offer/order. we have a total of 12 class periods, 1 hour each. There will be 4-6 students only. TIA!!
  7. I'm back! So truthfully, we got internet hooked up at the new house right around the end of April, but I hadn't had a chance to hop on here. I've been trying to continue logging my progress with Goodreads, though I haven't read a ton since moving... busy unpacking and all, plus Pink turned 9 the beginning of May. I know there's no way I'll be able to go back through all the older posts (I did go through this thread) so I'm just going to pick up here! I think I've added these since I was last on here: The Progeny by Tosca Lee - ugh. I couldn't get past the fact that for some reason, this entire book is based off of people wanting to kill someone because their ancestor was a serial killer. That just didn't make sense to begin with, and then the story was just meh. The dialogue was a little painful. I've read other Tosca Lee but don't remember it being this bad. I only stuck it out because I borrowed it from my SIL, who really liked it. The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh - I just loved this one. The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary Pearson - This was really good, too. It had me thinking about 'what if this were really possible?' which is always fun. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman - I liked this more than I expected to. Eleanor grows a lot, and though in the beginning I found her character off-putting, in the end I understood her better. Currently, I'm reading The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde, which is fun so far. I also checked out Candide, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and The Red House Mystery from the library recently, so they're all in the TBR pile! Glad to be back! :)
  8. Popping in quickly tonight - I'll be offline for awhile! We're moving tomorrow and haven't heard yet when our (unfortunately slower) internet will be getting connected at the new house. Hopefully it won't be more than a week or (gasp!) ....two? *insert passing out emoji here*
  9. I had to go get more books today. I picked up a couple random books on Overdrive but wasn't feeling them, so then I abandoned them. :P Oh well, life is too short for books I don't like. So here is where I stand right now: C: The Crucible H: Harry Potter & the Cursed Child R: The Residence Y: You Shall Know Our Velocity S: The Secret Keeper A: Just picked up today - The Adoration of Jenna Fox N: Never Let Me Go T: Too Small to Ignore H: Hyperbole and a Half E: The Expatriates M: Men Without Women U: Still working on it - Uncle Tom's Cabin M: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd R: Rosemary's Baby O: The Ocean at the End of the Lane S: Silence E: Started today - Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine C: Crazy Rich Asians L: The Little Book of Hygge O: Over Sea, Under Stone V: Venus Plus X E: R: Currently Reading - The Radium Girls I haven't gotten started on Aven yet, but I've decided to do authors for that one! :) But overall I'm doing okay! :D I think the only one I've finished lately is Over Sea, Under Stone, which I ended up really liking. As for life in general, packing is blech but getting done. Closed on the house this morning, going to do some painting tomorrow. Yay!
  10. Well... I have one in my drawer, just in case I ever need it. Which I probably won't, but then at least I know I have it just in case.
  11. Q: How many new to you authors have you read so far this year? 1 - Kate Andersen Brower (The Residence) 2 - Arthur Miller (The Crucible) 3 - Kazuo Ishiguro (Never Let Me Go) 4 - Ying Chang Compestine (Revolution is not a Dinner Party) 5 - Kate Morton (The Secret Keeper) 6 - Yangsze Choo (The Ghost Bride) 7 - Dave Eggers (You Shall Know Our Velocity) 8 - The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Agatha Christie) 9 - Natasha Preston (Silence) 10 - Ira Levin (Rosemary's Baby) 11 - Meik Wiking (The Little Book of Hygge) 12 - Kevin Kwan (Crazy Rich Asians) 13 - Theodore Sturgeon (Venus Plus X) 14 - Janice Y.K. Lee (The Expatriates) 15 - Gabriel Tallent (My Absolute Darling) So far. :P
