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  1. Full body massage today... my late Mother's Day present to myself

  2. Prime Rib .... MMMMMM!!!!

  3. Define a Book a holic...

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      Adding.. an entire bank account created for buying books and shelves!

    3. Robin M

      Robin M

      Wow! A bank account. Budget yes, but a separate account. Never thought of that.

    4. Arcadia


      Buying a house because it is 300 feet away from a library :) Reading in a library from 10am to 9pm and forgetting to eat.

  4. Mother's Tea was fun last night!

  5. The last co-op day of the year is Friday! We have a surprise guest speaker... a historical actor... and potluck. Wow!

  6. War Room Friday was great with my husband! Bat night at Mammoth Cave was Awesome with the family! Church - Spaghetti dinner served by the Youth was divine! Taking the kids to see cousins, swim and hang out topped off the weekend!

    1. FloridaLisa


      I really wanted to get to it last weekend but we didn't make it. Would an 8- and 10-yr-old like it?

    2. MerryAtHope


      Hoping to get to this tomorrow or Thursday!


  7. We had our first Field Trip to tour the Nina and Pinta ships and lunch in the park!

  8. Gardening is a slow process... but worth it!

    1. HeWillSoar


      I love gardening! Yes, it takes a long time. What kind of gardening do you do?



      Sorry I have been busy... We are making raised beds this year :) I try to grow many organic and heirloom herbs, vegetables and fruits. We just had a lot of excavating done to our land so I have 5 Goji berry shrubs to plant this week.

  9. It is snowing again! We already got 12 inches.... oh my!! KY is not used to this... it has not snowed this much for over 40 years...

  10. Ice on the roads.... one person already died this morning... hoping this won't get worse..


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    I have 3 Brand New Sealed copies of : Under Drake's Flag : Audio Drama I am asking $20.00ppd. for each 2 disc set The same set is listed hereL Thanks! Paypal preferred or a personal check.



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    I have a beautiful Lord of the Rings Sting sword. It can take batteries to glow blue and make sounds. It is heavy too, and I thought it was a toy. It is not for small children. Adults and teens can play or act with it. It can also be displayed on the included stand. Here is a pic to what it looks like. Mine is in the box. $125.00 DROPPED TO $100.00 This is Cross posted so please check with me to see if it is sold. I will check my messages daily. Thanks! Free Shipping and tracking Insurance is included SOLD


  13. I love Kombucha! I have never made it... but enjoy trying different brands. The Green one is my favorite so far! I have endometriosis and have battled candida as a side effect. Eating healthier helps but I never heard not to drink Kombucha. It is probably best to try a little to see how it does affect you. Most bottles I buy state 2 servings.
  14. I am so glad my husband was able to replace 10 feet of pipe and get our water flowing!

  15. Stopped up plumbing... uggh!!

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