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  1. They protested a funeral in our town and all of us went to be a barrier between them and the family. Swine is too nice a term.
  2. Oh my gosh. If someone that age had been sniffing around my girls at 15 I'd disconnect his brake lines or something.
  3. This is all my sister- Bono, Rick Springfield, Huey Lewis, Barisnakov (spelling, you know, the ballet dancer). She worked on the road with Bon Jovi. All sorts of country and rock people. Um... Bear Bryant (Roll Tide!!) and Nick Saban. Kenny Rogers, Carol Channing. She's met countless others that I can't remember. Obviously she works in the entertainment business. Lots of times I get to tag along.
  4. Our precious MeiMei was killed before she was two years old. She was yellow and white. Not a year later Otis came into our lives. He's yellow and white. You can love them for who they are. Adopt the cat.
  5. I had a root canal, then they put a crown on (after five visits, apparently I had five very twisted roots) and it's been dully aching for a year. See if they can help you, I've waited toooooo looooong.
  6. Retorts from dd won't help. Talk to the principle, or you could go "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle" ballistic on the kid. Language warning.
  7. Cats will absolutely get in your engine. Most of the time it's fatal. Bang on your hood and honk your horn.
  8. My sister has it a bit worse than you. He's an asshole, a complete narcissist, he's gay (Ok, fine be gay but don't pretend that you aren't and marry my sister) He is way behind on all the money he owes her and they can't garnish his wages because he lives in Japan. He tried to get her arrested once because she slipped and grabbed his arm. Witnesses told the police when he called them. This has dragged on for years. Almost 10 years. It is incomprehensible to me that someone somewhere can't do something about this jerk. I hope your situation resolves quickly.
  9. She's already wavering. One of my sisters and I flatly said that we would not be around him anymore. As in we will not stay at your house when we visit if he is there. (She has this fierce competition with my dad over where out of town family stays. My dad has no idea this is such a huge issue with her) But sis and I have both borne the brunt of his nastiness before and we are done. I hated to give her an ultimatum but I'm not going to tolerate him anymore and you can bet your butt my grandkids aren't going to get near him.
  10. I think one of her grandsons might move in with her temporarily. Probably be good for both of them.
  11. Update- Thanks, Liz!! I think she stays with him because she doesn't want to be alone. Personally I think she is still in love with my dad. They divorced after 35 years because of all his affairs, totally different drama. Anyhow, she was warned by friends and family not to get involved with this loser but she hates to live alone. In her town there are two sons and one daughter but they are pretty worthless when it come to spending time with her. I get it, they have kids and they are busy but come on guys.....it's mom. My sister and I, who would take care of her live 8 and 11 hours away. Anyhow, she told him he could not come home. He's presently in the hospital because he was so drunk my mom thought he was having a stroke and called 911. She is very depressed and lonely. Sis and I are trying to arrange a visit with her (and her damn dachshunds) to distract her. I have plenty of room and time for her but she HATES the country. She might visit but I can't see her relocating. So, I guess we'll just take it day by day and hope for the best.
  12. My mother is married to an abusive drunk. (Not my dad). She is 80 and although she says he has not hit her (yet) I know there has been every other type of abuse. She just does not see how serious this is. Has anyone ever successfully dealt with a situation like this?
  13. Our little town has trike races, turtle races and stick horse races.
  14. Isn't there a chance you could be kidnapped by some handsome highlander type person and have to live a double life? Not sure, didn't read the books but that came to mind.
  15. A male salesman kept calling me "Shug" and my then four yr old daughter kept saying "He's calling momma a slug, he called momma a slug!!!"
  16. You don't know me, (count your blessings) but as a fellow worrier I'm telling you that you are fine.
  17. Take care of the cats where they are. Most cats are not great travelers and if they escape in an unknown area it could be very traumatic. Leave them there with more provisions and see what comes next. Don't move cats that don't even know you.
  18. I won't. But if someone on the board says their cat is dying I'll cry.
  19. My cat, Baby. Since all my kids are grown I'll leave them be. Possibly husband.
  20. You could check your cats for UTIs, but mostly they pee on beds because they are.................pissed about something.
  21. So sad. Don't let your cat suffer and be there for her. Be with her. Hold her and love her. Keep her calm. It's not good for kitty for her most beloved not to be with her.
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