  12. Whew. The forum forgot me so I just got that straightened out... I think! I'm so glad the forums are back! Since I was last here, I finished The Expatriates, which was a pretty good read. I also read My Absolute Darling, which was a less good read. I'm not someone who is generally bothered by violence in books, but this one really did bother me. I didn't like that part of it at all, and almost abandoned it a couple times; but the little part of me that was just curious enough to see what was going to happen would come back the next day to see how it ended. And it ended fine. But I guess I'll be on the lookout in the future for books that may have similar content of as graphic nature as this had, and not read them. So I learned something new about myself, I guess, with that? Other than reading, last week we introduced our kids to someone very important - Indiana Jones! I used to have all 3 (originals, obviously) movies on VHS but never got them on DVD and they aren't on Netflix, so they'd never seen them. At the library last week I perused the DVD section (which is surprisingly well stocked!) and found them there! So that was a happy day lol. And lastly, inspection/loan/all that has gone through and been approved for the house, and we close Tuesday the 10th. So packing. UGH PACKING!! o.O
  13. Let's see... this week: I've been working on Too Small to Ignore, which is so good. Granted, it's right up my alley, being Compassion International and all, but goodness. I :wub: it. I just got The Expatriates on Overdrive, which will finally be my E in Chrysanthemum :lol: ... I finished Crazy Rich Asians, which was okay, funny, overall entertaining, but not awesome or perfect. I am interested in seeing the movie, though. I worked some more on Uncle Tom's Cabin. I know it will take me a little while. Sometimes such good things happen that I'm just so glad; but most of the time, I'm disgusted by the attitudes of the slave seller and others who make excuses for why slavery is a 'good' thing. I also finished Venus Plus X, which was a super easy read; I started it in bed on Friday night (weekends are the only time of week I can read in bed at night; on weeknights DH always goes to sleep too early for me to do so) and I was wide awake at 6:30 Saturday morning for some strange reason (seriously, I NEVER wake up that early unless I have to!) so I just took it out to the living room and ended up finishing it lol. :P I really enjoyed that one. Last night I started Over Sea, Under Stone. Only a couple chapters in, so far it hasn't completely snagged me, but it's good, so I know I'll get hooked at some point. At least I probably will! I'm going to see what my library has for Air. :D Just for kicks!
  14. I hope to implement some, too. One thing I absolutely can't do, though... the candles. The overwhelming number of CANDLES. :lol: I guess I could buy those fake ones lol.
  15. All right, I have my A and E for Chrysanthemum, as well as my E for Rose, on hold through Overdrive. :hurray: :party: And so far I've read L (The Little Book of Hygge) for Clover, and am currently reading C (Crazy Rich Asians) and V (Venus Plus X); O (Over Sea, Under Stone) is sitting on the side table. In order to really complete Chrysanthemum, I do still have to finish Uncle Tom's Cabin and Too Small to Ignore. But now I'm much closer! :lol:
  16. I finished up The Little Book of Hygge this week as well as The Ocean at the End of the Lane. Last night I started Crazy Rich Asians, which is quite entertaining so far. I'm also still reading Uncle Tom's Cabin and the Composting book lol.
  17. I have been looking at SO many book shelf ideas as of late! If we do end up getting this house, I've been trying to figure out how I want to have everything. And books are a lot of our everything!! I'm loving Ocean at the End of the Lane. I may finish it tonight... not sure. And tonight I introduced DH to the concept of Hygge. :lol:
  18. Last night I started The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman and read a few chapters. I feel like it'll be a relatively quick read. I also FINALLY remembered to move Too Small to Ignore over to the table with the rest of my 'Currently Reading' books and read a couple chapters. Woohoo! :lol: Today was library day and I picked up Venus Plus X, Over Sea, Under Stone, and... this is really random... a book on composting. :lol: :lol: Which came about because of rabbit poo. That and recycling. And wanting to do better with recycling and trying to grow things and having something to do with the copious amounts of rabbit poo just one rabbit can make. So. A book on composting. :svengo: I am reading such a random conglomeration of books right now lol...
