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  1. Full body massage today... my late Mother's Day present to myself

  2. I did not get to make the phone calls and ended up taking a load of children to church last night. No more sleepovers during the week for our ps kids... ear piercing in the middle of the night? Really?? I did clean up the mess they made in the kitchen this morning and shut the front door! Now for my bill paying etc... Art/PE starts today and I completely forgot we must rush to get home today for the Bookmobile. I plan to stop and buy some pizza's at Aldi's since Trail Life is also tonight! Math and car schooling today will have to do!
  3. Slow starting day... I went back to sleep and still need a Hot bath! DD 10 prepared breakfast and coffee ( Love Crunch and Stonyfield WM French Vanilla Yogurt) DD 10 got the mail and I sorted it ( exciting to get an Art History book today!) I must block off 1 hour to pay bills online, check on a hotel reservation and cancel the Disney club School: Science dvd, TT math, Phonics/ Copywork and Latin Laundry 2 loads Organize boys closet and toys Plan supper ( I need to delegate more help with this) Leftovers for lunch ( Lasagna (I learned to make in college) or Baked Salmon) Get ready for our Art/ PE co-op tomorrow and plan a short visit to a park
  4. Thanks for the tips! The Aldi's is only 2 years old and not far from the HUGE Meijer's they are building ( Right next to Menards) I will try to get the App. I usually go to Kroger's, Big Lots, and WM if I have to. I like the Kroger points to save on gas too. The Meijer's is supposed to be opening in May. I am excited!
  5. Prime Rib .... MMMMMM!!!!

  6. I knew I had it but still had to have the surgery to diagnose it. I ended up feeling better for a short while ( after the Dr. cleaned me out the best he could). I told him to go ahead and remove anything he needed to like my ovaries or uterus... he would not. After another baby and almost dying... then feeling ok while nursing .... then having the most horrid year ever, I had a hysterectomy and begged to keep my ovaries. That was 1 year and 4 months ago.. no major problems at all. I am certain I have endo in my intestines still so I do have some problems but I think my diet and stress can trigger those... I have to be careful. Hugs and prayers!
  7. Define a Book a holic...

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      Adding.. an entire bank account created for buying books and shelves!

    3. Robin M

      Robin M

      Wow! A bank account. Budget yes, but a separate account. Never thought of that.

    4. Arcadia


      Buying a house because it is 300 feet away from a library :) Reading in a library from 10am to 9pm and forgetting to eat.

  8. Mother's Tea was fun last night!

  9. I just got my VItamix this year from the company. It is Refurbished but looked and worked like brand new. I also got a hardback Recipe book, a dvd, and starter booklet. It was great making monthly payments with no interest. And It is the newest version with the taller pitcher. I love it! Mine is Red to match my Red Kitchen Aid.
  10. I have wheatgrass in cubes in the freezer to make any smoothie a green one.
  11. The last co-op day of the year is Friday! We have a surprise guest speaker... a historical actor... and potluck. Wow!

  12. I have to cook Thanksgiving Dinner and I love the Cranberry sauce so I have to make a trip to the store for Cranberries, oranges and I have raw sugar. I have to buy a pecan pie too... I don't have energy or time to make one. Lazer Tag tomorrow night so that is incentive for doing the three R's today... I hope. I am so sleep deprived it is hard to remember so I need to write notes again ( reminders) I will go to the Boxes of books and drag out all of the Thanksgiving books to peruse the rest of the week. Sticking to tradition, I will not even get out Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving! It may even be next week!
  13. We too are very limited on internet. I won't be able to do many lessons at all this year unless we visit our library or other free wi fi enabled business. DD 10 did enjoy the first few lessons. We joined a co op and have a different history cycle to learn about so that threw me off too. We signed up late and got American History instead of cooking. It is a great co-op and all day so I am just going with it and counting my loss.
  14. Audio books this week on American history, Reading and Math lessons daily since we are behind. I am cooking the Turkey on Wednesday and keeping it simple. We were so blessed to end up with 2 free turkeys and a lot of canned foods ( One from dh's work and one from a church our children visit!) I already bought a turkey so we have 3! I am thawing 2 out and giving one to a dear friend. We take off days the ps does since we have 3 dc in ps. It frustrates me at times but it is not worth the battle. I need to work on the planners and record book today and find my keys!!
  15. I hope it scared the mom enough to watch better next time... phones are tucked away if I am out in a busy place.
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