  19. I finished Rosemary's Baby today and I loved it lol... is it insane that I knew NOTHING about it before reading it? Never saw the movie, never read the book, never had even really heard anything about it. So yeah. :lol: I noticed after I reviewed it a previous reviewer said something along the lines of 'this review doesn't have spoilers bc if you don't know at least some of what Rosemary's Baby is about, shame on you' or something like that. I was like :001_cool: :smilielol5:
  20. Ok so I'm almost done with Chrysanthemum, finally, and I've started on Rose. Luckily, Rose won't take long and I'm also starting to work on Clover, too... ha yeah.... So first, Chrysanthemum: C: The Crucible H: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child R: The Residence Y: You Shall Know Our Velocity S: The Secret Keeper A: .... .... ..... ....... OH NO I DON'T HAVE AN A ANYMORE SINCE I DECIDED TO PUT THE ARTIST'S WAY ASIDE!!!! UGH! N: Never Let Me Go T: Too Small to Ignore (which I WILL remember to move over with the rest of my currently-reading books so I can finish it!) H: Hyperbole and a Half E: .... So the only E ones I want to read I had to reserve. So. I'm waiting on those. :svengo: M: Men Without Women U: currently reading Uncle Tom's Cabin M: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Rose: R: currently reading Rosemary's Baby O: .... I have The Ocean at the End of the Lane sitting and waiting to be read S: Silence E: ... also on hold. aaand Clover: C: L: currently reading The Little Book of Hygge O: V: E: R: I'm still okay, I can still catch up. :lol: :D
  21. Ah, and I have no idea what my top 10 rereads would be. I have read the Harry Potter series multiple times and love it every time. Aside from that... Oh, I do read The Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster so often that it's pretty much always on my 'currently reading' list. I read it the first time in college (required reading my freshman year) but didn't really realize how excellent it was until I was a bit older. Since then I've read it multiple times. This year I started the year again focusing on one of the disciplines - Meditation. I was considering doing one per month (which I did a couple years ago), but when February came I still felt it wasn't time to move on past meditation, so I stayed with that one through til today; I read the next chapter, Prayer, today, and will focus on that for a month - or more - whatever feels right. Okay so there are two. :D :lol:
  22. So I'm apparently reading multiple books at once, which I don't really do often. I still haven't finished Too Small to Ignore, but not for any negative reason - I just keep forgetting to move it over to the pile of books I'm reading. :lol: After taking Uncle Tom's Cabin back to the library and deciding not to read it right now, I ended up noticing it in my iBooks list the other night, so I started reading that one. I'm about halfway through Hyperbole and a Half, which is funny. Lastly, I decided to try a free book from iBooks, a teen lit book called Silence. Which really does feel like it was written by a teenager. :lol: But I'm just interested enough and it's not a difficult read by any means, so I'll probably continue it when I need a break from Uncle Tom and DH doesn't want the lamp on. :lol:
  23. All right guys, the wait is over!!! I finished Roger Ackroyd tonight and I seriously didn't see it coming. The ending, that is. I mean I think maybe it crossed my mind at some point but I dismissed it. I usually know who the perpetrator is really early on lol! I really enjoyed it. It was so fun to read! I was telling Link (14) that maybe he'd have liked that one better than Murder on the Orient Express, which he read earlier this year. After finishing that one, tonight I started Hyperbole and a Half. I will probably read it here and there and also start a book on Overdrive - I just haven't decided which one yet. :) So my first reading of anything Christie was a success!!! :D
  24. Hmmm... no, not in my experience. I honestly don't remember the first one's activity level. It was a long time ago lol, and I'm not a person who loved being pregnant (aka I hated it) so I sort of erased some of it from memory lol. :D I remember he had hiccups a lot, which drove me absolutely insane. He's 14 and can be a little intense, but that's more emotion-wise than anything else. He was the little kid with the perpetually serious face. I didn't get that kid to crack a smile til he was like 4 months old. :lol: He still has 'one of those faces' where people are like 'What's wrong?' and he's like IT'S JUST MY FACE. Which I get, because I'm like that, too. Second one, can't remember. He was chill as a baby. He has two speeds - on or off. No in between. The biggest thing I remember about him in utero was that he hadn't dropped when I had my c-section (which was only a couple days before his due date) so when they pulled all 9 lbs of him out, I took a big deep breath like YES I CAN BREATHE AGAIN. He was right up UNDER my lungs. Third one, she moved like crazy. Seriously. I swear my insides felt like they would bruise. You could see her flipping and everything in there, through my clothes, everything, if you looked. It was insane. She was pretty average. Sort of in between the other two, but I never did have a particularly fussy baby. Now she's kind of in between, too. ETA for clarification.
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